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Coinbase: the simple, safe way to buy, manage and sell your cryptocurrency. We’re the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange, with over 68 million users across 32 countries worldwide. Coinbase allows you to securely buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and many more on our easy, user-friendly app and web platform. Here’s a little taste of what our app does: BUY EASILY Own crypto in an instant: Coinbase makes buying bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ethereum classic, litecoin and more simple and fast. All it takes is a bank account or debit card. SUPPORTED ASSETS Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Litecoin(LTC), Basic Attention Token (BAT)*, 0x, (ZRX)* and USD Coin (USDC)*. *Available in select territories. SMART TOOLS Brand new to crypto? We’ve got you covered. Stay informed with our updates and features that help you build your knowledge and your portfolio, including automatic buys and price alerts. STAY INFORMED Keep track of your crypto: Our clear, user-friendly dashboard helps you see prices and the value of your assets, any time of day, anywhere you are through our website or mobile app. SAFETY FIRST Over 98% of cryptocurrency is stored securely offline and the rest is protected by industry-leading online security. Your account is also subject to the same scrupulous safety standards, including multi-stage verification and bank-level security. You can even lock the app with a passcode, or remotely disable your phone’s access to the app if it gets lost or stolen. BEGINNER TO EXPERT, WE’RE HERE Whether you’re just starting your crypto journey, or a seasoned expert, you’ll find everything you need to build your crypto portfolio on Coinbase. Take the first step towards blockchain, bitcoin mining, bitcoin games, bitcoin cash games, ethereum games, litecoin games, or bitcoin trading. NEED MORE HELP? Visit for information and to contact Coinbase Support. Content is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results and investing in cryptocurrency comes with risk.

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account stolen
Laketahoe1 on 2022-01-25
until i uograded to iphone 13 everything was fine..then i could not sign on because they were sending authentication from a source i had blocked because of excessive spam instead of using their own unique help from coinbase..i figured out and unblocked that signed on and account was fine for one minute..then was signed off and authenication no longer response to emails.. because they dont have a phone system which would be very secure and allow the problem to be easily fixed i was forced to use very insecure twitter which i never use and dont know how to use..after aborted attempt to message them on twitter got a response from someone using tgeir access..i know this because when i later blocked this person i no longer had access to coinbase twitter until i unblocked result i was on twitter for over nine hours supposedly getting the access to my account fixed while counbase was actually allowing my account to be stolen and my bank account to be illegally accessed.. i am very very security conscious and keep things very locked down and was only when i was forced onto insecure twittee by coinbase to cimmunucate with them that i had a problem..counbase wants to blame me when over a period of nine hours they allowed suspicious attempts to access and steal my account occur and did nothing ti block it nor communicate with me directly.. i am in the process of filing a complaint against them with the florida office of financial regulation..have already filed a complaint with my bank and exploring other options jan 19, 2022.. they continue to refuse to accept any responsibility or to provide me with the signon of the personphone address etc that they say was changed to effect the theft..continue to blame me when they are tge ones who set this situation up..
Serious problems with direct link to bank
LiveCreate on 2022-01-25
For the most part, Coinbase is a great product for beginners. As I became more advanced it became apparent to me that there are several issues with Coinbase that I found very problematic, tech support could not fix and are basically dealbreakers for me. I now have to look for another product/service to transfer my business to. The two biggest issues are: 1) I did a direct link to my bank account to add funds to my Coinbase account. Unfortunately, this has major bugs. Some of the attempts to transfer would get “insufficient funds” messages and cancel. However, there are plenty of funds (as verified and doubled checked by my bank). Additionally, it would sometimes take days for Coinbase debits to my bank to transact. Coinbase support was unable to identify the exact error source and had no ability to fix it. Apparently they use a third party, Plaid, to perform this link and transactions. This is where the bottleneck and errors seem to occur. Still, Coinbase support says they have no power to address the issue. 2) There is no way to set up trades ahead of time, to occur based of a predetermined target price. So if you want to buy something at a set price and quantity, you have to sit around staring at the screen waiting to see if the price you want occurs, if it ever happens. What an inefficient and monumental waste of time! Why can’t I have a simple bot make the trade for me once the desired price occurs?
Extremely Primitive App!
sj-2020 on 2022-01-25
Coinbase seems to be the dominant crypto trading platform in the US, but this app is not by any chance close to a professional trading app! I read a "Thank You" review by another user because he had noticed the addition of "Watchlist" and "New Coins" to the app!! This is as childish as it can imaginably be! Are you guys at kindergarten or what?! Any trader, not the professional stock market traders, but even an average joe will realize how primitive coinbase app is! Cryptos are being traded 24/7 and we definitely need candle stick charts with technical indicators. What do we get with this app? A childish graph with absolutely NO indicators, NO candles, NO settings, basically NOTHING! The graphs are absolutely useless. I wonder if coinbase users trade by tossing coins or what?!! There are absolutely no helpful market tools such as filters, simple scanners, or any activity monitoring tools either. The watchlist is so primitive and lacks even the most basic functionality such as sorting. Any time I open this app I start hating to trade on this platform! Is there anyone at coinbase who has ever traded stocks?! I'm sure there is, and they know exactly how low profile this app is! But they have no serious will to upgrade it to something better probably because they feel they are not rivaled by any competitor! So, they keep their high commission fees and they do nothing to improve! What a shame!
Who is running this business?
