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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Are you ready for an unbelievable destruction experience? Hook up your catapult, then. You can demolish every building at your fingertip. Just aim different missiles and tap to throw them at constructions. Wrecking was never so fun!

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Upgrade? Really!
Klaatu9 on 2020-10-27
The game was fun, although redundant, the same set of buildings from different angles, so after a while you’ve Demolished the same buildings repeatedly. The app was Good until the, So Called Update. Before Update: you would earn Stars, 3 Stars using less then 10 shots, 2 Stars for using less than 20 shots, and 1 Star for less than 30 shots. The Stars you earned would be placed on the Star score board at top of screen. You couldn’t use them them for anything, you just collected them. Between buildings you would have to watch an AD, a choice of normal AD or tap upgrade to get more Stars, by watching additional AD, unless you pay $2.99 to remove them. I paid to remove AD’s. But, you still have to watch AD if you want upgrade to earn more Stars. After the Upgrade: You earn Stars as before, but now a newer looking bank vault appears, although you still earn Stars, by taping no thanks, or upgrade, the bank takes 15 Stars. I was up to over 8000 Stars, now I’ve gone down to 6500 and dropping every building I Demolish. Just wondering what happens when I run out of Stars? The app takes more Stars than you can earn.
Excited for the update!!!
obi kyle kenobi on 2020-10-27
So I first played this game a few months ago. It was a fun little time killer, perfect for the 5 to 10 min you spend in line at the grocery store register where half your attention is on the game and the other on scooting up in line and being aware of what’s going on around you. Anyway that was about the extent of it. Everything was very repetitive. Having read previous reviews though I saw that the dev was constantly updating and improving the game so I let it stick around. While playing ARCHERO I just saw an add for the update and it looks like a brand new game !!!!! Haven’t even tried it yet but it looks great!!! Will update soon !
Typical Voodoo Ad Garbage
Moondogg Matt on 2020-10-27
Another unplayable ad farm from Voodoo. I didn’t realize it was a Voodoo game when I downloaded it, otherwise I never would have polluted my phone with their junk. It baffles me how Voodoo is still around. 99% of users probably uninstall their garbage in less than an hour because of the comical amount of ads. This one is no different. I sat through an ad so I could play, clicked a button to start the game and got served another ad before I even got to try the game No thanks. Voodoo should be banned from the App Store.
Relaxing, I’ll give it that.
Gitarzz on 2020-10-27
I am not really sure what the point is other than knocking down buildings. It doesn’t use real physics so it’s just blast away until it comes down. Watch some ads and get an extra missile. Even if you pay to remove the ads you’ll still have to watch ads. Watching ads is how you get missiles. There’s a third weapon but I don’t know how to get more of those. I just haven’t tried The third weapon. But if you’re looking for a way to relax while killing some time, this game does deliver that.
New update is awful
Shim7446 on 2020-10-27
The game went from way to easy, to ridiculously hard. I’ve left buildings in a pile of rubble and it still wasn’t good enough, and it won’t let me hit the tiny piece still standing because of all the rubble in the way. And why have stars if they don’t mean anything?!? Don’t pay for this game, a mistake I made, it’s fun for a few days, but it never changes, you’re knocking down the same 8-10 boring buildings, over and over and over...with no end in sight and no changes.
Not a bad game
IamULAW on 2020-10-27
I actually enjoy this game. Problem is, your screen time is spent mostly watching ads. I understand ads are revenue, I get it. There are ads after the game, before the game, sometimes multiple ads before and after. I think you should be able to play 2-3 games in a row before being interrupted by ads constantly. That would help keep your interest. The ads absolutely kill the game and minimize the little fun you try to get to enjoy.
Advertisements are crazy
enickman on 2020-10-27
The building collapses are really fun. But there are just so many ads, it’s hard to enjoy it for more than a few minutes. What was watch one video between rounds a few days ago is now two. You end up spending more time watching ads than you actually play. I understand advertisements are necessary revenue, but they lose their influence to purchase other games by force feeding those ads. Sorry developers...but it’s just too much.
Love the new upgrades but.....
1brownfan on 2020-10-27
This game is very cathartic and soothing in a weird way. I noticed you updated it recently and was wondering why it takes away stars that I’ve earned on each level weather you do the “upgrade” or not? It substracts 10-15 stars per level either way. Eventually I’m gonna be down to zero regardless of success on the game? Why? I cannot ply any levels without loosing stars, what’s going on? Also, WHY SO MANY ADDS?
No real value
Zoopal5 on 2020-10-27
It’s fun if you like blowing up buildings, but it is veeeery repetitive and gets old real fast. You have multiple projectiles, but you don’t need them as any building can be destroyed in less than ten shots with the basic fireball. The physics are terrible. The entire structure can be supported by the equivalent of a 4x4 beam. As a result, buildings that should be brought down in a single shot take several.
No Objective or increasing difficulty?
steevo124 on 2020-10-27
This game can easily be 5 starts if, and it’s a big IF..... if it had increasing difficulty and more buildings. The destruction animation is very fun. However the buildings repeat themselves and there is no objective or increasing difficulty. The buildings need to get stronger and the levels need to get increasingly more difficult. The game gets boring without an objective (other than destruction).

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