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Curiosity Chats helps you start face-to-face conversations with substance and discover the untapped potential in all of your relationships. Use this app with anyone, anywhere, anytime – friends, family, partners, and even people you've just met! It’s fun and easy to share stories and create deeper connections. • one-on-one with your friends • at family gatherings and holidays • as a couple in a relationship • with groups of people at parties • on road trips or while traveling Each person simply selects a card, asks a question out loud, and allows their natural curiosity to inspire deeper conversations. You can spend just a few minutes learning more about each other or talk for hours, it’s completely up to you. Curiosity Chats features an extensive array of intriguing questions and encourages your group to share short stories and real life experiences. You’ll also be able to review thoughtful tips for improving your conversation skills while creating nourishing dialogues. Since participants are encouraged to speak truthfully and share from their hearts, this type of authentic relating also provides a solid foundation for group team building events. Exploring Curiosity Chats together can promote increased trust and comfort levels in all of your in-person social situations. Ready to create deeper connections? Download Curiosity Chats and start cultivating better relationships today.

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