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Managing your money can be hard. Saving money for the future is even tougher. But what if you could easily save a little bit, only what you can afford, every single day? Digit is your smart financial assistant, helping you to achieve your goals. Without even thinking about it. Pay off debt, plan a vacation, save for a house, or, put a little aside in a rainy day fund. Save your money, easily and securely, with Digit. 3 STEPS TO BETTER FINANCIAL HEALTH 1. Digit analyzes your spending habits. 2. And automatically moves the perfect amount to a secure Digit account. 3. So that you can manage your savings and achieve your financial goals. Join the finance revolution that's saved users over a 2.5 billion dollars. Featured in Business Insider, Elle, Bustle, Money Peach and US News, Digit helps you to manage your money and improve your financial health. MONEY SAVING FEATURES - Save the perfect amount of money every day based on your income and spending. - Save for an unlimited number of goals, with recommended timelines for achieving them. - Pay off more of your debt, with precise amounts determined by your income and spending habits. - Get overdraft protection with notifications for when your account balance is low. - Withdraw your money as often as you like. No fees, no minimums. - Earn 1% annually on your Digit savings. That's 11X more than most savings accounts! - Bank-level encryption software keeps your funds and personal information secure. - FDIC-insured banks maintain your Digit savings, insured up to a balance of $250,000. Digit is completely free to try for 30 days. After your trial period, a monthly subscription costs $5 and can be canceled anytime. Let Digit help you to pay off debt and manage your savings, so you can sit back and enjoy your life.

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Unexpected save!
Asvjsbdkbsjdjdbjsheic on 2020-02-24
So I wanted to try out digit sometime last September but noticed that it was taking too much out of my account (which really made me worried) so I decided to drop it. I went and “disabled” my account not knowing that I didn’t completely remove it and stop it from taking a little bit of money from my checking account. Well, 4 months later I got a new job and was making a bit more to be comfortable with my income. So I was like, “eh, what the heck, let’s see if Digit won’t run my budget dry this time.” So went back, logged in, and found a cool $400 saved up from when I thought I was totally over Digit. But I gotta say, I didn’t do any sudden splurge when I found out I had that saved! Digit is really helping me now in setting my goals for what I really need to save up for. Me and my girl are looking to get serious and so I set a goal for a promise ring and it’s really been helping me towards that. I didn’t know before that you could set a limit to how much Digit can take and I’m glad I know it now. Thanks a whole lot Digit!
Overdrafts my account that was already overdrawn
Cjsupafly on 2020-02-24
At first I really liked this app and what it was doing. Then I ran into an overdraft. Somewhere that was supposed to cancel a transaction, at first the transaction disappeared from my account for 3-4 days, then reappeared and over drafter my account $50. To make matters worse, digit reported to me for two days that my account was overdrawn, and then Digit WITHDREW MONEY FROM MY ALREADY OVERDRAFTED ACCOUNT!!! causing me a $25 NSF fee!!! I removed my account from Digit and will NOT be using the services anymore. If this program can see that I’m in the negative and continue to withdraw money I do not have, it’s not a service I want to continue using. If I hadn’t removed my bank account, digit may have continued to withdraw money every day until I received my next paycheck. Causing more fees every time. This is not a ‘service’ I want to use. Digit made a bad situation even worse. And before you ask, I had ‘overdraft’ protection turned ON, and digit is supposed to be withdrawing money from my already NEGATIVE account.
Left screwed
mada$$ mofoineedmymoney on 2020-02-24
I thought this would be a great app. Boy was I wrong! I had some extra cash so I thought I would do a Manuel withdraw to save some, three days later they still never took it out of my account. I had an auto payment I forgot about come out (my fault) but the day after the app took the money I wanted to save 4 days prior! ( they are supposed to have over draft protection) So my bank account ended up being over $350 negative. When I went to withdraw the money to put back in to my account it said it was pending and it would take 3 days that was 8 days ago!!! It says it was available today on the app that was 4 days ago? It still said available today but it won’t let me withdraw!?!! They have no phone numbers to contact them just an email that takes days. I did receive an email saying they would reimburse me for the 3 nsf I got. Thank you But after 8 days after the 3 day posting period and I still can’t touch over $350 of my own money!! Lame!
