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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



#1 Coloring Book for Adults with MILLIONS of Addicted Coloring Artists! Download Now for FREE! Color therapy is #1 Social Coloring App for relaxation and mindfulness with millions of addicted coloring artists! Get it today at iPhone and iPad, for FREE on the App Store! Join Millions of grown ups and adults who can't live without this stress-free magical " Me Time " App and get the bliss and mindfulness you deserve :) Testimonials -------------------------------------------------------- "Remember when you were a kid and you colored in coloring books? Color Therapy is a stress-relieving, digital coloring book for adults, and the teens we talked with swear by it" ~ Business Insider " My new relaxing addiction,an anti-stress coloring app. I would give this coloring game 11 stars, the best one in the market " Features -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Join our vibrant Social Community to interact and inspire other Millions of coloring enthusiasts! Follow and get followed, leave nice comments, Join our " coloring challenges " to showcase your coloring masterpieces! 2. The biggest and the best coloring page library with more than 5000+ coloring pages in various different theme such as The Fair ladies, Mandala, Floral & tree , Animals, Places, Objects, Thematic, Goth, Art, Fashion, Food, Pattern, Quotes / Typography, Seasonal and many more 3. The biggest Color Palettes Library with beautiful solid colors and gradients with regularly updated palettes such as basic , neon, pastel, metallic, metal, bubblegum, classic, vintage , rainbow, ombre, shades, serene, nature, sunrise, sunset, fruity, exotic and more! 4. Best coloring tools, line and effects! - Choose our realistic brushes and color your page manually! From airbrush, oil painting brush , flat brush and many more! - Choose Different Line Colors : Black, White, Gold, No line, Rainbow, etc - Choose Special Finishing Effects : Galaxy, Metallic, Glossy, Canvas painting, and many more.. - Highly realistic " Smear tool " to blend your colors perfectly 5. Beautiful calming music and sound FX - Choose some free music and premium ones : Fur elise, Jazz, Ocean, jungle and many more.. P.S --> You can still listen to your own music, simply switch your Music off VIP All Access Subscription -------------------------------------------------------- - All access to all coloring pages - All access to all Color and Gradients - All access to Premium tools, brushes, effects - No more Ads! Please read carefully: - Cancellation of subscription or Free Trial can be done at anytime via subscription settings though your iTunes account. - Subscription is automatically renewed unless it is turned off 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. - Cancellation is not allowed during active subscription period. - Any unused portion of a free-trial, will be forfeited when the user purchases VIP All Access Subscription - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase Privacy Policy: Terms of use: Let's Keep in touch :> -------------------------------------------------------- We listen to our valued users, so don't hesitate to contact us -Support : -Instagram : @ColorTherapyApp -Facebook : -Youtube : -Pinterest : -Twitter : -Website : www.ColorTherapy.App Love Color Therapy and Want more features? ------------------------------------------------------- Please show us some love by giving us 5 star review so we can keep updating you with amazing new features! Thank you for joining our colorful experience at Color Therapy, we can't wait for you to be part of our community! Love, Color Therapy Team

