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Jun, 2021


Jun, 2021



Happiness: Freshly cleaned stuff thanks to Deep Clean Inc. Highly satisfying cleaning experience! Please be a part of Deep Clean Inc. and start to make dirty objects clean and shiny enough to satisfy your customers! Let's take all dirts away with your deep cleaning skills!

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Great game! But I think it needs updated/fixed.
Serena Ferguson on 2021-07-31
So I actually like this game, I love these types of games where you get to clean up really dirty things and then the end when you finish cleaning is satisfying. BUT! I got to level 10 and it told me to clean the mall. There was absolutely nothing to clean, I went through some reviews on this to see if anyone else had this problem and I saw one person that had it too. So yeah this game is great, but I hope you take it into consideration to try and fix this bug in the game, It could also just be my phone but I’m not sure. That’s my only complaint, have a good day! 🙂
Fake advertising
mila belle 7688 on 2021-07-31
So when I kept getting ads for this game I really wanted it so I downloaded it and now I can see it was a mistake this game repeats and repeats again and again but as you can see in the tittle it says Fake advertising so here’s how it is in the ad it says mini games and “satisfying” but oh no no no one there were NO mini games two it was NOT satisfying three the makers were super duper duper lazy and all the plushies were blank and there were like a lot of glitches sooooooooooooo that’s why I give it a two !
B100104 on 2021-07-31
I would give this game 0 stars if I could because all it does is keep on repeating the same thing and it’s so annoying and the ad is WAY TOO INAPROPIATE I’m like playing a game and then deep clean ad come up and Aways so innopripiate and I’m playing right in front of my parents and that ad comes up and there’s also other ads THAT ARE SO INAPPROPRIATE 😑like people stop doing bad ads it’s not like only parents play games little kids do😑
Love this game :)
victoria aitui on 2021-07-31
I know it may repeat the levels or any thing like that, but I really love this game it’s so relaxing to me cause there is so many games that make me so mad but now that I bought this it calms me down, and I just downloaded this and I’m already on level 59! I’m so in love with this game! So if anyone new buys this game just to let you know this game is the best! Prop if you have angry issues you need this game now!
Sexual harassment
_charlie_donuts on 2021-07-31
I saw a very disrespectful ad on YouTube about this game. It was a screen recording of a player wiping away the window and a woman on the other side naked taking a shower. This is totally unacceptable it’s showing young male kids that stalking and harassing women sexually is OK and it’s not. This ad was a complete shock to me and I would very much appreciate for the owners of this game to take the ad down.
This is weird
NO GENDER B*TCH on 2021-07-31
Ok so I’m disappointed, I thought this would be more satisfying and I was scrolling through the app store and found this and I got it. But later I saw THE ADD🤮THIS ADD IS NOT OK YOU ARE SEXUALIZING WOMEN AND THAT’S NOT COOL! The add had a f*cking NAKED WOMEN in it. So FIX THAT. Also overall the game kinda is a piece of sh*t. SO STAY AWAY YOU WILL HATE IT. -Your greatest nightmare
Annoying adds
Lydia S phillips on 2021-07-31
At first I thought this game was great, but on the 6th level it doesn't let you do ANYTHING.The machine to supposed to clean the floors ( I think it cleans the floors) Don't WORK!!!! Please fix this bug!! Also I disliked the constant add bubble that wandered through out the screen, if you hit the bubble while cleaning it shows you a add! I hope this helps!
The ad is bad! Its good though with false advertising
puppy rose love on 2021-07-31
The ad shows a girl in a shower and the glass steamy they whipe it and keep her booty and boob protected in it they whipe and she moves and u see details! Very very bad! It also has false advertising and sometimes i wake up and say lets play a fun game with ads and i forget people have a craze on the girls in showers and stuff and i watch the ad
Oh lord! And quick question
😒😒😒☹️☹️☹️🙁🙁🙁 on 2021-07-31
Oh lord the add for this game is weird 💀. The game isn’t that bad though. So here’s my question: in the video preview or whatever for this game it shows levels and someone playing those levels, so are the levels shown in the game preview video actually in this game? And oh lord I agree with the reviews on this 💀 🙄
the small things make me mad
imreallypalelol on 2021-07-31
I don’t like how you will be cleaning an object and then it leaves behind SLUSH and says that it’s clean! Because it is not clean certainly not. It makes me hurt . I will spend nights thinking about it. I’ve cried myself to sleep. IVE PAINED OVER THIS SMALL DEFECT IN THIS GAME !! WHY CANT I CLEAN THE CAR 😭😭😭😭😭

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