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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Interrogate suspects to find out if they are guilty! Can you punish all criminals? Too many criminals, too little time. You’re on the hunt to pull the bad guys off the streets. Who robbed the bank? Who broke out of prison? Who caused this death? Find the hidden object or the clue to get crime out of your city. Incoming! Evil characters from famous tv shows, and more are up to no good and it’s your job to get even those bad guys out of your city. You gotta hustle! There are daily crimes to solve and cases to crack on these streets! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

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Love the game but...
crabsrfish on 2021-03-08
Ok this game is AMAZING because of the graphics and the cases.I love how we can choose between choices and we can also date a girl which make that even more fun . But soon I realized I finished all the cases and it just didn’t become fun anymore. also could you dial down on the swearing that’s just a little to much in every sentence and conversation. So I hope you can just add more levels that can make this more fun and do you think you can add a guy and let us choose our gender, name, and who we wanna date too. Only because this can attract more people to the game and can make it seem like story mode to. But other than That this game seems fun and challenging for those who like challenges with a little bit of love and can you also add more dates that would be more fun just saying.
His number was in a call call if I can pick up my mom mom and mom mom pick me
khvkd on 2021-03-08
Hi call mom and mom pick ya mom mom pick up my phone password and I can call mom mom call me call call mom and call mom call her and tell mom I call mom and call her and mom pick her mom up at mom mom and pick ya mom up and pick her mom up at mom and pick ya up mom mom pick me up frum is mom and pick her up and mom mom and pick her mom mom and mom mom can come pick me up frum my love mom and I will call call her mom and pick ya up and pick ya poop up at the kids pick up and mom mom and pick her mom mom and pick up my kids at school I can call call here mom ya poop love you love ya poop ya ya mom ya poop poop I don’t have a phone number so call mom ya
Have Donald Trump die...
ducko :D on 2021-03-08
Yeah because having Donald Trump kill a prost*tute definitely looks classy and not at all political, The true icing on the cake is that he’s the first you get to kill. I don’t care if it’s Joe Biden or Trump your disgusting. Honestly the one with Donald Trump was so immature that you would think it was just an angry twelve year old who made a garbage game just to diss Trump, what’s next are you going to have him crucify Jesus? I don’t expect much from a mobile game but congrats you went below the bar of expectations even without the political non sense.
Inappropriate and weird
steffr1 on 2021-03-08
I don’t like to come to conclusions or be negative but I find it odd how the ad for this game is geared toward minors has you looking at women’s private parts. This game also mentions prostitution amongst other things. For a sensitive brain that minors or just anyone in general I also find it odd that they start off with an obvious Hispanic man beating wife and a black man making robberies. Lol yeah it’s a detective game and it’s good to have diversity but let’s not look over that. Other than that it’s an alright game to play when bored.
Too easy, too many repeats
Thefactonly on 2021-03-08
It’s an ok time killer. Way too easy. Biggest problem is everything keeps repeating. Stories exactly the same. Dating resets then repeats. Less than a day after download maybe 20 minutes of play time it’s just repeats with a different level number. Also constantly says no ads available for bonuses but then forces you to watch and ad to move on without the reward. Overall 1 star because of the glaring issues. Could be much better if effort is put into it.
[email protected] on 2021-03-08
I love this game. But, the game has a LOT of glitches. It freezes, glitches out, makes me redo passed levels, brought me back to level one when I was on level 157, and sometimes when I click play it doesn’t even do anything. Currently, the game brought me back to level one and when I click play it doesn’t even do anything so the game is useless. But, I still love this game and hope that the glitches are fixed soon.
This game is ok but...
plhdgcfhbf on 2021-03-08
This game is pretty fun it is definitely addicting.There are barely any ads and stuff asking you to pay.The problem with this game is its extremely racist and political. The one person is called Ronald Dump just because we all hate him dosnt give us the right to do that it is extremely disrespectful.The problem with the racism is they have you split up white and black people. This should get fixed ✋
Ok wow worst game ever it’s like just a copy off the next crappy mobile game
Carter, game reviewer on 2021-03-08
Just the average stupid mobile game that you get ads for every two seconds. Nothing fun about this game it’s to easy it’s not enjoyable, think of your favorite game, now imagine that but you tap a button and you win. No challenge even in higher levels. And I’m guessing the other good reviews are fake or under the age of 3. Get a different game this one isn’t worth your time
Keeps Exiting Out of App
Chloe on 2021-03-08
This is a really good game! I had a lot of fun playing it. But every time I’d finish a few levels, it would exit out of the app. I don’t know if it’s my phone or not. Others games don’t do it, but this game did. This may not even be a design flaw. But either way. I would recommend this app. It’s a fun way to pass time. I just have to keep going back in it to play it again.
LIKE....BRUHHHH on 2021-03-08
So yes, it’s a good game but they use real people with close names to them and use it as a murder. Like the 3rd one I did said “Ronald Gump(Donald Trump) and looked like trump and it said he killed a prostitute. This is not ok and I will be reporting this. I am full trump supporter and in my opinion this is unfair, disturbing, cheats. NOT OKAY!

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