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Discord is your place to talk. Create a home for your communities and friends, where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether you’re part of a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. CREATE AN INVITE-ONLY PLACE TO TALK • Organized text channels give you plenty of room to talk. Share your latest cooking mishaps while coordinating next week’s game night, or just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. • Voice channels make hanging out easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. Friends can see you’re around and pop in to talk, without having to call. • Reliable tech for staying close. Low latency voice and video feels like you’re in the same room. STAY CLOSE WITH TEXT, VOICE, AND VIDEO • Wave hello over video, watch friends stream their games, or gather up and have a drawing session with screen share. • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends. • Share anything from a funny video to your latest group photos, and pin your favorites to remember later. FOR A FEW OR A FANDOM • Custom moderation tools and permission levels can group up your friends, organize your local book club, or bring together music fans from around the world. • Create moderators, give special members access to private channels, and much more.

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Notification implementation is terrible
enterAnAlias on 2021-05-13
Notifications from a server channel that accumulate in the Notification Center do not disappear when you read them in the app. Instead, you have to manually dismiss every notification. This makes persistent notifications significantly less useful. What’s worse, notifications you’ve already read and dismissed will re-appear hours later. These problems are also inconvenient because Discord intentionally doesn’t count notifications in the notification badge unless they are direct messages or mentions. This pretty much exists within the app since they have the white dot next to servers with things you haven't seen and haven’t been mentioned in. In addition, the Windows desktop app has a red badge on the tray icon if you have unread posts in any unmuted server. Yet this functionality for whatever reason is intentionally not available with the iOS app notification badge. Notifications should inform you of what you have missed and how many things you have missed. This app fails to do either properly. If the user wants server notifications but doesn’t manually clear discord notifications every time they open the app, then they will have a constant clutter of notifications that never expire even if they’ve read the posts in the app. With the problem with the notification badge, there is no good way to know how many posts you’ve missed without constant opening the app and waiting for it to refresh. The devs could give the excuse they don’t want you to have a high number on the badge all the time if you’re in a large server, yet they already have server and channel custom notification settings within the app to prevent that from being an issue. I don’t see any good reason why the Windows tray app should have a functioning red dot to tell you of posts in any unmuted server while not having that functionality on iOS. A partial workaround to these issues I’ve found is to disable Notification Center notifications, but leave Lock Screen notifications enabled. With this, notifications still appear in the Notification Center, but they are cleared every time the phone is locked. This gets rid of the need to manually clear notifications, but the buggy behavior of re-notifying you of old messages again is still there.
I love discord!
HîtÔrMîss on 2021-05-13
I love Discord! It’s a great app and I spend hours on it everyday. I’ve met wonderful people through Disc. who I am so grateful for and who have changed my life in the best ways possible. I am thankful for this app and the opportunities for building relationships that it has presented. However, I do have a request. Differing from the mutual friend option when you click a users profile, I feel like there should be an option on servers to see if you have any friends in that server. It can be a drag to scroll through all of the members trying to see if anyone you have friended is there, especially with servers with a large member count. An easy, accessible, option to see if theres any friended users in a server would be much more accommodating and time-saving!
Discord Rebrand Ruins the App
TwinVoiceMD on 2021-05-13
Hello Discord, You are trying a product rebrand but I must tell you No. This is ruining the app through over simplification of the logo, removing blurple and replacing it with Purplewwww! Second, The over saturation of colors is damaging for the eyes over dark mode. A majority of your users utilize dark mode. Third, You are totally changing the color of the ping which is ugly, it should be blue and not this ugly bright white. Finally, All of these purely cosmetic changes could be made option with a legacy style theme that changes the logo and color scheme of the app. Discord, do not make this mistake… #SaveDiscordFromDiscord
Pretty effortless
dnrncnndnxvndnx on 2021-05-13
I can’t in good faith give this app a five star review when it has been out for six years, constantly disregards Apple’s rule about how they report updates, won’t add simple features like WORKING do not disturb mode either forcing you to manually set Discord permissions on your phone via settings or just delete the app like I did. I do not understand how a core feature is there for more than half a decade, and simply doesn’t work because nobody bothers to fix it despite constant reports. Telegram did all of this stuff at launch. And that app came out two years before Discord did. Think on that.
I can’t do anything.
grl_pwr_forever on 2021-05-13
I created an account and now it won’t let me do anything. It says “There’s something going on here” and I can’t seem to verify my account! I made accounts with my phone number and both emails and none of them are working!!! {Edit} Finally got it to work. I had to go to app and delete tab many times but it was worth it. Other then that bug I experienced, it’s a pretty good app! {edit 2} Nvm it won’t work anymore. Had it for less then 15 minutes. {edit 3} ok I actually fixed it this time. I got an account with a fake email. Was it worth it? Yes.
Me rating discord and talking about it
Kevin_iscool1223 on 2021-05-13
So i was bored and i wanted to make discord and when i made one now i talk with my sister on it it's super fun chating app and on my iphone i used imessage before but i have a android too so on android i cant put my iphones texts app on my android Since discord is on pc,laptop,Android phone and, apple iphone since it was on Those devices i got discord and i rate it 5/ out of 5 i really recommend this apps and i maybe think i got this apps a year a go or a month a go. -write a review note made from Kevin.
Great app
Zaid2327 on 2021-05-13
I’ve been using discord since October 2016. It’s a great app and over quarantine has been my most used app on both pc and mobile. I’ve met a great group of friends there and have had many good experiences on the app. My friends and I also use discord for school and meet-ups and just generally chatting and can safely say it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever used. My only issue would be the 8 mb file limit but you can always just find a free compressor online or purchase nitro so it’s an easy fix
Please STOP!
TRL_PrAnKsTeR on 2021-05-13
Stop trying to make Discord a “better” application it was already no IOS user can use the NSFW feature that is just a poor decision made by the developer. I wouldn’t be surprised if you all lost your users to another app, instead of adding a parental control or making minors have to use their parents permission for certain servers you just got rid of the content for everyone that’s idiotic.
CuteKrystal12345 on 2021-05-13
there are a couple of things i dislike though. 1. no spoiler photo feature on mobile devices 2. if someone has nitro, their photos should be sent in high quality. discord compresses images to conserve storage, but some want to send high quality pictures 3. i'd like a mode where you can reduce data and battery usage aaand that's it. love this app, though here are my suggestions :D
PFP Confirmation
DailyPineaple on 2021-05-13
I’ve already written a nice review, but this is something I must ask. Please add a confirmation screen when you’re about to change your account profile picture. It’s inconvenient to have it instantly changed because you have to wait until you can change it a 3rd time. What if you’re just testing how some profile pictures look? Can’t do it without changing it. Can’t simply view how it looks.

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