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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Color Rope will keep you hooked for hours! Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master. Features amazing colorful gameplay. Build your newest addiction!

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Awful. Neither fun nor challenging.
BigBeanBoi on 2020-04-10
No, seriously. In a single sitting, I got to level 50 without any challenge whatsoever. That’s not me bragging about being smart, the game is so easy a blind baby could play it and win every time. Because it’s such a breeze, it isn’t even fun to fly through the levels. Also, TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE! If you’re playing on airplane mode, the game can’t show you ads, and trust me, the game will throw you 30 second ads after two levels that on my take 15 seconds to finish combined. Another game that shows everything wrong with mobile gaming as a whole.
Good game
yuyyhb on 2020-04-10
Here’s the thing... it is an AMAZINGLY ADDICTING game... I love it... the adds aren’t annoying cause the game is so addicting.... I swear this is isn’t a review that is spammed or payed for or something dumb like that... I actually like this game. It is really calming and fun. It is easy so I don’t have to think much. Later: is my update.. the levels are basically repeating themselves. You guys are turning them upside down and random but they are the SAME EXACT LEVEL.!!!!!!!!!! Can u add more new levels? PLEAAAAASAAAAAAAASE!
Phreake on 2020-04-10
This game is free to play and pushes ads between every other level completed. I hate writing reviews or publicly offering my opinion but have to warn others. It’s adware, don’t download it. How do you report this game/ developer to Apple? This game is also designed to capture your email address if you connect your device to Facebook (read privacy terms). Ad delivery and data mining is the developers purpose.
Boring and Too Many Ads
FreshAppy on 2020-04-10
This game has way to many ads. After every level it shows an ad. Levels are not anymore difficult as you progress, oh and did I mention all the ads?!?! Developers are becoming lazy. Please create a game we can continue to replay without excessive ads and people will stick around longer and possibly even spend money. I spend hundreds of dollars a year supporting fun apps and this one is not one.
To many ads
Deli5150 on 2020-04-10
Games like these have way to many ands and there’s no way to get rid of them it’s like after you finish a level there’s a ad every single time I would rather pay for a premium version with no ads then play with this version I got into 2 ads and immediately deleted the game the game is way to easy it’s boring but even if it was good getting ads every level is way to annoying to keep playing
Too easy, too many ads.
Wonderingwhy042 on 2020-04-10
Easy levels can take literally 5-10 seconds to solve and they seem to put an ad every other level. If they made the levels significantly harder and only showed an ad at the end of the level if it’s been a certain amount of time since the last ad, it’d be better. But as it is, it’s not challenging and you end up watching more ads than actually playing.
Bad app
alidabestkid on 2020-04-10
This is the worst game!! Its so stupid it makes me want to throw my new phone Did the even try to make levels hard and just why?? The point of the game is so stupid!! The best games: draw climber, adventure capitalist, pokey ball, bubble tea, and traffic run!!... This app is SO STUPID!!! DONT GET IT!! I cant even say how much I hate it!!
Is it going to get harder?
Strange pebble on 2020-04-10
Feeling as though the difficulty does not increase. It’s like scramble for your iPod. Levels at 90 easier than some of the first ones. Starting to think this game exists solely to sell advertisements slots. Just got to level 100 in an insanely short period and was hoping to be challenged by now..
An ad every other level
techtenk on 2020-04-10
Played about 10 levels because it looked fun and challenging. It might have gotten challenging eventually but it was playing 30 second ad every other level. The levels so far were taking me 5-30 seconds so basically more ads than playing time in the first 5 mins I had it. Uninstalled
Not really worth it.
Sammyantha12345 on 2020-04-10
Levels just constantly repeat themselves. I was hoping it’d get more challenging the more levels completed. I did manage to skip all the ads by turning my cellular data off on the game so that was helpful. But it’s boring with the same levels over and over and over again...

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