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Enjoy the freedom to be your own boss and earn money on your schedule. Plus, get 100% of your tips, always. * CASH AFTER EVERY DASH * Get paid right after every dash, automatically, with no deposit fees — ever. * EARN WITH NUMBER ONE * Make money delivering with the #1 Food & Drink Delivery app, available in 7,000+ cities in the US. * START RIGHT NOW * Sign up to deliver in minutes. You only need your smartphone and transportation (bike, car, scooter, or motorcycle) to start. * BE SUPPORTED * Your app will show you where you’re going and when to get there. Plus 24/7 help is available if you need it. * SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE * Choose your own hours and enjoy flexibility over hourly, seasonal, or full-time work. Start and stop whenever you want. * FIND WORK NEAR YOU * Work wherever you want. DoorDash is available in 7,000+ cities across the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany. In select markets, you’ll be able to accept orders from Caviar, too! * RESTAURANTS AND MORE * Make money by completing deliveries from restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pet stores, too. DoorDash is available in over 7,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon. Find out if we’re in your area and learn more here: Caviar Couriers can sign up using the DoorDash - Driver app

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Not horrible but could be better
MadiSonic on 2022-05-17
We need higher base pay. $2-$2.50 isn’t enough when people are wearing their cars down significantly in the process of making deliveries. I spend nearly half of my earnings on gasoline alone, and I’m in desperate need for new tires but doordash doesn’t pay enough for me to be able to afford that and customers don’t tip well most of the time in my area. We deserve higher base pay to compensate for vehicle repairs and the elevated gas costs. Governments of some states have been pushing doordash to give better base pay and doordash has been fighting against it. Needless to say, we are ones making the deliveries, destroying our vehicles, and risking getting covid from a sick customer or getting mugged in sketchy parts of town (which nearly happened to me). We deserve the higher pay. Everywhere else like Walmart, SamsClub, and fast food chains have given everyone a raise to compensate for the higher cost of living, but doordash can’t?? We do all of the work and they just have to make sure the apps are up and running, which according to Reddit, they can’t even do that much and many dashers have lost hundreds of dollars from their accounts and the app has been logging them out and preventing them from completing the orders they’ve accepted. Is everyone just okay with this amount of garbage we’re put through? I want a raise LOL!
App Crashed today nationwide 5/12/22 and deactivated me for it
FishboyNehoy on 2022-05-17
Today the app crashed nationwide. I’ve been dashing since January and have made this my full time job since issues with the pandemic and jobs. Prior too this I was a full time manager with no staff and decided too dedicate this and make the best of it as my source of income for my family despite it not being the proudest thing too say. I have become top dash done every possible thing too be a successful dasher and employee. Anyway today I was deactivated due too the companies failure too run a successful app after it crashed dozens of times during literal orders leaving me stranded and unable too contact paying customers. I tried too troubleshoot this looking at doordashes Twitter Paige online profiles chat rooms and calling them too no avail. Ultimately I finally decided too end the dash for the night until the problem was fixed and couldn’t even do this because it wouldn’t let me click it without crashing. When I finally was able too I was met with a message that I had been deactivated for insubordinate violations. I am absolutely mind blown. I cannot pay for anything now and will probably be evicted soon because of DoorDash and it’s app crash. YOU PEOPLE NEED TOO UNDERSTAND YOU ARE EFFECTING PEOPLES LIVES. HARDWORKING PEOPLE. This is so sad.
ehhhh ...
sarmeyev on 2022-05-17
it's a good gig, however with all those recent happenings gas prices being raise etc. you really don't make much unless you live in a huge city. Reason being is cheap customers who don't like to tip, and doordash doesn't really compensate doordash as well as far as gas. They have some perks yes, however dude to recent events as I stated before gas is expensive and a lot of Dashers don't have gas to be doing deliveries 12,13,14, miles awayFor very little pay or no tips at all. Doordash makes a killing but the dashersHave to refill their gas tanks and really don't profit from it at all. is definitely not something that you get upset and quit about because there are always things that could make it better for doordash and their Dashers. I would say better incentives for gas andMaking it mandatory for customers to tip Dashers especially if they are having to drive ridiculous amount to get to where they are.
