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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



This app opens the door to self checks - the cheapest and most powerful resource we have. Every woman should try it out. And best of all: It even works for women who can’t read! We have included a lot of films and images to make things as convenient as possible for you. Breast cancer is a very common disease. Worldwide 1.7 million women were diagnosed in 2012. But the good news is: Breast cancer can be treated. The earlier a cancer disease is detected, the better it can be treated. But how can you detect breast cancer early? DearMamma shows you how to do regular self checks. What should you look out for? How often is a self check recommended? The app also tells you what you can do, if you notice anything peculiar. The most important thing is to keep calm. Most changes are not a sign for cancer. Still you shouldn’t hesitate to look for help, if you really need it. It is always a good first step to talk to people you trust when you are confronted with health issues. There should be no taboos and especially no shame when talking about your body and about breast cancer. If you or somebody close to you has to deal with breast cancer, you deserve respect and support. DearMamma gives basic facts on cancer and its treatment. You will find reliable medical information, which is easy to understand. Please notice: You need to be 18 years or older to use this app, as it contains content which is not appropriate for minors. The detailed medical information contains images that depict the body and the naked female breast. If you think these images could offend you, please be aware. NOTICE for availability in other languages: The selection of language is based on the presets of your system languge of your device. This app currently support following languages: - English - French - German - Spanish - Arabic - Hebrew

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