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Download the essential and most comprehensive dictionary app for dependable definitions at your fingertips. is the leading free English dictionary app for iPhone – with over 2,000,000 trusted definitions and synonyms, the app is designed and optimized for your mobile device. Works offline! Install the offline dictionary for access to definitions whenever you need them. In addition to the trusted reference content from and, this app includes: - Word of the Day – learn a new word each day and expand your vocabulary - Audio pronunciations – never mispronounce another word - Voice search – find the definitions you’re looking for anywhere, anytime - Content Collections Carousel includes Word Trends, Grammar Tips, , Slideshows, and Word of the Day - Quiz widget - test your vocabulary skills (are you prepping for the SAT?) with our Word of the Day quizzes - Favorite words and search history - customize your recently searched word list and never forget the newest words you’ve learned - English Spelling help - not sure how a word is spelled? This app will find it for you - Local look-ups - take a look at the words searched by location - Learner’s Dictionary - includes extra information about word usage for English learners - Optimized for Apple Watch! Get even more from your app with our Upgrades: - Example Sentences - Encyclopedia - Idioms and Phrases - Medical, Science, Rhyming Dictionaries - Offline Dictionary + Remove ads Or you can get all of this additional content and remove ads for one low price with our Pro App.

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Free Knowledge > Capitalism
Flipperella on 2020-04-01
–“A tasteless tactic I would not have expected from” It is worth mentioning that I have PAID for a few extensions offered by Shouldn’t that be enough to quell the bombardment of full-screen ads? I loved It was my favorite referencing tool as it operated quickly and was easily navigable. Now, I have to completely close the app and restart a new search altogether due to the FACT the ads are PURPOSELY designed with the “close” button off-screen. I regret spending money on the extensions and my finger is hovering over the “Delete App?” button.
No Dark Mode
Prof. Willett on 2020-04-01
I use to use this app all of the time. I even considered buying it because of it’s usefulness. However, my eyes are not what they used to be so I cannot use this app anymore. Other apps have implemented a Dark Mode theme which solves my problem. Dictionary does not have a Dark Mode so I cannot read the screen. I keep it on my phone in the hope the developers include a Dark Mode in a future version.
Too slow
karen889 on 2020-04-01
It takes approximately 10-15 second for it to search a word. Sorry it’s too slow and deleted the app ! Edit: in response to the developer- I travel for work and I travel for leisure. So my view is not just based off one location thus your “connectivity” excuse. Your app is extremely slow and now I just use plain google which takes about 1-3 seconds( yes I actually time myself)!! Do better !!!
Lack of customer support
Blueberrykim on 2020-04-01
I paid for the premium “power pack” version. The app kept crashing one day so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Well, I no longer have the premium version since it reverted back to the free version with ads. I contacted but no response. Basically took my money with no customer support or solution provided. Very disappointing. Makes me quite angry to be honest.
Format of articles
batafreshi on 2020-04-01
Hi Your content is excellent and interesting. Please consider reformatting your articles so that they do not appear like one huge block of text. This is very difficult to read on a mobile divide. Please include paragraph separation and meaningful white space to make the articles flow as they were written. Thank you
Bought Power Pack. Rec’ Nothing.
Disable Cable on 2020-04-01
I liked Dictionary & Thesaurus very much. Purchased Power Pack but received none of the components. Tried many times to download them but never got them. Wrote to a week ago. Never got a reply. Make the Power Pack available or credit my iTunes account!!!!!
Used to be Great
Asfgfdrhcvjiydch on 2020-04-01
The app used to be awesome, but then I used it once when I was playing Scrabble, and the app kept shutting down. I don’t know if it’s my now phone, but it was very annoying. Besides that, it’s amazing. The definitions are clear and easy to understand. (Almost) All good here.
Crashes every time I search!
HAN12: on 2020-04-01
I wanted to download this app because it is my go to website, but it barely even works. Every time you search a word the app completely crashes. Also there is no need for so many adds, it is a dictionary. I will definitely delete this app and download a better one.
Used Daily
Brosieone on 2020-04-01
Words have power; especially in this techno age; where the written cannot be amended as easily as a spoken one The Dictionary is my “go to” instruction for correct spelling and appropriate usage of a word
Too many Advertisements
Annoying2.0 on 2020-04-01
Advertisements show up too frequently. Even when looking up a word or two, a video starts to play. Sometimes it interrupts what I’m listening too. Disruptive when trying to just get a quick definition.

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