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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Just dig with your fingers — and guide the ball to the cup. It's easy, yet challenging. There is often a trick to solve the levels, sometimes you need take advantage of the objects' speed, sometimes you need to make objects collide, but often it is enough to use your intuitive thinking. Features: • Inventive and unique gameplay. • Easy to understand. • Realistic Physics. • 1000 levels, designed with love. • Encourages logical thinking and creativity. • Discover new features like bombs and multi-colored balls. • 3D-graphics. • Solutions are available, if you get stuck.

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Choke a designer...
RCronium on 2020-05-31
Dig This is controlled by a finger touch you can’t see until you lift your finger. A stylist will not work! Some levels of ‘HARD’ are next to impossible to do as you have to be within 1/32” of perfect time keep the ball rolling and your loops MUST be almost perfect in shape or the ball will vibrate and slow down loosing required momentum. If I had a stylist or a microscope it would then possibly be more of a fair challenge. WAKE UP DESIGNERS, we only have a finger tip, not a precision stylist to use! 23-20 designer deserves a PUNCH, maybe even 2!!
The app developers are greedy
GeeCan on 2020-05-31
Bottom line: they want you to buy solutions. I got to level 18-8 and even though I’m playing it EXACTLY how I should, I cannot get the angle of one tunnel to make the ball roll right. I understand if it would take quite a few attempts but when I get over 100 then something tells me all they want is for me to pay. I give three stars because it’s well designed and I’ve had many great levels. Maybe I’m a sore loser, but something tells me it’s not that simple. I’d rather pay for additional levels than pay for solutions I don’t really need.
Super Star App on 2020-05-31
So much fun to play. Digging in sand AND solving problems! Haven’t stopped playing since I stumbled upon this game. Gonna need more levels soon!! ONE SUGGESTION: I’d love to be able to take away as much or as little sand as I like on the first go. UPDATE: This is still my favorite game. One level nearly killed me, but I pursued and conquered and felt amazed when I beat it. Best game! If I was still teaching, I would have my Gifted & Talented students play this game before constructing their “contraptions”.
Wonderful game!
cbtoon on 2020-05-31
I love this game. I’ve deleted all others in place of this one. It keeps the mind sharp and very entertaining. I don’t understand others worries about the ads, just turn off WiFi and you don’t get any. I’ve played this for hours with no ads. It’s a great game. I don’t like to use hints but found that the hint button is too close to the refresh button. Maybe if it was moved to the left I would have hints left. I ran out by accidentally hitting that button. Other than that.,, thanks for a great game.
Most addictive game ever!
Only nickname that's not taken on 2020-05-31
This game was so good, I bought it within the first hour of play. A relaxing game that sometimes takes problem solving, a little bit of skill, sometimes a little trial and error. You get better and better fast. There's no shortage of new, imaginative levels! New puzzles at least weekly. Some levels are diabolical! And yeah a couple have been very finicky and frustrating. But get over it... you can watch a short video to skip it and come back later. The only downside... hard to stop :)
Very relaxing for a mind that is always going
roseguzman on 2020-05-31
I am always looking for a good way to “slow my mind down” in a fun and engaging way. This game does an amazing job of engaging my always on the go mind and helps me slow down and just think about the next move. Before I know it my mind is relaxed and not running in a million directions. If you get easily frustrated, this game might not be for you but if you are looking to slow down your brain that is always wanting to solve problems this will do it for you.
Great Brain exercise
wIckEd909ScruB on 2020-05-31
It gets challenging. And the ads are annoying. So once you pay to get rid of them, it gets better. But then if you get stumped, you have to pay more to get the solution. It would be great if you could sit thru an ad to earn a solution if you needed to. Maybe eith a limit of one or two a day.. then you have to pay or wait until tomorrow, or keep trying... i would give 5 stars if you added that option. Otherwise i think its a great app. Neat idea, and fun.
Super Star App on 2020-05-31
So much fun to play. Digging in sand AND solving problems! Haven’t stopped playing since I stumbled upon this game. Gonna need more levels soon!! ONE SUGGESTION: I’d love to be able to take away as much or as little sand as I like. As it is now, as soon as you touch the screen, the amount of sand removed is the width of your finger. Sometimes that’s too much sand...would like to be able to shave away a little at a time.
Alright already
ad blurry eyes on 2020-05-31
Having ads in a free game is understandable - but it’s got to the point where I watch ads more then I get to play the game - and it’s getting worse. It is to the point where I might as well delete the game. Most ads are 30 seconds - but when you have to watch an ad after each fail in a level - it’s ridiculous. Come on already...!!! The game should be named “Game of Ads” with the chance to play the puzzles occasionally.
Amazing game but needs a tweak
Grm1315 on 2020-05-31
This game is really good but the reason I didn’t give it a five star rating is because the hint and the redo button is too close to each other like some times when I mean to hit the redo button I accidentally press the hint button when I know how to beat it. Also, there needs to be a free way to get hints like maybe making a daily reward or something.

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