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Mar, 2020



Only Disney+ gives you unlimited entertainment. Get the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic all in one place. From new releases to classics, plus tons of TV shows, and exclusive Originals, like The Mandalorian, there’s always something new to discover. With Disney+, you get: • A premium ad-free experience for one low price • Access to new releases, timeless classics and past seasons of your favorite TV shows • Exclusive new Originals from the creators of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic • Unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices • Over 100 titles in 4K UHD and HDR • The ability to watch on four screens at once at no extra cost Start your 7-day free trial now. For help with Disney+, please visit: For our Subscriber Agreement and other policies please visit: Your California Privacy Rights: Do Not Sell My Information: The content available on Disney+ may vary by region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country.

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Spunky Spunks on 2020-04-10
I know this is a new app in all,but there is a concern;ummm!Im 10 and i like to watch Elena of Avalor,buuuut I CANT WATCH SEASON THREE;YOU HAVE TO PAY!!!!!!Every DAY i see if SEASON THREE is for FREE,but guess what;IT’S NOT!!I’m glad you have other fun movies and shows like Tinker Bell,Monster Ink,Finding Dorry and Finding Nemo!☺️And Finding Dorry is for FREE!!!!! I used to have Direct TV,and i was sooo sad to lose it!!!I was sooo sad!I losed all my movies and shows,but then we got Apple TV!And i didn't like it till My mom and dad got Disney+!!! I watched stuff like disney Junior and The Sound of Music and Annie!But i saw on Dis-ney+ you have The Sound of Music and Zootopia and stuff that i used to have on dIRECTV!!!And please put the new movies in for free!!So,this app isn’t that bad,except for the Elena of Avalor stuff;so I recommend to get this app!!!oh,i forgot!!Please add annie Please please please!!! Things to work on... •Free season three of Elena! •Add Annie •Make new movies FREE! I love watching it on my iPhone 7 and my iPad!!And on my TV!!! So congrats!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️!!!!Bye!!! -Kory(nickname is Spunky)
Chromecast not working
unnoied on 2020-04-10
I’m having the same issue I had over the summer with Hulu. I go to cast, and press the pair icon, and it says it is connecting, but the TV flashes black, then casts a dark gray screen while the pairing icon attempts to pair. When I press play on the movie, the TV goes back to the Chromecast screen saver, and the movie plays on my phone and won’t cast. The new update has not corrected this issue. Still doing this. This same exact problem occurred for over a month this summer on Hulu before it was resolved. I have an iPhone11 and Polaroid TV with built in Chromecast if that helps. ETA - I called tech support and after lamenting the fact that I had an iPhone 3 times, the guy literally told me that he recommended I get an Amazon Fire stick. Umm, okay, but your app says it’s Chromecast compatible, and that’s what I have. Fix your glitches - don’t put the blame on me. All that, and I STILL can’t cast after having Disney+ for a month and a half.
Add the Quality Shows Please
person who is unknown on 2020-04-10
I personally wanted Disney + for the movies and a few shows that I enjoy. When I opened the app I was intending on watching movies and my 3 favorite shows, the trifecta of perfect television Mighty Med, Lab Elite Force, Lab rats. I personally can’t sit through any movie because of my lack of attention span, so I was excited to binge watch my favorite shows. My quarantine dream was to immerse myself in the cinematic perfection that is Disney XD, imagine my dismay when I found out that Mighty Med was not on Disney +. Mighty was my personal favorite out of the perfect trio. I cannot watch Lab Rats Elite Force with out BOTH of its riveting sequels. I cannot rate this app anything higher than 1 star without the full trifecta of perfect television. Please answer my demands and the four other stars with come shortly.
Had it for months, rarely able to use it
Redsticker on 2020-04-10
The content is amazing but I can RARELY get the app to work. (I’ve successfully used it maybe 4 times since its release.) I don’t have WiFi, only unlimited cell data, and it constantly tells me that there’s no internet... even though my other streaming services work just fine. I tried downloading the shows when there’s wifi available to watch later, and it still doesn’t work. Tried logging out and logging back in. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Nothing. So I basically have to go to someone’s else’s house or loiter on public WiFi just to use something that costs $6.99 per month. Thankfully, Verizon is paying for my subscription for the year... and after months and months of a broken app and terrible service with no fixes, I won’t be renewing it on my own dime.
Why is it here
dslc62507 on 2020-04-10
Disney plus is a wonderful place to watch all the Disney movies we all love but Disney has added a movie that isn’t even close to Disney ICE AGE now I like that movie but they haven’t added a movie that is marvel VENOM lots of people in the world love the movie and marvel is on Disney plus so I don’t understand why they would add ice age instead of VENOM now I know about the vivid virus is going around but they should have done it before it all now please don’t add anymore non Disney movies and maybe add VENOM really soon
Add A.N.T farm to Disney plus
alzina jones on 2020-04-10
I love Disney plus and all my childhood memories of the shows I used to watch but when ever you watch a couple episodes then switch to a different Device it gets you episodes mixed up also some of the older shows aren’t on there like I’ve been DIEEEEEEING for A.N.T farm to be on her since I started use it Disney plus a couple months ago and it seems as though you guys are only adding movies and if it’s not a new movie it’s a Disney plus original so it would be great if you guys added more Disney channel shows
Only one issue
glitersthe name on 2020-04-10
The only thing that makes me mad is that some of the movies you can’t watch till a later date like pirates of the Caribbean, maleficent, Alice in wonderland though the looking glass, solo and much more I just think we should be able to watch this too like those movies Came out a few years ago and toy story four and frozen 2 are already on there I know there both like really popular movies but I just think we should have the other movies too
Amazing, but one thing
BuzzGal on 2020-04-10
I really like this app just I would really like that they put all seasons to a show for example Tangled The Series. There are usually three seasons, but they only showed two. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they haven’t came out with all the episodes for that season or if they just didn’t put it, but whatever it is makes me sad. I really want to see the next season but I can’t find any episodes from that season anywhere else.
The best working streaming service
STC's Eagle Scout on 2020-04-10
This is one of the best apps. I love the selection of content on the app. I like that I can skip the intro if I want. It has a great system for navigating content on the app. The amount of time if freezes is not very frequent. When a problem happens the people at Disney do their best to improve the problem. I still wish I could find the shows like The Weekenders and The Famous Jett Jackson on the Disney+ app.
Eminy1 on 2020-04-10
I have only had it five years but I have absolutely NEVER had a problem with my debit card being hacked. I haven’t bought anything in a month because of the stores being closed. The first purchase I make was a Disney plus free trial and not even four hours later, my debit card was hacked and $152 was stolen from my account. Disney needs to have better security if they still want customers to trust them.

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