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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Try to pass over the blocks! 9 different cube!

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Great, But Just 2 Small Problems
Ballehorses Love on 2020-07-15
‼️PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING, I KNOW IT IS LONG, BUT IT IS WORTH IT‼️ I love this game, I play it a lot and it is definitely a great game to play when bored. It is not too difficult to the point where you get frustrated... and it is not too simple to the point where you get bored with it. It is also a good game to practice thinking and deciding fast, for you have to choose which way to go sometimes. At first I thought it was nearly impossible to get to the very end where there are a lot of stars, but after a few levels, I started being able to go to the end quite a few times actually. Even though I like it, there are still 2 problems I would like to be fixed. It is not huge and I still play this game many times a day. 1: There are a lot of adds... there are 30 sec adds (which is not a long time but after a while it starts getting annoying) that are at the end of EVERY level. However some adds are cool and are entertaining. Especially the ones where you can try the game at the end. I have even gotten some games from watching an add off of this game. If you fix this, this game will be almost perfect... which leads me to problem number 2... 2: After a while the levels start being repetitive and there are no more cubes to collect. I don’t mind that the levels are repetitive but I DO like variety. After you get the pig cube, there are no more cubes to get. I don’t mind pigs... I think they are cute, but I would like new ones. In conclusion, if you are looking for boredom- reliever games, I recommend this ones. Even though lots of people are saying there are glitches and what not, I personally don’t have that problem so I can’t speak for them. Thank you for reading this long review and I hope it helps.
#ILovePandas on 2020-07-15
I just got the game like an hour ago. You can’t play level four!!!!!! I tried restarting my phone, restarting the game, skipping the level, even deleting the game and getting it again- it doesn’t work! The reason you can’t play the level is because the guy (also why can’t you change characters?!) and the blocks were all in visible. It said I died 2 seconds in to each game. I had to delete again. I tried again but it still wouldn’t work! I’ve seen other reviews saying the exact same thing from months ago and it still hasn’t improved? That just shows that no one at the company cares. I’m really annoyed! Also, even though you can still play the levels, the other levels so far have also been glitchy! The skip level button doesn’t even work. There are ads every level and they are all 30 or 45 seconds long. I had to turn off my WiFi the ads got so bad! What really is annoying is usually I am pretty flexible with glitches. But when it gets so bad that you can’t play the game? I can’t just ignore that! Also, your ad shows that the game is not glitchy at all but seriously? If you’re not gonna fix the game then make the ads match the game! Augh! It makes me really sad because I saw the ad and was like, that looks fun! I’m sure it would’ve been if it was POSSIBLE TO EVEN PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!
Ok but really unimaginative
girl1325 on 2020-07-15
I really liked the game at first, but then things happened. The levels started repeating themselves. I’ve played the same level at least 20 times ( I’m not kidding). Also, once I bought all of the cubes, the gems were utterly useless. I have 679,043 gems just sitting there , because there is nothing to buy. I’ll admit that playing the same level again can be interesting to see if I can screw up repeatedly, but it’s REALLY boring . Another thing, why is the surfer a white male?? Why can’t I change the surfer to someone else?? I find the fact that there is no way to change the surfers appearance completely ridiculous and stupid. So, please give me more variety of cube and surfer, and make more levels. That would give the game a 4 star rating. I both suggest that you get the app, but at the same time, I advise against it. Oh, and ads. I know EVERY review says that, but it’s true. I finish a level , and I’m tossed into a full length stupid add.
Absolutely horrible
SGoalie on 2020-07-15
Normally I will give good ratings and don’t like to be too harsh with games but this was just horrible. After the first 5 or so levels, it’s just a pitch black level. You can’t see any cubes in front of you and can only complete the level by doing it over and over and over until everything is memorized!!!! What in the actual heck do they expect us to do? Do the one level over and over wasting our time until we pass it? I tried over 10 times to complete this level until I got fed up. I immediately deleted the game after. It makes absolutely no sense! I DO NOT recommend this to anyone.
I loved this game until..
PowerPlus123 on 2020-07-15
This game was so much fun!! But then on like level 6 the entire level went black. I tried restarting the game, it didn’t work. I went to different levels and they were all black too! I don’t understand why this happened. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. It worked for a bit but then on level 6 it happened AGAIN. Except this time it was purple! This frustrated me a LOT. Why does this happen?!?! Please explain!!! So that’s why I rated this game 1 star. If this gets fixed please let me know.
Unprofessional Game reviewer
friggersin on 2020-07-15
Hi, I download and try new games for fun. Then I write my honest opinions about them. I hate this game. It is a game that will waste your time, it will keep you busy for a long time. When I play this game, it is either u am not “legally skilled” or this game is rigged. There is no way to win! You collect the cubes, that you loose the cubes, you get more cubes, then the cubes burn. You can’t make it to the finish line! Make it more enjoyable too- it’s kinda boring....Thank for your time.
Way too many ads
Niki Tran on 2020-07-15
Everytime you don’t succeed the task of the game or “die in the game” a “next” button pops up which then brings you to ads of other apps that they created. These last for about 10-15 seconds before you could press the “x” and play again, I initially downloaded the app seeing an influencer promote it but I can see now why they needed this extra boost of interest on their app, since it’s not very good and just spams ads most of the time you are on the app.
Needs some work
puppygamer366 on 2020-07-15
I only recently downloaded this app and I can already see it needs some work. On one hand it’s addictive and fun (which is what you want) and on the other it won’t let you finish it. I’ve done the math ten times, and you can’t pass the four o and ten at the end. I think that the game should be more fair. Overall, it is a fun and entertaining app that gets frustrating at times, but you can obviously get used to it.
Hope this is good
ILoveAnimalsSoMuch9! on 2020-07-15
I haven’t tried this game yet so obviously this isn’t a legit review but based on what I’ve seen so far on adds this looks like a time waster but in a good way like not something you would get addicted to but something to shorten your wait for something, like right now I have a double ear infection inside and out and am in pain but I’m hoping this will take my mind off it, I also hope this turns out good
Love it but....
MARCSTER! on 2020-07-15
This game is pretty fun I would have to say. It’s fun to do in spare time and I enjoy it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that some levels are impossible to get over the 10x. I will have 5 blocks to start and get all the blocks in the level but still don’t have enough to make that final move. I also think you should put more upgrades like speed.

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