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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Hide your characters from the killer drone! Place them to the matching color zone to save all. Harder than it seems, have fun!

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Don’t waste your time.
That_Little_Cool_Kid on 2022-07-02
There are three main things wrong with this game: the deception, the ads, and the inability to win. I have played over 30 rounds of this game and it is the same every time. Firstly, ads for this game advertise matching the shade of a color with the people, but in the actual game you just build a group of people and try to get as many as you can. Second, the ads are constant. This wouldn’t be a problem if the rounds were longer. The rounds are short, they don’t take long — around 45 seconds. There’s and ad after every single round. They give you an option to watch an ad for more money or not, but don’t let it fool you. You get an ad regardless of what you choose. Lastly, this game has multiple ways to prevent you from winning. Sure, you can make it to the coin multipliers, but the highest you can go is 48x. There’s a chest full of coins at 50x, which presses you to keep playing to reach it, but don’t waste your time. You never will. In the earlier stages, if your group got pretty large, there would be obstacles to slim your group by a lot to prevent you from getting a high score. If you get over 300 people, the game just breaks. It doesn’t let you get any multipliers at all, and you have to restart the level and gain a less amount in order to continue. No matter how many people you get between 150 and 300 people, you’ll always get 48x. Don’t waste your time on this game. It’s hardly enjoyable.
HUGE bug in the game If not it’s just my phone
dhekesnxbeiajdbe on 2022-07-02
Okay so I have 2 good reasons why you should not and only one reason why you should play this game so that is not good but I will list them out for you. Reason number one why you should not play this game the pictures that are supposed to show what the game looks like are completely fake!! And it’s not just the pictures the ads are also fake I was so disappointed that the game was not like the ads but most games are like that so that is not just on this game but the pictures are fake too and that is just low. Reason number two why you should not play this game ok I’m not sure if this is just my phone but I am like 95.99% sure that it is not my phone and the bug is that in level I think 31 midway through the level it just glitches and goes crazy you can still play but it is CRAZY GLITCHY and you can get to the end of the level but when you are supposed to tap and hold it does nothing I tried to redo the level 3 times but it does the same thing over and over again so yeah that’s sad. Reason number one why you should play this game if the second reason of why you should not play this game is not true and it’s just my phone then that is the only reason I have of why you should play this game it’s sad that this game is like that cause if the creators made the game like the ads and there is no glitch on the game then this would be an amazing.
It’s ok…..But…..😬😬. By cats review 4
Playersaidhi on 2022-07-02
So I thought the game looked fun and a read the reviews and was like oh whatever so I downloaded it . The game was such a great game for when your bored and such . But then at the end of each level there’s a city where you put your people there . At the back of the city it says “ unlock everything before getting the city “ or something like that . So I unlocked everything and it never showed up so I kept on playing wondering why it won’t work . So yeah it’s a really fun game and creators PLEASE reply back I would like to know if something’s wrong is happening or I was just not looking. Thank you bye Cats review 44
The truth
Anonymous :(:(:(:(:(:(: on 2022-07-02
Before more people played this game it was a horrible game. The game was showing false advertisement on the adds and the game wasn’t how the add said it was. For some reason the game became different… the game still didn’t look like the add I found, but it was similar ig. People where saying the game is false advertisement and stuff like that, but it was true. I am NOT gonna waist my storage for a game with bad add. Someone also said the game was better BEFORE it had an update. Im pretty sure this game has had multiple updates but like idk. 🤨🙄
Short and sweet
1234cutey on 2022-07-02
Ok- so it really- did not at all look like the ads and I was a little- just a tiny bit annoyed and upset- but also this game has no understanding of math, for example, I was playing this game on level 2 because I just got and ad for this game and I wanted to try it. I started level 2 and I had 10, mind you 10 people, and I saw this thing that said x2 so I went towards it because more people, more money in game, I go into the x2 one and I had 10, and we all now 10 x 2 is 20, yet it said I had 16 people, not 20 yet and 16-
Advertising a different game
Red stone freak on 2022-07-02
I downloaded because I wanted to play the game I saw ads for. The ads showed you moving the little color dudes into the right shade of their color, or dying if they stepped in the wrong shade. When I opened the game, I was not playing that at all. I had 2 colors of dudes and I move them to get more and get enough of each color to unlock the next sections and what not. This is not the game I wanted to play. Not even the same game. Stop the false advertising!!! Very unsatisfied.
Game could honestly do better.
Angel_935 on 2022-07-02
This ad game is just so upsetting. The game isn’t what you’re going to play based off the AD you saw. The game is very irritating too, when trying to reach a goal of 50x and was not able to reach it. Only way to reach the goal is by spending hours playing when you’ve been near the goal of 50x since you started playing. This game should show a proper balance of gaining progress instead of teasing a prize that will never be reached other than wasting hours in playing.
Don’t waste your time, here’s why:
stay healthy Liv on 2022-07-02
At first the game was really fun and addicting, but it starts to get annoying because it shows your supposed to try and match the colors but that is barely in there at all, and when it is it’s too easy and it’s just very different colors. I also got to finish the first city and at the end it said it would make a new city, but you can’t. It says there are still things you need to unlock but there isn’t it just won’t work. I would say don’t waste your time.
False advertisement and super Glitchy
Spiritual Vibes on 2022-07-02
Number 1 when you look at the ad for the game and then play the game you’ll see It’s literally impossible to win they have it to where you have to complete the whole city to win which is fine but once you complete the city they still won’t let you unlock it Number 2 the game itself glitches a lot it’ll stop in the middle of the game and continue on like you’ve been playing making you lose people I definitely would not recommend this game
I’m so disappointed 😐
♥︎♡︎𝔹𝕦𝕘♡︎♥︎ on 2022-07-02
I downloaded this game because of the add, it look literally like smth I would have played for hours. Let me tell you. If your reading this thinking about installing it, and reading it, it’s nothing as it seams. Even the little preview in the App Store is fake news. This game had so much potential. It isn’t even fun, even if it is a game preview and add. And to think of it, I don’t think iv ever been so disappointed in a game. 😞

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