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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Try to pass over the blocks! 9 different cube!

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I Promise You Don’t Want This Game
dontbagcars on 2020-10-26
Okay... first off, let me clarify for EVERYONE that this game is made to stress you out so they make money. After every time you fail, guess what!? THERES AN AD WAITING FOR YOU. For every game you play, it basically costs you some time to watch an ad. After you watch the ad and click the little x, it brings you to a different ad where it makes you click it so it takes you to the appstore. Now a lot of little games like this one itself do this with ads, however this game specifically is the WORST one i’ve ever dealt with. You watch ads more than you play the game itself! Second of all, this game is set up to be impossible. I mean it’s almost funny how stupid the creators of this game must be to form the game like this. So you’re supposed to stack the cubes, as many as you can of course, until you hit the stairs. Once you hit the stairs, it takes all your cubes one by one until you have none. I can’t even make it to the top! What’s even more disappointing, the stairs come at the beginning of the round so you’re only able to play for about 15 seconds... Well of course I wanted to see if it was possible to get to the top of the stairs to continue, but with all these ads playing after each time I fail makes it harder for me to be persistent with it? That’s where my stress comes in. I don’t get stressed often, but holy moly, I want to snap my iPhone 11 in half and chuck the pieces at the creators of this app!! Unless you’re clinically insane, I recommend you don’t download this app, rate it a one star, and carry on. Chances are, you’ll be just as disappointed as I was.
#sweet tooth on 2020-10-26
I definitely DONT recommend the game. It’s only good for when your really, really bored and have nothing else to do. Just like a lot of other VooDoo’s games, it stuffed with ads and is glitchy. The game freezes up a lot. It’s just taking up space on your phone, trust me. I would recommend this for kids, but it’s full of ads. The only way to play it is with airplane mode on. Also, it does push you to watch ads and buy game passes. I understand that mobile games need to have ads in order to make money, but this is too much. VooDoos game can be good, but this one was simply poorly made. It’s fun to do I guess, but unimaginative. It’s a cool idea, but at this point there’s too many bugs where they’re s really no point in downloading it. Just get another game from Voodoo, they do have some good ones. This is a cash grab game, don’t recommend.
get this game
h so j a j isj on 2020-10-26
I love the game you start out simple and go up as you go it’s just like the adds your IQ must be like 200 if u can get past times5 it’s pretty hard it’s a calming game when ur stressed but it can have a small downfall it’s hard like super hard to get skins and it can say your lose when u have like 5 blocks over that’s the downfall uhm i just wanna say your haters are wrong this game is perfect for kids all my kids have it and play it when there in the car or bored haha this game is just really great and I feel like everyone should have it as well as collect cubes let’s get back to the game it’s a great game because you and stress out on it and play it anywhere with or without internet connection so it’s a hard game yes but it’s calming and stress a stress reliever.
Worst game
lala loser on 2020-10-26
I started playing the game for five hours every time I played a look nothing like The commercials were I did not like the game I thought of deleting it but I decided not to if you want to get the game to try it you can but it’s not worth it all you’ll end up doing is deleting it is a boring game I have 50,000 diamonds and I can’t even use them I need more upgrades like I got every single block you could and I got everything a person that needs more people more blocks and I really don’t like the game so I have already deleted it did did you like the game or I didn’t so your choice I really don’t like the game ever again I never want to see it again I just don’t really know what to do with the game but hopefully you guys like it but bye
Tons of ads
Jy1985 on 2020-10-26
I’m actually posting an identical review to what I posted on another Voodoo app because this game has exactly the same problems... It’s a pretty cool game at first. But there’s an absurd number of ads (one after every level or two, and levels take about 15 seconds each), and the ads take 10-15 seconds. Also, after the first maybe 10 levels I’m pretty sure they just keep recycling earlier levels. Would be a decent game if they put a little effort into development and cut the ads by half or a third - as it is, I’m deleting it from my phone after about 15 minutes of play. Save yourself the hassle and pick a different game to download.
Okay game
Music Fannatic on 2020-10-26
Ok so the first thing I want to say is that this game is addicting and good to pass the time. But there are some problems too. Like that there are so many adds!!!! Like there is one after every level and it gets annoying pretty fast. Second is that I have a bunch of diamonds, like 60,000 and I don’t have anything to spend them on which takes away from the fun. The third thing is that it sometimes glitches and causes to me to do things I don’t want to do, like accidentally verge over by accident cause it pauses. Last thing ya that it’s too easy. Maybe you can make it harder and please add more items to but with your diamonds pls!!!
Dexter Owner on 2020-10-26
I don’t like this game. It’s not fun at all. I have at least 1,0000 reasons why. But I’m only saying a few. This game is so boring with an ad every 2 milliseconds. And I mean what a terrible name. Cube surfer I would name it like Block build or tower expand. Something like that. But no it’s cube surfer. I’m sorry if I’m being mean but I’m being honest. I don’t think this is a good game. And yeah there’s probably people who think this game is amazing and that I’m crazy. But it’s true. In my opinion this game is the worst of all.
I ❤️ cats on 2020-10-26
Unlike Fixaroony I love this game. I am not sure why you would say terrible things about a game and then give it 5 stars? Anyway I think this game is fun. You have to collect all the gems and cubes to get as far as you can. My favorite cubes are the watermelon and cat. Yes I do agree with fixaroony on the part where when you fail it is in big red letters but I don’t really mind ( because I never fail)! Well I think you should do what ever you want to! But I suggest that you get the game
Not the best game...
ufjjxgdjidmxbhek on 2020-10-26
First off, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS UP WITH ADDS EVERY 30 SECONDS?!?!? It’s downright annoying, and I have to turn off my WiFi, so I don’t have A MILLION adds every second. Also, what’s up with almost no girl characters? There is 1, and she is wearing a whole bunch of sculls. Lastly, the levels are almost exactly the same, and repeat levels multiple times. The game gets boring after a hundred levels. If you need to wast time, get this game and turn off your WiFi, otherwise just leave.
Gets Boring Fast
YogiDoula on 2020-10-26
It’s fun in the beginning but then you realize there’s really no strategy to implement. You can’t jump or increase speed so there’s really no way of keeping more cubes other than going after the highest pile. It would be more fun if you could get things that helped you prevent cubes from melting in the lava or allowed you to temporarily jump over bricks. There’s only about maybe ten “levels” (maybe less) that just repeat over and over again. Fun game but goes flat quickly.

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