Annoyedbycoinbase on 2022-01-25
For some time now there has been an annoying pop up when you use the app blocking access to your account and will keep logging you out when you refuse to answer two idiotic questions. First question- how much crypto do you expect to trade per year? Second question - what industry do you work in? And they claim “Coinbase is required to collect this information “ I would like to know - By whom! I want to know which department of US government is asking these question. Update. Response from Coinbase…. “We’d like to work with you on this. Please feel free to contact us” I DON’T WANT TO CONTACT YOU! It is really easy - Stop harassing your clients with annoying lies that you are required to know what business they are in and how much money they may invest. Stop making your clients’ access to their accounts difficult and stop threatening us with disabling our accounts if we don’t provide that information. These questions have nothing to do with verification of anyone’s identity. Or post the department’s name and the request that you have received ordering you to ask these questions. If you want to be considered a respectable financial institution than act like one; follow the laws and regulations (not an idiot from a marketing department)
I am not a trader.
Doggs/doggerino/doggpounds on 2022-01-25
Welcome to the new consumer savings account. As a consumer alone in the crypto jungle i am sometimes saddened by the limits of coin base yet the security and trust in whats offered upon the simple coinbase acct. is reasonable i believe. The house always wins and i guess it should if it upholds a service and commitment to said service. Accepting i am not a trader on the coinbase platform knowing this and accepting that i must HODL as a savings acct. is one of the greatest experiences i have had personally on my device. A greater level of customer engagement would be a great value increase for the reputation of the app. Log in issues and quirks can not be related our consulted upon in any real way so beyond standard FAQ’s i have been left alone to understand certain quirks. It may be different on the fancier wallet or counbase pro i would not know cause i am not a trader i am merely a crypto addict who cant get enough btc! And squirrels away any pocket change i can ! If you believe in btc and its synenergy to eradicate poverty in a large part, then i’d recommend a coinbase acct for yourself and family to build wealth for everyone on the planet. With Aloha. & Ma’at.
Similar to Robinhood
Psyloh on 2022-01-25
I have been buying LRC on Coinbase for a couple months now, and I can’t believe it took me so long to notice, but they run the same scam that Robinhood runs with their crypto, except RH doesn’t charge a Transaction fee each time. Pay attention when you go to a coin. They show you the list price, but when you review your purchase before submitting it, they actually charge you a higher price/coin on top of their transaction fee. It’s the same thing with selling. They give you a lower rate than the listed price, as well as charging you transaction fees. They’re scalping customers, exactly the same way RH does. If you can learn more complicated methods of trading crypto, I suggest that over this. If not, I hope you don’t mind getting scalped. The GOOD thing about Coinbase is that you can actually transfer your coins to different wallets, which shows they do actually purchase your coins for you. Response to Developers Response: This isn’t 2020. With everything that happened in 2021, investors are becoming wiser to things like Spread, PFOF, and the conflicts of interest in brokers and Wall St. in general.
Third time here
Diskd zidndjxjdnd djd on 2022-01-25
They really do not want this to be said. When i first staked my ethereum to ethereum 2 i was getting 6% apr. I also am unable to withdraw any of that money until the upgrade is released. Without any warning they interest rate was lowered to 5%. I came here and stated this in a review. I also stated that they are constantly removing useful features in every update and reorganizing everything in such unintuitive ways. That review is mysteriously missing. They then without warning lowered the apr on ethereum 2 to 4.5% and algorand from 6% to 4%. I then came here again to state this, that review mysteriously is missing. So here I am again wasting my time to hopefully stop one person from downloading this godforsaken app. There are many alternatives now that do everything better than coinbase, literally everything. See you next time they lower interest rates on my unusable funds, for my fourth review on this corrupt app in the corrupt app store.
Horrible App
Khenny P on 2022-01-25
This verification issue is very complicated, it said I turned in my ID Pictures and has been successful 6 TIMES!!! I verify on the app where it allows me to take photo documents and ID pictures. This is a terrible app, do not use this app there’s been multiple times where communication has been hard and if I could choose not to use this app I would. But I have too and this hasn’t been easy for me. Tell me why I should still have to KEEP ON VERIFYING WHEN I HAD SUCCESSFUL VERIFICATION 6 TIMES. This app is awful so awful, I hope this verification isn’t as bad for the others on this app. I talked to support and guess what they said. “We cannot verify on the app” THEN WHY IS IT AN OPTION TO VERIFY ON THE APP??? This has been the most complicated situations I’ve been. They need to fix there app to not verify on there because obviously they don’t allow it.
Technical Difficulties
Ashbytiucker backlebrfkfjrnrkd on 2022-01-25
I bought 3$ worth of Ethereum just to see what I could get and figure everything out before I put more money in and I earned the free 10$ worth of bitcoin. I then tried to buy some assets and it said I need to use the bitcoin wallet to buy them. I’ve tried linking my Coinbase wallet to Coinbase several times and it always sends me in a cycle. Then I tried withdrawing the money into my bank from Coinbase so that I could buy money in Coinbase wallet, but it says I have 0$ available, when I clearly have at least 11$ in my balance. Tried transferring only 3$ even that doesn’t work so the money that I put into Coinbase is basically useless. I’ve been spending hours trying to figure it out and nothing works and I give up. Thankfully I didn’t put more money in haha.
Horrible security
hduuebdi on 2022-01-25
Someone hacked into my account and took all my crypto in my account, but they were not satisfied with that. Then the hacker withdrew 1000 dollars from my account. It was so easy for them to hack my account and after waiting about 2 hours on the phone, I finally got a hold of someone just for them to tell me there was nothing they can do and to take it up with my bank. I was done with Coinbase and wanted to close my account but couldn’t because the thieves left my account with 20 dollars worth of Bitcoin. They said I had to create another account to transfer the funds and withdraw from the new account. Do not trust them, they are a scam and so is crypto currency in general. I’ve been trying to see if I can post a review but they never post it.

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