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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



"It is going to be hard for anything on mobile to top this for me" - TouchArcade Game of the Week Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of Lady Luck? In this new fast-paced deckbuilding roguelike from Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV), Chipzel, and Marlowe Dobbe, you'll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as you work together to take down the Goddess of Fortune, Lady Luck herself. Balance your carefully planned strategies against the unknown of a dice roll.

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Fake RNG
TonyN1234 on 2022-08-09
Once you beat the first level everything is controlled. The game changes the odds on dice to give you more odds if you need evens, or more 4-6 when you have moves that have 3 max. This is a consistent thing that happens so you’re just fighting an uphill battle. Just seems weird to have a game about luck and then completely manipulate it to not actually be luck. Wish I could get my wasted money back
One Small Bug, But Perfect Otherwise.
XxN00BS1AY3RxX on 2022-08-09
This game is incredibly addicting and replayable. Well worth the $5. There is one bug I noticed while playing where the screen completely whiffed on where I had tapped and sent the input to the opposite side of the screen multiple times until I closed the app. This will hopefully be patched out and once it does this game will be elite as it has no other glaring issues. It’s simply fun.
This game would be perfect if it was in portrait
Modug on 2022-08-09
I’m grateful this game came to iOS. It’s really amazing as a mobile game. However, what a missed opportunity to make it perfect by reorienting the gameplay to be in portrait. So much more work for sure, but it’d been such a great experience to play one handed.
One of the best rogue likes!
Secret Gaygent 69 on 2022-08-09
Dicey dungeons is an excellent rogue like with a lot of replay ability due to the amount of content in it. Each character plays radically different from each other as well giving good variety. The sound track is also top tier! All around an amazing game!
PLEASE include cloud save & stats!
Hwj1Chim on 2022-08-09
I LOVE this game so far! The art is awesome and the game play is super fun. My only complaint is there is no option for cloud saves or any form of statistic keeping. I think adding those to the game would be awesome.
Terrific Turn Based
Firecrackhead on 2022-08-09
I usually don’t play turn based games but I saw the reviews for dicey dungeon and I had to try it out. It turns out I love this game and it’s so great for mobile. Definitely within my top 10 games for mobile
Worth the Wait
Hex Arcanist on 2022-08-09
My best friend had this on PC and said “Oh, it’s coming to iOS.” That feels like years ago, but I would still search for it every couple of months or so. SHUT UP AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. Brilliant.
So much wonderful replay value!
Hijinx04713 on 2022-08-09
Bought this game years ago on Steam and still play it. All the updated episodes are on here as well. A PERFECT game for iPad. Stoked to beat it all over again!
kateolenya on 2022-08-09
So carefully crafted, this game is a delight. Perfect for iPad. The art is amazing! Many thanks for baby squid <3
Best Rouge like on the phone
Heifnehsbdj on 2022-08-09
Looked for a good rouge like for a while and this is exactly what i’ve been looking for.

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