Lock GOAL for Days
isbackjames on 2020-02-24
Digit is a great app I pay the $2.99 subscription because I consider it as having a personal assistant a month (Who gets a assistant for $2.99 a month) they automatically take money out of my account and send it to my credit card and phone bill I would love to set a goal and put a lock on it where I can’t touch the money for a certain amount of days up to a year. Example: Goal: Christmas Amount: $1,000 Date: 12/25/2020 Days for account to be Locked: 50 Days or a option to Lock account till date:Yes or No Once the client chooses to lock the account for the certain amount of days or till the date set, give a warning letting them know they will not have access to the money until the date is up And also for a bonus it would be great if those locked accounts gain some interest maybe for 60 days or more accounts that are locked Thanks So Much for being my assistance and at my assistant
Such a great app, I never do reviews but I felt compelled to
Mimi Bri on 2020-02-24
I honestly never write reviews on apps simply because I just don’t want to nor feel compelled to. But this app by far is one of my FAVORITE on my phone right now. I’ve always struggled with saving money and this app helps me put money aside. First off, I love the everyday text of my bank balance. It keeps me informed and conscious of my spending without me checking my bank app all the time. The app is also aware of upcoming bills and expenses, so it knows when to NOT take my money...unlike apps I used in the past *cough cough* Qapital..Secondly, I was able to set a cap amount to take out of my account to save per day so it doesn’t take my money in bulk. Even with the cap, it takes out the money in small increments to where I don’t even notice myself Saving money. It’s been a month or so using this app and I’ve save over $100+ dollar towards travel and my rainy day fund. Best app by far for beginner savers like myself
Makes saving easy!
Meyers_kyle0 on 2020-02-24
Man I love this app! At first I was pretty skeptical, and not too crazy about the $5 monthly fee. But the way I looked at it was “hey that’s the price of a coffee somewhere, I’ll try it for a bit and if I don’t like it I’ll cancel. No harm no foul.” I’m about 3 months in now and it’s incredible, I barely notice the money it’s pulling to put into my savings goals. And when I need access to some of it, there’s instant transfers which is an awesome feature. I also have a traditional savings account with my bank, but I don’t like to touch that. Habit digit allows me to have another account that I kind of “forget” about unless I need it. I check it every once in awhile to see how it’s doing but so far so good! Couldn’t be happier!
Tima5627 on 2020-02-24
I completely agree with the other reviews on this app, unless you have a minimum of 500$ in your checking and not are between jobs, Digit will take money without even considering if you’re going to be overdrafted. It’s happened before to me and recently happened again. Digit took my money out WHILE MY account was already overdrafted. My bank has a 24 hour time leniency so I had put money in my account of what I spent. Not knowing digit also took out money causing a 75$ overdraft!!! And then on top of that after reaching out to support my savings from digit we’re completely emptied out instead of being reimbursed /: that’s money well wasted. And I have yet to even get an email response back.
Good but could be better
EthioKitty on 2020-02-24
The only reason I gave 3 stars is because of the fact that it takes money out DAILY! Ideally that is not how to manage your savings by just taking my money out every other day. I get paid Bi-weekly so it should give us a option to set up when exactly we want you to take the money out of our accounts. I meant eventually I’ll have no more money to take out if you keep taking it out EVERY DAY! Also there needs to be an instant transfer. Especially if I NEED the money fast. I literally went 3 whole days without going to work because I’m waiting on you all to return the money you’ve taken out! I withdrew on Feb 6. It is now Feb 18th and STILL NO MONEY. Where tf is my money?
Be careful ... be VERY careful!!!
drpd1gd0g on 2020-02-24
These types of “saving-apps” may request confidential, critical, and personal information (i.e. account numbers, aba (bank) routing-transit no., etc.), and if you should request stopping this “convenience” (as I did), you will have to change/terminate your bank account with your saving institution to STOP all withdrawals, and YOU WILL NEVER, EVER see those “” funds again! They were NEVER RETURNED TO ME!!! Why isn’t there a customer service number or address to locate them! I consider this THEFT and false advertising!!! I am very surprised this program has not been investigated by the “BBB.” I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!
Digit scam
Larson adomdky on 2020-02-24
I was not aware that Digit was going to charge $5 a month but when I discovered this, I wanted to close the account. When I tried to close it they said to try it for 1 more month for free. But they charged me $5 anyway.. at this point, I’m still trying to close the account but I forgot the password. That’s my mistake .. So I wanted to call them to resolve this but they do not have a phone number to call .. I’m still trying to close the account as of this writing.. DIGIT!! YOU NEED TO TELL THE PUBLIC ( in the beginning )THAT THERE IS A FEE INSTEAD OF LURING PEOPLE IN AND THEN MAKING IT DIFFICULT TO GET OUT!!!

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