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Featured in LifeHacker, Apple News, The Guardian, AR / VR journey, and more! Da Vinci Eye is the #1 essential digital tool for non-digital artists. Don’t just take our word for it - we’re one of the top five Graphics & Design apps in over 100 countries. Da Vinci Eye is used by thousands of creatives from painters to bakers to make incredible artwork. The app is not just for tracing, it offers a wide range of drawing tools, lessons, daily drawing prompts, and a supportive community to share your artwork! IMPORTANT!: Please read how this app works below and the device requirements for AR Mode BEFORE purchasing. HIGHLIGHTS • Create incredible artwork from your own photos • Make hyper-realistic drawings with our strobe feature • Record time-lapse videos of your drawings • Separate images into layers by color value, then view those areas on your canvas • Easily learn the fundamentals of drawing • Breakdown any image into step-by-step instructions • Video tutorials • Use filters to make drawing even easier • Zoom in to capture micro details in your drawings • Connect with our community to share your artwork • Insanely fast customer support! PERFECT FOR ANY ARTIST • Bakers • Cartoonists • Tattoo Artists • Illustrators • Fiverr Designers • Hobbyists • Makeup artists • Nail Technicians • Animators No matter what skill level you’re at — Da Vinci Eye is here for you! OVERVIEW How many times have you been drawing a portrait for hours only to realize that the nose or the eye is in the wrong place? You can use Da Vinci Eye to layout artwork before you begin or even check your work as you progress. Having a hard time seeing where lights or darks go? Breakdown images into layers by color value. Then virtually project those layers on top of your image. You can see exactly where to place the darkest darks, mid-tones, and highlights. CAN'T THINK OF WHAT TO DRAW? Check out our inspiration section for user uploaded reference photos. If you have a great pic, you can even upload your own content for other artists to draw. LEARNING HOW TO DRAW? We have lessons using our unique patent-pending learning method. You can also turn ANY photo into a step by step shading drawing lesson. HOW DOES IT WORK? Based on a tool that has been used by artists for centuries, this app is a digital version of a Camera Lucida. You suspend your iPhone or iPad above or in front of your canvas with a stand, tall glass, or other objects easily found around your house. When you look through your phone, you will see both the image and the canvas simultaneously. It's similar in functionality to an art projector or light box, but with the ability to do so much more. You can draw on any surface, zoom in to draw micro details in your drawing, and you don't have to draw in the dark. WILL THIS HELP ME LEARN HOW TO DRAW? Using Da Vinci Eye, you will be training your eye to recognize proportions and draw with shading while training your hand to translate precise lines and strokes on paper. You’ll learn faster and more efficiently using our proven techniques compared to any other app. AR MODE REQUIREMENTS To use AR mode, you must have an A10x or A11 processor and above. We recommend using: – iPhone 8 and newer (iPhone 7 and below will not work) – iPad Mini 5th Generation and newer – iPad Air 2019 and newer – iPad Pro 3rd Gen (Any pro made after 2018) and newer AR & CLASSIC MODE AR mode anchors your image to an object in the real world. This lets you move your canvas or phone, and the drawing and projected image will stay aligned. Classic mode is like a normal art projector, where if you move your phone or canvas, the drawing will no longer be aligned. AR mode is especially useful for drawing or painting on an easel. However, in most cases, Classic mode will achieve the same result. TAKE YOUR DRAWING TO THE NEXT LEVEL Download Da Vinci Eye today! No one ever regretted sharpening their drawing skills.

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BEST AR Camera Projector Lucida Type Drawing App out there
J. Grimm on 2021-01-22
I searched and even was a paying subscriber for way too long to AR Sketch hoping they would reach their potential. And the way I found this program Davinchi was through a Pinterest Ad. The best ad I ever clicked on there and they deserve the little they ask for in this app. Wait till you get warmed out Nd check out their video guides on features such as breaking down steps to create different style paintings. And if you want to use ar draw they actually have a real working anchoring system with options! I feel duped by those other apps I paid subscriptions too hoping they would fix the most simplest trivial GUI errors. Maybe they didn’t even actually create the app and maintain programing updates (it’s an old racket reselling apps with minor appearance changes) but trying to grab up subscriptions too? A buck or or two or three from sellin the same product to the same people isn’t enough to satisfy even third world husslers. Apple made it easy for them unintentionally by making the AR Kit available. For some reason every app that comes out that is supposed to be a tool to do this, cannot even even focus on programing the app main objective so that it works well Intuitively. Nope. Instead these other apps like Sketch AR skip all that in order to draw with an iphone in HAND barely even trying but filling the feeds making it look as if their is any real active audience participation submission in order to charge subscriptions. Uhg sorry. I hope this Davinchi app keeps going stronger. And keep being innovative with ideas. Maybe new modes can be added and bought on. Just please don’t go to monthly subscription 5/5 I’ll be back every update to press 5 stars to help keep you on top and I recommend others remember to do so too.
