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- DISNEY JUNIOR MODE: Parents – Keep your preschooler entertained with Disney Junior shows, games & more by setting your profile to Disney Junior mode for a child-safe viewing experience. - CURRENT SEASONS: Catch-up on the latest episodes of Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD shows including Big City Greens, Puppy Dog Pals and Raven’s Home. Episodes without a key are available to start watching – no login required! - ORIGINAL VIDEOS: Watch shorts, music videos and more from your favorite Disney shows. Check the app regularly to discover new videos – no login required! - GAMES & ACTIVITIES: Choose from a collection of games from puzzles to racing including “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway: Adventure Kit” where you can race with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, coming May 12. - UNLOCK MORE: See keys throughout the app? Sign in with your TV provider** to unlock episodes, Disney Channel Original Movies and watch live tv. - DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIES: Watch Disney Channel Original Movies including ZOMBIES 2. - WATCH LIVE: Don’t have access to a TV? Simply sign in with your TV provider to stream Disney Channel, Disney Junior & Disney XD live*** - MAKE IT YOURS: Personalize your experience with Disney Emojis, pick your faves & discover new Disney shows. Download the DisneyNOW app and watch your favorite Disney shows including: Big City Greens BUNK’D DuckTales Gabby Duran & The Unsittables Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures Mira, Royal Detective The Owl House Puppy Dog Pals Raven’s Home T.O.T.S. ZOMBIES 2 U.S. based Internet connection required. Parents: Before downloading this app, please note that it contains targeted advertising for The Walt Disney Company and some third parties. You can control this in your app settings. This app may use the camera feature to allow sending and uploading photos for some game features. This app may use the microphone to allow for recording messages for some game features. This app may use storage to upload and save content from this app to the device. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. *DisneyNOW games are optimized for iOS 11.0 or above. Games are not available on over-the-top devices. **Signing in with your TV provider is easy! Tap on MORE, select your provider, and log in with your TV provider username and password. For more information about signing in, visit ***Content may be available in U.S. only and subject to additional restrictions. Live, on demand, and advance viewing content requires current verified subscription for the applicable programming network(s) with participating TV provider. Go to the DisneyNOW website for details. For more information visit: Privacy Policy: Children’s Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Your California Privacy Rights - Do Not Sell My Information -

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Login Issues
2020Christopher_Anderson on 2020-07-03
I’ve been using this app for a while and overall think it’s a great app to have. But there are some login issues. For starters they have personal accounts and that’s great, but there only on one device. You can’t sign into an account you can only create a new one. Also in order to access to full content you have to have a cable provider. Now that’s not so bad, but with the launch of Disney+ they should have some updates by now. Instead of just being able to sign in with your TV provider, you should also be able to sign in with your Disney+ membership. The app also doesn’t include a whole bunch of DCOMS. There is only one free movie on the whole site! Now let’s talk about the games. They are totally fun and vibrant. My only problem with the games is that they take up a lot of storage. Currently I only use 2 of five GB and the app still tells me to clean my phone. After that I decided to play a different game, I went back to the game with out clearing any of my storage and it said I could play. This makes me think that the app wants you to delete other apps on your phone so Disney now will be one of less than 10 apps on your phone and consume most of your time. But considering the app is 100% free to download and use I think this is an okay platform and will give it a 2 star review. (I was going to give it a 1 star review but my cousin really likes the app)
3 stats aren’t a lie. ( READ UNTIL THE END!!)
IXL 21 on 2020-07-03
I love this app, but it shouldn’t ask for your TV provider. I put mines in, but the unlocked videos never worked. And, for shows like Sofia the First, it only has the latest season. Not any of the other ones. Plus, the locked video never unlock like on Coop and Cami. Whenever there are adds, that’s okay with me, but don’t put an add right in the middle of a song like in Zombies 2 because it just messes the whole thing up. I love the intro of the app, but it doesn’t work without internet connection. The favorites area is very glitchey as well. Another bad thing about this is that you can only create one account, and you can’t have multiple ones. I have it on my iPad, and my sister wants one too but her iPad is broken so we have to share accounts, which is bad because she likes different things. What happened to the old Disney app? I wanna know! The Dcom doesn’t have movies from like, 2 years ago, such as Zombies, only the latest ones. You might think that I don’t recommend this, but that’s wrong. I love this as well. I’m only explaining the bad things just so you’re notified. I love the sound it makes when you click on things, and the birthday surprise gets kids really engaged in the app. There are a variety of shows, and I love them! I just wish most of the videos weren’t locked. Anyway, I really hope this helps!
Must have for any Disney lover
superstargamer987 on 2020-07-03
This is awesome! I am a huge Disney fan! I have all the merch all the movies! You name it I got it! I love this because I can play Disney the Ames games and watch my fave shows! And it is for all ages so I can watch what I like and my little brother can watch what he likes! There are very few adds and so many different shows! Just one little thing you have to sign up to unlock all the episodes of all the shows! It is easy and free! Now you can watch whatever you want! It is a huge do for car rides and plane rides! I love it and you should too! Totally get it! I don’t know why people would want to delete it! I think it is important to let your child explore different shows! All Disney shows are safe and don’t contain cursing or inappropriate stuff. Trust me I have seen them all! If you don’t let your child have it then shame on you because this is a wonderful creative learning experience! Cool profiles, different shows, lots of games! What could be better!? And lots of the games are educational helping children succeed!
