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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Discord is an all-in-one communication app for your communities, gaming, and friends. Chat and have fun in a custom server, where organized text channels and open voice channels make it easy to hop into a game together, plan your next meetup, or just keep in touch throughout the day. A NEW WAY TO CHAT - Organized channels give you plenty of room to share videos, coordinate meetups, or just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. - Open voice channels make hanging out easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free, and friends can instantly jump in without having to call. - Reliable, high quality communication wherever you go - seamlessly switch between Discord on mobile and desktop. HAVE FUN WITH TEXT, VOICE, AND VIDEO - Wave hello over video, easily watch friends stream their games, or gather up for a screen-sharing session any time. - Turn any image into your own custom emojis, or express yourself with all the GIFs and reactions you need. - Share anything from a funny video to your latest group photos, and pin your favorites to remember later. FOR COMMUNITIES OF 5 OR 500,000 - Custom permissions can group up your friends, organize your guild, or bring together community fans around the world. - Assign roles to members to give them moderation powers, or sort members into groups that you can message all at once with a single tag. - Create VIP channels where admins, superfans, or any other special community members can chat in a place just for them.

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two things (and neither are phone call privacy)
AceTheFurry on 2020-04-07
first off i wanna say i love this app so much, not sure where would my life be if i was without it for these past years. thank you so much for making something so wonderful and working so hard on it consistently, my friends and myself really do appreciate everything you guys do! the only thing that bothers me is that on iOS, the “jump to chat” function when looking at older messages through searching doesn’t work. i can tap into the message and see the few messages before and after it, but unless i wanna scroll all the way up to when i sent the message, i have to search for something said before/after the message i initially found to see more nearby messages, and it gets annoying if i’m trying to read through a long conversation; whenever i tap jump to chat, it just puts me at the most recent messages and doesn’t actually go up to the message for you the same way it does on android and PC. this is really annoying, but thankfully one of the only two problems i find with the app. i beg of y’all, PLEASE go back to the way the old friends tab was, the new one makes for extra scrolling and is sometimes confusing and it was just so much nicer and easier before. i don’t mind anything else, and again thank you for making something revolutionary to online communication!!
Working hard, just to perish.
Rayhero_Gaming on 2020-04-07
I had just finished working on my Pokegames server, which had taken a long 2 hours to set up. I went to another server just to check out what was going on. Then a popup appeared asking me for my birthday. Me being honest, entered my birthday. It then told me I was too young to use discord, and logged me out of my account. I was shocked. I never knew that I had to be 13 or older to use discord. The sadder thing was that next year I would be 13. I was only a year away. I had found out about discord from a friend. He had never told me that I had to be 13 or older. Neither did I see it anywhere. I started to cry a little bit, I had made so many friends, servers, and just finished working hard on my Pokegames server. It told me I had an email, so I checked. It said I had to send a selfie, with my birthday, and my discord username. No way! I had just told you my birthday to only be kicked after 2 hours of hard work! My friends are counting on me tomorrow for the pokegames choosing, and I have so many things to edit. You don’t know how angry I am right now. I’ve been working so hard this past month for everything to be torn to shreds. Sincerely, -Unsatisfied User.
Verification did not work: useless
Grameðla on 2020-04-07
I tried to set up Discord. After getting the app and installing I tried to use it. Two things failed; 1) I got an e-mail for verification. When I verified it I was presented with a button to click marked “Continue to Discord.” When I check on it the button responded visually but nothing else happened. 2) When I tried to launch the app on my phone I was greeted by a screen claiming “Something going on here,” and asked me to verify by phone. I selected the country and entered my phone number and then received an “invalid number” response. I then went to the support section and filled out a report about this after reading the requirements; no “burner” number, no landline, no prepaid numbers. My number is a regular subscriber cell number. After sending that in I got an automated response telling me the same info I had already read and responded to in my initial support request. I was required to now respond to this bot response to get actual support. I did so. It has now been more than 48 hours since I sent that request and I have heard not a peep. I have deleted the app from my phone and will never download it again.
Take note for future update
mattheinfidel on 2020-04-07
Discord is honestly the best third-party chat app I have ever used. But sometimes settings to keep bandwidth saved is pretty annoying. I have been trying to upload short clips of videos to make my friends laugh. One that I tried to send today was four seconds long, yet I got the ANNOYING message that me and my friends all hate; “Your files are too powerful” “upgrade to discord nitro” like you can’t upload anything until you buy our subscription! Maybe put it so the cap isn’t 8 MB and then when you upgrade it’s not like your a god on uploading videos. It literally lets you upload 100 MB compared to 8 MB.. what a way to get money though lol
No badge notifications
rehack on 2020-04-07
It would be nice to have this be more useful as a social app but there’s apparently not a working option for badge notifications, so no way at a glance to tell if there is activity. There is an option to enable this, but it is non functioning. A comment by the developers posted a few years ago speaks to their opinion that it would put up too many badges. Huh? Allow your users to access this feature and turn it off if they so choose; don’t remove features because of your own personal preferences. My group would like this to be our personal option to Facebook as most of us aren’t using that platform. Please give us badges!
Meaty Reviews on 2020-04-07
Discord is my most used social media application, I honestly love it. I do think the mobile integration could use some modifications. The mobile rendition in creating and modifying servers can be difficult at times and it’s bothersome. I also have a problem with emojis, I want to create a custom emoji with no background, I got to photoshop and remove the background and make everything transparent except what I want to be shown, but when I upload it; it automatically creates a background for the emoji, which is annoying. It’s a great app, but I think you guys need to focus more on the mobile version instead of pc.
Trash the app and start over!
Zero4291 on 2020-04-07
I feel bad for anyone who has to use this sorry excuse for a communication platform. A newly updated mobile phone can’t stay connected to a voice chat for more than 2 minutes without being forcefully disconnected from discord chat only for you to have to re-open the call, manually leave yourself, and then re-enter the chat. For anyone who plays games this is the “EA Battlefield Rubber-banding” of all chat applications. This issue has also been around for far too long without a single relevant patch. You’d have better functionality running AOL instant messenger to talk to people than using this garbage.
Y’all got to fix this
gjejwubchd on 2020-04-07
So I’ve been using discord for as long as I can remember and something wired has been happening lately, when I’m in a call with one of my friends sometimes my phone will turn of to save power and the call should keep running but lately as soon as my phone goes dark, I get pushed out of the call and can’t here anything or say anything back. I have to open my phone mid game and open the app again to then find the chat, to then get back into the call. It wastes me, my friend and our time in game and I have no idea how to fix it. You need to fix this soon or me and my friend group will go to another chat.
Big Mike OffShore OilField on 2020-04-07
As 5 Stars go to (LadyCaithnes S7) she is the back bone of this extravaganza of information & everything coming into the system, took me a few days to break through her generosity but she’s got da” spirit to successfully gett’r done !!! As for gett’n your self recognition, the system practically asks you to be recognized. I myself provoked a sincere response to the pandemic that in flicks everyone on the globe, I had no agenda to be recognized nor do I expect the game system to react to the crisis the world is surviving. I think they got my message” Sincerely Ringo
Kicked me out?
T s u k i i on 2020-04-07
Okay, so... it said I have to put in my phone number and I don’t have one. It kicked me out and I can’t go back on and there is important stuff on my account. I don’t have any friends and online friends help me communicate more. And when I verify my email, it never works. Can I please go back on? I’m really sad because I only use my phone for downloading apps, watching YouTube, and chatting wi h friends on discord, I would give it a five, but until you fix this, it will stay as a 4. Also, my discord name is T s u k i i I forgot my numbers though

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