I want to have other artists help
Slybeast on 2021-01-22
First of I do like this app it’s a great tool to use to learn how to draw there are tutorials and also the AR thing where you can trace drawings however, my biggest gripe is that there are no comment sections or captions to me a big part about art is being able to not only share but to receive constructive criticism to be able to become better I want to be able to ask how can I improve on my artwork and another thing I feel like we should have DMs to reach out and speak to other artists and share and compliment and just have a good community however I do feel like there’s a fine line where hate can be spread but I feel like the positives outweigh the negatives so TL;DR please add comments, captions, and DMs so that way artists can connect and become better artists through that
Art meets engineering
Bruce Boatner on 2021-01-22
The best products are simple ideas, well implemented. The transformative innovation in this app is the Augmented Reality feature that solves a whole plethora of practical issues. The Strobe is another feature that makes the app much more than just a novelty. It is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use and will allow you to take your art, whatever level it happens to be at currently , to the next level. I would say it is one of the few tools available that can bring photorealism within reach of the average artist. Simply continue the process of addressing the differences between the two images until they match. It’s as simple as that.
I love this app!
Jedicarla on 2021-01-22
I just drew the best picture ever of my dog... it actually looks like him! This app is great for giving a person confidence in getting started on a drawing. The drawings I’ve done if friends/family look like them, versus what I’ve tried on my own. I think it does help if you have a little experience with drawing and shading, but it’s not necessary (the best advice I received years ago was to only draw what you see, NOT what you know is there!). The app includes some video tutorials and drawing lessons that are very helpful. It’s well worth the $5 (I think that’s what I paid...)
Life Changer
Scizzers on 2021-01-22
Since I typically use photo reference, accuracy can be difficult by just eyeing a photo and the process of making a grid is tedious and can kill your motivation. On top of that, many artists including myself, are hesitant to push their line art to the next level once they get it right. This app solves all of that and the time I save getting an accurate base drawing/outline is worth every penny and then some. This app helps you get to the fun part of drawing/painting quicker.
Doesn’t meet the expectations
multivitamin123345 on 2021-01-22
I purchased the app because I was fascinated by the technology hoping that I can draw better. But all I get is a bunch of scribbles. The user interface needs a lot of work and it’s confusing. Within 2 minutes of using the app, I detected issues with the app. I was stuck on an endless loop of commands that won’t let me return to Home Screen. It’s overpriced for the stage of the app. It’s hard to get a good drawing with this app. I would not recommend it to anyone.
I want to have other artists help
Slybeast on 2021-01-22
First of I do like this app it’s a great tool to use to learn how to draw there are tutorials and also the AR thing where you can trace drawings however, my biggest gripe is that there are no comment sections or captions to me a big part about art is being able to not only share but to receive constructive criticism to be able to become better I want to be able to ask how can I improve on my artwork
Awe inspiring
Gusfrompsych on 2021-01-22
This app is so cool and so easy to use I haven’t been able to stop using it. I’m using it every day to practice and practice non stop. Thank you so much for coming up with this idea I had thought about how I always have the imagine in my head and now I’m using pictures and figures to create my work an realize my goal of becoming an artist
iampeacefrog on 2021-01-22
Thank you. I’ve been looking for an app like this for ages. I have literally been needing this app for a few years now. It takes a little getting use to and you have to take your time. Don’t rush it. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but what in life is? This is definitely a huge positive in my life. Once again thank you.
5 star
read this review or else on 2021-01-22
I absolutely LOVE this app, it is very hard to draw in my phone, so I tried this app out and it really helped, I usually trace stuff or use poses. I can’t do it on paper tho so when I got this app it helped me SO MUCH

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