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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Your ride is just a few tabs away in Australia, Japan and selected countries of Latin America through this DiDi Rider App offered by the world’s leading on-demand transportation network. To use our service in Brazil, please download the “99” App in the App stores. To use DiDi in China, please download the “DiDi-Greater China” App in the App stores in the Chinese mainland or Hong Kong SAR. Order a trip is simple: 1. Download the App and tap to open. Follow the instructions to create an account. 2. To book a ride, choose your pick-up and drop-off locations. 3. Once we find you a driver, you will be shown information of the driver and the vehicle. All our drivers are rigorously vetted and screened. You can also check the driver’s pick-up route and estimated time of arrival (ETA). 4. At the end of your trip, pay hassle-free by your preferred payment method directly in the App. 5. Safety First! Take a minute to learn how to set trusted contacts, use the emergency button, or share ride status from our in-App Safety Toolkit. Visit for more information.

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Unable to Add Card + Horrendous UX
23sam23 on 2020-02-20
I’m sure this app works great, however, when I tried to add several cards the amount I entered did not work. I used all of my attempts and contacted support. Two reps confirmed to me that my card was verified and both turned out to be lying or ignorant at their job as neither were able to work. Thank goodness Uber was able in the location or I would have been stranded. On top of that, the UI kept showing the same screen as I hit the back arrow on the help screen. An embarrassing problem on their product team to not be able to get that right. Hope you hire better front end devs. Also, you should allow people to be able to email customer support in Gmail or copy the email and not have the default as Apple Mail - unless you hate your users and don’t want them contacting you for help, but I could be wrong. Hope this feedback makes it past your customer service team and actually gets discussed on and maybe put into a sprint cycle.
Good Interface Poor Experience
Coralville Clark on 2020-02-20
Well designed app but I have issues with the business model. Each time I attempted to secure. ride in Melbourne I experienced obvious bait and switch pricing. Express price quotes were always significantly lower than Uber price quotes but no driver ever accepted the ride. If you want DiDi to pick you up you need to pay their max price which is comparable to Uber. No thanks, I’ll stick with upfront and accurate pricing with Uber.
No drivers
saltshul2000 on 2020-02-20
This app doesn’t work. I have on several different occasions tried to book a DiDi and it never shows up. Waiting for 10-20 minutes, I end up calling an Uber instead because it is more reliable. Don’t waste your time with DiDi if you’re in Perth. I would love if DiDi could prove me wrong and finally work for once.
Cancelar viaje
pammong on 2020-02-20
Me parece que deberían dar la opción de cancelar el viaje sin realizar ningún cobro por este si la cancelación es inmediata al pedido del servicio. Si la cancelación se realiza minutos después, lo siento válido, pero antes no. Gracias
Buggiest cab app ever!
avid bystander on 2020-02-20
My driver cancelled the ride; wasn’t notified. Instead a new ride was started without notification or prompt to do so. Have had trouble entering my email, using promo codes, just about anything that could be buggy pretty much is.
Bye bye
Mariiegb on 2020-02-20
La aplicación se Glitchea y está una porquería realmente. Servicio al cliente un poco lento y no resuelven los inconvenientes con los pagos en tarjeta. Que lástima que se fue Uber de Colombia.
Very hard to register
Asierra01 on 2020-02-20
I live in Atlanta, trying to install DiDi in Columbia, is a nightmare to register using this app, I am a software developer too.
Latin-Aua on 2020-02-20
Buenisima aplicación, muy bien que motivan con los descuentos, muy recomendado, ojala sigan asi. Muy bien.
Me encanta
Josue0412Arg on 2020-02-20
Las verdd que tiene excelente servicios los conductores llegan rapidos y el precio es super economico
john in tour on 2020-02-20
App charged credit card and driver insisted on cash...paid twice for ride

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