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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



In Crowd Evolution, you can grow and evolve your crowd and beat the enemies!

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Ads.. Ads.. More Ads.. Gameplay?! Nope, Ads
Bamboo Dew on 2022-08-09
So let’s talk about The Ads: I played this game for almost an hour (if not already) and timed that you are spending more than 60% of your time on this game watching ads that are 30+ seconds long. You are forced to watch at least two ads which range from 15-30 seconds long (even if you skip them), and have the option to watch at least another 2-5 ads on top of that. Let’s do the math. Give it 7 ads with 30 seconds each and you’re at 3.5 minutes. The gameplay itself lasts maybe about 20-30 seconds and if you opt in for the bonus level (which requires you to watch an ad) then you get another 30 seconds of gameplay to earn more in-game currency. So when you’re spending 3.5+ minutes on ads and about 1 minute on the game, you are effectively spending about 71.43% of your time (or your child’s time) being advertised too, sold too, and manipulated by this company’s marketing. Now even if you choose to skip the ads (which I did the last half of my time on the game), then you’ll find that you’re still spending at least 50% of your time (or child’s time) watching ads, as mentioned previously, you are *forced* to watch at least two of them. Now, let’s talk about that: Those *forced* ads do give you the ability to skip, but they’re set up in such a way that when you hit skip, it’ll redirect you to a page to download the app, it’ll redirect you to yet another portion of the ad despite skipping, and make you wait another 5-10 seconds before skipping that one. Now, as far as the Gameplay: Very simplistic. It is not difficult and the ad videos they put on Facebook and Instagram are nowhere near that difficulty they show (obviously). I feel as though this game is designed to try and get you addicted by giving you very rewarding perks and a sense of quick evolvement and progression. That. Is. Scummy. Only in the context of there being so many ads, you’ll EASILY waste hours of your life being advertised and sold too. Say you are one of the poor chaps that fall for that, you’ll find your device and social media absolutely riddled with games like this. That information they collect on you will be sold to advertisers and you may possibly spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for these companies. This will conclude my review. Do not download this game, even if it’s for your kid.
Andre Filer on 2022-08-09
Do NOT download this game. I wouldn’t even call this a game it’s just one giant ad. Never have I ever played a game that forced you to watch this many ads. The gameplay will keep you entertained, for a short time I might add, but it’s interrupted constantly by the inclusion of so many ads. The cash in-game is completely pointless cause they usually give you free upgrades in-game, but it’s not really needed cause the game is ridiculously easy. It’s only fun because it’s a game you can’t lose in and is something to use as a time consumer, but only get this game if you’re willing to pay for no ads right away (which I definitely didn’t do). Do yourself a favor and find another game that has more effort and care put into it. It’s obvious the type of company and game this is and it’s just another greedy cash grab like many other iOS games. Don’t even waste the download time.
Ads and Crashes, the Game.
WizeManBOB on 2022-08-09
I played the game for 60 minutes. 33 minutes of ads, five game crashes, and two crashes of my background audio app not including all the times the ads just stopped the audio instead of respecting that the game app was muted. At times, rewards were offered for watching an ad. After rejecting the offer, an ad was played anyway. As the offer was rejected, there was no benefit from watching the ad. These ads were also those most likely to crash the app. On top of those issues, the app is using far more processing power than it should need, making the phone overheat and draining the battery. I’d suggest giving this game a miss until they fix the problems unless you want to burn out your phone.
This is not good
pasta man 2000 on 2022-08-09
This “game” is so bad you spend more time watching ads then playing the game. All this “game” will ever be is an ad view. You complete a level you get an ad if you do anything you get an ad. The developer/s just want you to annoy you so you watch an ad to get the pets and weapons or zero ads. This game is just too easy. I can easily play these levels that are always the same aside from the multipliers and numbers just by only focusing on people. If I only focus on people than I can beat the levels easily. There is not a lot of thought put into any of these developments by this developer.
Honestly just really bad
AJoblivion on 2022-08-09
The game takes little to no effort to create, is just a clean copy of the entire simple horrible mobile game that has come upon us. There’s ads after every level, and if you want to upgrade anything or obtain something in the game you HAVE TO watch an ad, but the things that are offered aren’t needed at all. The levels are all the exact same there’s no changes, and the most aggravating part is how the scaling of years literally makes no sense whatsoever. Bad game, don’t download or delete if downloaded. Get these garbage games off the app store
Good Game
+*•Dragona Cat•*+ on 2022-08-09
I got this game a few weeks ago and it has been very fun! It just needs a regular update or whenever there is one available. There are not many ads for me so it may be the same for you. Also, it’s not boring, you get to evolve a crowd of people to different funny and cool things, like ninjas and aliens. My point overall is that it is a game I would recommend if you have some free time in your hands and are looking for something to do. Thank you so much for reading this review!
Great game, but DONT PAY FOR NO ADS
fanofmostpodcasts on 2022-08-09
The game is very fun, to enhance the experience I paid for “no ads”. Oh boy, is that a lie. The only ads that disappeared (that I can notice) is the small ad at the bottom and the 5 second ad between levels. In all other aspects of the game you still have to watch the exact same ads. The game is fun, but I feel like I was tricked by purchasing “no ads” and still having to watch ads.
Avoid this developer and all their games
RamiroPerez on 2022-08-09
Game uses a lot of space for how simply it is but it makes sense when is full of adds since they put all their resources on making sure we have to see all their adds before we can play one game, finish a game get rewarded with watching one add, upgrade you have to watch an add, waste of time with this developer and their games, wish system would let me leave 0 stars reviews
Too many ads
Guy Complaining about the ads on 2022-08-09
You will get a 30 second ad at the end of a single round. Claim a bonus on your round? Ya that’s an ad. Trying to X out of the ad and they automatically take you to the App Store download screen. As with all of these, the base idea seems fun but the greedy programmers who put 200 ads in the first 60 rounds needs to be fired. On my way to delete the game
Ads don’t go away after purchase
Bobby de aule on 2022-08-09
I’ve played similar games and always buy as-free. Once I got this and played a round I did the same thing. However it still requires me to watch videos at different parts of the game or so have an upgrade…etc very false advertising and annoyig considering I wouldn’t have bought add free if this was the case and deleted the app.

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