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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Make sweet Ice cream rolls, popsicle stack and cake decorating using your creativeness. Explore with different Desserts, icing on the cake and fruit ingredients and syrups to create sweet desserts. This game is just as fun as making frozen honey and jelly games. - Pick up a dessert of your choice - Enjoy icing on the cake with all kinds of cake decorating tools - Make a combo with ingredient, syrup etc. - Get Creative with decorative toppings to your dessert like in your favourite cake games - Upgrade your sweet dessert shop by selling dessert to the customers, they can choose anything from popsicle stack, ice cream rolls to cakes and many more! - Make sweet chocolate pops - Enjoy the addicting DIY dessert game that can get you the same satisfaction as in frozen honey and jelly games To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

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Fun game (Please read before you download)
bojozeph on 2022-07-02
Hey! So, this is my review for the game! It’s a really fun game, to be honest! You can do popsicles, ice cream in a cone, rolled ice cream, and much more! And the popsicles even have different molds you can unlock! To unlock those you have to play the game! making the ice cream is so fun and satisfying too! You can even unlock different spatulas, hands and cups for the ice cream rolls! there isn't really anything I want to complain about, the ads are fine, they don’t pop up much, which is actually good. Oh! And I forgot, you can even decorate your store! You obviously need in-game money for that. The customers faces are actually good, besides all the other games I downloaded, these customer faces are decent. Also the graphics are amazing! Lastly, thank YOU for taking your time and reading this, I’m sorry this is very long but I recommend you read this for your own good. Goodbye, have a good one! PS. It would be amazing if you replied, developers!
mmc12345678 on 2022-07-02
Dessert DIY is an awesome game for the most part … but there are some things that need to be changed. The Ads, WAY TOO MUCH Ads! After you finish putting a topping on or serving it you get another Ad! Just to complete one ice cream you get about 3 Ads plus the Ad after you finish. Please try to work the Ads out and limit them! It’s really annoying. Last thing, I just downloaded this on my phone so i’m pretty new to this but, I have noticed the lack of quality. When I first signed in I barely had anything to start with. So, it was a little rocky at first trying to serve my ‘customers’. Please add more options into toppings and flavors when players first sign in. But besides that … I really enjoy this game! It’s very creative and makes you feel like a real Ice Cream worker! Please, creators, take my suggestions into consideration! Thank you so very much!🍦🤪
How this is a bad review in 1 million ways
avacodo panda GCM on 2022-07-02
This is a really bad app because first of all The ad is inappropriate it is a naked girl eating poop cockroach ice cream and there’s so many ads it took me a long time just to make one dessert there are plenty of other things I could be doing but I wasted all my time just to make one dessert there is a lot of other things that are really bad about this app but I think that I should say one more thing first this outfit is also a very bad influence because little kids that play games while they see the ads and that’s not good and if this company reads my review then they should know to change the ad please because I would not want littler kids to see this and this app is just wasting your time be honest it’s not even that fun I mean there is so many games just like this and I’d like to keep going but I don’t wanna be bad mouth
Addicted (way to play with no ads pls read)
KK hater of drawing pad game on 2022-07-02
Hiii. So I like to see what games there are and then get those games after reading reviews, so I figured this game would have a lot of ads because a lot of reviews said that so I got on and made about one ice cream and that was ALOT OF ADS! So I thought maybe if I turned the Wi-Fi off it would work and it did! So I have a way to play with absolutely no ads I don’t know about the VIP customers but this game is so addicting I’m obsessed just turn Wi-Fi off and no ads ever! Thanks for reading! AWSOME GAME!
Fun concept but TERRIBLE app
add0617 on 2022-07-02
I got this game a few days ago and can’t wait to delete it. It is a waste of data and time. I went to play the game and after you finish one step in the dessert, there is a add. I also had trouble x ing out of the the add. Also, it doesn’t save your progress so if you exit out of the tab you have to start all over. It also threw me out of the game every time I finished my dessert. If you are asking me, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!
yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrslay on 2022-07-02
I just downloaded the game and the second I joined there was an add I was not able to get rid of I reloaded it about 5 times and each time I joined there some kind of different add and on the third time of reloading it an “x” popped up so I clicked it and it took me to the adds website got out the website and went back to try again and it took my back to the website it was very annoying and I might be deleting the app
fun, but soooo many ads
beanbeabs on 2022-07-02
within a minute of opening the app for the first time i got two ads. i understand why there are ads, so the developers can make money but people aren’t going to want to play if there are more ads than gameplay. please maybe rethink the amount of ads. maybe add an option to unlock certain things with paying money or no ads for like a dollar or two. that way the developers can make money without all of these ads
Too much ads! :(
SAD PERSON 10 on 2022-07-02
First there is way to many ads you do one step and then there’s an ad! I can’t even finish the toppings before an ad comes on! The amount of ads is ridiculous how can I enjoy making ice cream when every step comes with a ad!? And you have to watch an ad to play VIP customers when I’m already watching 10 ads per customer! The game itself is fun but it could be way more fun without that much ads!
The reason why I’m giving this game four stars
Zuse Fay on 2022-07-02
The reason why I’m giving this game for stars is because after at least you do maybe one or two things in the game, there will be an ad every single time and it gets really annoying also, when celebrities go to Café ,the game will make you wait and watch another add even though you already watched five already it’s very frustrating I hope they can fix this issue.
To may adds
sjtfurdgsfnk on 2022-07-02
This app has add after add and it gets annoying you can even finish the first thing without get two adds like why put soo many adds if you want people to play it like at least put one add after customer and the fact the the developers don’t want to listen or look at the complaints people have that are trying to help them make it a better game is ridiculous!!

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