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Love! Just a few things
cool hp girl on 2020-02-25
Okay, first off, I’ve had this game for only two days and I really like it! I like how you can choose between color by number or getting to be creative! Because certain pictures require a certain level of creativity...that I don’t have, haha! I also really like how you can look for inspiration, something I sometimes need, and choose between which color by numbers pictures to color. There are also plenty of really great colors for free, more than I need. Also amazing pictures! Just some things. I’m not sure if you can only do specific things with the premium or not, so don’t hold me against these things. But some pictures I am able to actually fill in; you know, drag my finger across the page and have it color only the areas I want. But I’ve only been able to do that once with a color by number picture. The others only fill in a while space with a tap or fill in whole spaces while I drag my finger. I’m not sure how to make it so I can actually color them in like I could for the color by number, because I think that’d make a really cool affect. Anyways, I actually think that’s it. Otherwise I love this game, 5 stars! Thanks!
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G whats that spell AMAZING!
YaGirlJoc3lyn on 2020-02-25
Dear CT team,I love this game it’s very addictive and fun I would download it over and over in all my electronics and this game is the one I could never forget it’s fun appropriate and amazing this game is so fun I recommend it and I love it cuz you can do beginner color in or use different materials of drawing and I love that there are 3 choices of challenges •Easy •Medium •Advanced My username in the game is YourGirlJocelyn My YouTube is Joc Damron and this game actually made me want to subscribe and I love advance except I don’t compete in all of them but I love this game I have been playing it for so long that I have 1.1k likes and at least 20 followers this game is very addicting and fun I suggest you play it!(Edit:Thanks for your response CT team!!)
fun! But few issues:
Austiun on 2020-02-25
This game is great! So fun. I only have a few requests: 1. Open all colors, effects, lines, and tools during challenges. It is very difficult to achieve the desired ‘look’ when you cannot use the appropriate filter for the challenge. It is also difficult to create the effect you want when you cannot use the special tools. 2. Let Non-members have more chances for coloring by unlocking the pictures of the day for maybe 2 days? 3. Let you pick your own password at the beginning of the account I recently had to make a new account because the app never told me what my password was, and when I typed in my e-mail, it did not e-mail it to me like it says. That was 8 days ago.
Amazing!! But glitchy..
Meoweystar on 2020-02-25
(My user is Meoweystar_Playz) and just today as I was repainting someone’s else’s art it started freezing out on me. I mean I listen to music, I updated my phone to the latest, but just today, it started glitching. Thank you for reading my review Edit: it’s also soo addicting!! I got both of my friends into it (delphi_lestrange and Delilahthedoggie) and it’s soo fun!! But quick question: when are you gonna make it available for androids? Like some of my friends have androids and want to get this but can’t. Edit: I realized I didn’t update my actual phone, so it’s fixed!! And how much longer are you guys gonna release the Samsung/android version?
Things you need to know!
the other life on 2020-02-25
Color therapy is my fffffaaaaavvvv app and it’s so just amazing BUTT people can always go wrong with social media. From my coloring days no negative comments soo far but it can always happen. This app should be 9+ because there are some really little people on there and stalkers are leaving mean comments. But people (like GladIHuffulpuffCauseOfTonks love her) she makes really encouraging art and some people are relly sweet on there I would highly recommend it just before your child gets the app give them a long speech and tell them people are crazy and terrible sometimes and they are amazing just how they are❤️❤️❤️
corycool23 on 2020-02-25
I love ColorTherapy but l am not so thankful for the comments.l try to joke around in comments but some people take it too seriously.So l apologize and let it be there.L used to chat with #bubbleboo but she has stopped posting so no one is friendly to me.So sometimes l talk to #ColorTherapy and yah leave it there but people keep blocking me and no one responds even to jokes!So l love the app but the people are making me want to delete it!You don’t have to do anything about it but letting u now!And somebody is hacking me!I think it’s Mourning Dove but not sure.Pls help! From:@corycoolXOXO
I love this app so much!
p33peep00poo on 2020-02-25
I’ve been using color therapy (non VIP) for almost six months now, and I love all of it so much! Way better than the other coloring apps! There is literally only one thing I would change, and it’s very minor. It’s just that in some challenge tutorials they use VIP brushes, which makes me feel like so can’t really do my best. But I seriously love this app so insanely much. I’ve been addicted for like 6 months!! I also love how you can shade your drawings much more than on other coloring apps, and how you can choose to put no lines on your drawings.
Color therapy
kyrkyr624 on 2020-02-25
The color therapy app is literally one the only apps I ever use because it is so much fun to just relax and color I mean it is for me, some ppl are the opposite but if I never found CT I would prob have no idea what to do with my spare time on my phone because half the time I’m on my phone or maybe even more than half the time I’m on my phone I am playing color therapy! Also if you get this app please follow me; @KyrKyr and that’s exactly how you search it on explore just without the @ sign
Love itbut two things
cheer swuad on 2020-02-25
Love so much But one ☝️ thing so you know how when you color something and at the bottom it says publish for other users FOR FREE when I clicked it it went to VIP and it did say FOR FREE so why isn’t it free please change that and when you go to FREE when you click on color your own it is FREE draw and when I’m coloring and editing it it has VIP like WHY isn’t it free. Please change that because I can’t publish my drawings and I can’t do things that VIP people can do even on FREE DRAW!!!!!!
Good review comments and recommend
Teddy jean elventhe grader on 2020-02-25
i really like this it is very unique and relaxing i am addicted because it is very unique my recommendation would be more options for the effects and my other recommendation would be to have more effect categories and my last recommendation would be to give more picture style options like more then one picture style options because what if some one sees picture and they like it but clicks it and dose not see a style of coloring they do not like and then that turns them of the picture

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