Why take off shows you play everyday!!!!!!
Blunicorn app reviews on 2020-07-03
This is a good app. It has exclusive things like parades, tours, and more. But WHY TAKE OFF JESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You play the stinkin’ show EVERY AFTERNOON! It’s one of my favorite shows. Also can you add Liv and Maddie. Or just put it earlier. NO ONE WANTS TO STAY UP TO 2 A.M. OR WAKE UP AT 6 A.M. TO SEE LIV AND MADDIE!!!!!!!!!! It’s a real disclaimer to people who want sleep. People who want sleep or good quality cartoons go to Nickelodeon.Your very luck that I watch Disney Channel because my parents don’t let me watch Nickelodeon.Speaking of cartoons, Cancel Big City Greens please! It’s so bad/weird/Inappropriate, my dad thought it was a ADULT CARTOON!!!!!! I mean, who wants to see fat men in weird hats and in there underwear or a naked grandma! Not anybody! I’m 10 and that’s not something a kid should see. Away from all the negativity, I love that you have a setting for big kids and a setting for little kids. Love the app and I would recommend it to anyone. Sincerely - Blunicorn App Reviews
Awesome, yet concerning.
Math star !!!! on 2020-07-03
Hello DisneyNOW owners! This is a great app! I like to watch the shows on your app, such as TOTS. I also like that you get to be creative with your profile, like pic an icon, choose your name. Just so you know, I am almost ten years. Ok, to start off this review, I’d like to talk about the “Quiz of the day”. I remember I was playing this one day in my living room, and I knew I got a question right because I saw it on an episode of the show it was based on. Then, when I submitted my answers, it said I got 0/0. WHAT THE HECK! There was definitely something wrong with that game. Also, I hate the cyber bullying on the quiz game. If you get a 0/0 it says something that is slightly rude. I was not affected by this, but still, rude. You could put something motivational, like,”We know you can do it!” Or “We believe in you!”. Please change this. Other than that, this is a great app!
Thanks for everything!!!
strawberrybri on 2020-07-03
So for 2 years I’ve had this app and I literally loved it! Even though it didn’t had everything, it was still awesome. So, a few months after I got this app, I figured out Big City Greens (my favorite tv show on Disney) put out a collection of shorts that were parodies of most Disney channel songs like flesh and bone & Queen of mean. It was so cute! My little sister deleted the app because she deletes a lot of my fav apps for no reason. So I downloaded it on my iPad again only to find that my lil sis would delete it for the second time. After that, i downloaded it on my anti-sister phone and found the new bcg ( big city greens ) parody, stuck at home, it helped me a lot though quarantine. So did the black lives matter selection. Thanks so much for helping us through these times Disney, and remember people whom are reading this, we are in this together.
I am mad
superdancergirl11 on 2020-07-03
You should feel ashamed if I were u I would make everything free and I would make ALL the Disney shows on it. And also Disney+ is a lot better then u. But unfortunately it doesn’t have the new episodes of the shows so we relie on h for that. So like are really owned by Disney because u sure don’t act like it dummy’s next nice btw I am a kid I am mad M-A-D. Mad ok that’s it I am mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad I am mad, mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad . Am I clear Disney I am Mad mad mad mad mad mad . One more time mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad MAD . Ok now fix your big BIG mistake. I am mad.
Not what it used to be!
me myself and i person572992 on 2020-07-03
There arent as many shows as there uses to be! Put all the shows you got rid of back! I uses to have this app and i got it again and when i was picking my favorites there werent the same shows and some of them were replaced ☹︎not cool man >:( and i got tgis app to watch the full seasons of andi mack and it turns out yall just completley got rid of it >:( bring the old shows back and not to be rude but maybe you will get better reveiws and also it takes quite a bit of time to load the shows so hopfully you see this and van change the problems i had thank you for your time (ง'̀-'́)ง
I hate it
jack the dog friend of pup on 2020-07-03
Ok so I am going to start this review with I hate this app. Ok so I lost the sound on my iPad so I used the Disney now app to get it on my tv and watch it on tv this is not were the part were I started to hate it, ok back to the story so when I was watching I didn’t really have much to watch because the most of the episodes were locked so I did unlocked them I was so happy but then I pressed on a episode then it said I can’t watch it said i couldn’t because I was not in the America I so am meany so it’s a scam I hate it I wish I could give it zero stars ⭐️ meany
Sorry but.....
chikenuggets4life on 2020-07-03
Why did I rate this 2 stars? Well.... I have Disney + it has no adds. And this ? Add city !! And the worst part is you can’t bye no adds and then it the same one over and over!! I now the whole song to raveli tails I’m mean it great if you want to play games and all but... love it not not worth you time really and them some games don’t even work like mal vs. Uma it just pitch black sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yea sorry DisneyNOW but I’m just not sure about it and on Disney + where is A.N.T farm ? Hmmm? I need that please

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