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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Are you ready for an unbelievable destruction experience? Hook up your catapult, then. You can demolish every building at your fingertip. Just aim different missiles and tap to throw them at constructions. Wrecking was never so fun!

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No physics, tons of ads for minimal playtime
A admin on 2020-12-05
This game just isn’t good. The physics make no sense whatsoever and between the fifteen seconds or less it takes to finish a level, you are rewarded with a thirty second ad. Unless you’d like bonuses or marginally better items. Then you’re looking at 1-2 minutes of ad time before the next fifteen seconds of play. Using logic doesn’t seem to work in your favor in this one. I’ve had building mostly demolished around the bottom, standing on one support that will not take a direct shot because the cannonball suddenly seems to decide to go anywhere except for where you aimed. After a few frustrating tries, wing the top of the building and watch it inexplicably tumble to the ground. Then watch an ad. Or unlock something useless that doesn’t make the game anymore fun and watch two or three ads. This is a hard pass.
What about physics?
Chuc. E on 2020-12-05
I enjoy this game for a couple minute distraction. There is something satisfying to destroy buildings. However, and this is a big thing, I have destroyed the entire lower levels of a building only to have the upper floors just float in space. It really is pretty funny however however quite impossible in the world of physics. Just think of all the construction engineers who have meticulously laid foundations for a building only to find out by this game that step was unnecessary because these buildings float in the air.
Relatively Fun, too many ads
Cronkin' iTunes on 2020-12-05
Fun game, but the ads really take away from the fun. With the latest update, not only do you get an ad between each level and along the bottom of your screen, you now get an ad window covering part of the level until you start play. That’s was too much for me. Deleted it. Other than that, it’s entertaining, slightly addicting, even without any real story. Why am I earning stars? How can I go back and get 3 stars on levels I messed up? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I’ll smash this building.
Game has a major Glitch
Irishgunslinger on 2020-12-05
As I have now been playing for about a month now I’m noticing I can blow all four side of the building out for 10 floors and it’s still standing so the top 10 floors of the building are floating in mid air and 10 floors below are 100% gone also I will aim at the top floors to blow them up but it blows up the rubble two thirds of the way down so it’s not accurate at all. Needs an update because it’s not your skills it’s the computer and how fast or slow it wants you to win. It’s as rigged as the election.
Fun game bad upgrade
Jcano519 on 2020-12-05
I got the game and paid to remove ads. The game plays much better now, though the buildings are limited and therefore lose appeal quickly. Still, mindless fun for a little while. Same complaint as other users. Since the upgrade, you earn 3 stars max (6 if you watch an ad) and the game charges you 10 to get the bonus. Not cool guys. Please fix this. Update: new patch fixed the automatic upgrade issue but now buildings float in mid-air if you don’t break what the developers have decided.
I kept my old version
PsychoDad33 on 2020-12-05
Well well well I’ve never updated this game and instead kept the old version. I still have my 3 shooting options, remember the one where you shoot 3 rocks at once, hahaha still got it. The best part is after every level, my ammo is restored, that is a flaw that developers fixed in newer updates, but not me. Even though there’s no sound, but it’s worth it. I play the latest version on my iPhone (boring) and the old/best version on my IPad Mini. See ya
Annoying ads
Servers? on 2020-12-05
Ads after every single round and rounds last about 20 seconds. So the there’s about 2-3 ads a minute which is outrageous. Your finger is always in the way of aiming no matter how you try to hold it. I would give half a star if I could. This is another ad factory trying to get you to pay for ad removers or buy expensive monetary upgrades. Fun for 5 minutes until you had enough of the same game advertisements showing up 15 times
Hellowprldmynameishello on 2020-12-05
If you were looking for a game that would satisfy that physics based demolishing we all love deep down this game isn’t it. The physics make no sense, it’s just a cash grab. You can knock out the bottom of the building and all the inside structure will fall out like a piñata, and one window in the back will somehow hold up the entire rest of the building. It makes no sense, the physics are wrong, it just made me angry
It’s a perfectly good waste of time.
Ho7u5de on 2020-12-05
This is just my opinion. But the ad I watched promoting demolish showed a catapult throwing 4 stones at once into a building. I am at level 75 currently and have accumulated 753 stars. At no time has anything upgraded or allowed me to use my earned stars to upgrade my ammo or catapults. What then is the point of this game??? Oh, and even though I choose no thank you to watching ads.... it still played 1-2 ads.
McTechy on 2020-12-05
There really isn’t any progression to this game. Your only objective is to literally ‘demolish buildings’ there are no achievements since you always have an unlimited number of projectiles. You will however find ads in every part of this game. There are constant ads while playing, you can play an ad to get more projectiles but you can skip this.. oh wait you technically can’t because you get an ad anyways.

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