I have to pay??
I'd rather Uber on 2022-05-17
I’ve been working for Dasher for almost six months now and I had to uninstall the app completely just to see if I could get it to work again because they were having so many issues; I wasn’t able to accept any orders it just kept saying “error” and then it was excepting orders that I haven't even received, I just decided to uninstall it yesterday. Now that I have uninstalled it, when I try to reinstall it it’s saying I have to pay $6.99 to download it? I’m having to use my wife’s phone to go to work now. No problems logging in with her phone but in-app won’t let me change my phone number and I can no longer receive messages or calls from or to the customer. I was on hold with customer support for two hours then it just hung up on me! I think they need to stop employing the worst app designers.
Bug issues
lindyk45 on 2022-05-17
Usually this app works fine for me, however, after downloading the most recent update I’ve had major issues. First order went great, then I started getting texts that I was getting orders yet nothing would show on the app, then received multiples of the text. “ We tried to send you a delivery, but it didn't successfully reach your phone. We've removed it from your app and given it to another Dasher. Check your connection or restart your phone. You will not be sent another order until you click 'Resume Dash'.” I did all of the above twice, including deleting the app and redownloading, with no change. I receive a login error now as well as my records not showing giving me a data loading error.
Where to start
joepnj on 2022-05-17
I get a message door dash is busy and plus 1$ a delivery, after i charge my phone and get ready it not longer was higher rate. Adter starting my trip to a hotspot your app crashes. Thinking is was my phone i spent 45 min resetting passwords, deleting and redownloading, calling in for support and no one answering. I decided to go home and out of nowhere the app starts working so i decided to go on delivery, a kind of far delivery put worth it. Only to find out the store was closed and i wont be getting anything for that.. Rest of shift were soso, had to pck up an some extra time to make up for my terrible waste of time and gas(which is 4.59 a gallon).. tonight wasnt fun :(
I’m not receiving my Top Dasher benefits. Acceptance Rating Also Not working Right
DashingWithDoirdashPodcast on 2022-05-17
When I called Dasher support I’m not being connected to VIP support. My acceptance rating does not properly register accepted orders during my dash. I’m in the large order program and I also to catering orders. None of those orders are being sent to me. I’ve been trying to get these issues escalated to the escalations depart with no success. The dasher support continuously refused to transfer me to escalations and instead will have a 3rd party call center supervisor who does not have the capability to resolve these issues call me. The 3rd party support makes false promises to send an Email to escalations ad I never receive an Email.
Need to do better
Shyraí on 2022-05-17
Horrible app with way too many glitches. I can’t ever cash out without first having to close out the entire app and hope that all my money is still there. Support doesn’t make sense because your chat stays open as long as you’re still dashing so if you have a question, concern, or complaint you can’t let your dash close out of your scheduled dash. You also can’t keep dashing while solving a previous problem it basically jams up your orders because now you have to keep the old order open in order to stay in the chat but now because of that you can’t take any new orders. Also stores are starting to be more and more unaccommodating.
The App is Glitchy
生生速さや速さ on 2022-05-17
The app kept kicking me out mid delivery and could not get back on it. I tried contacting the help but I was on hold for over an hour, ended up not picking up the call. Then I somehow texted the customer and get the address to do the delivery FOR FREE as I was not able to confirm pick up for whatever reason. I wasted almost 2 hours for this delivery and did not even get paid, on top of that, I got a contract violation saying that I arrived at the store 195m minutes late although I arrived and delivered in the first hour with all the issues I had with the app. At this rate, people would soon realize how bad this app is.
Don’t waste your time or gas
vondays1 on 2022-05-17
Door Dash is the worst to deliver for. You get a basic pay no matter the mileage on an order. 1 mile $2.50 depending on your area. 20 miles $2.50, 30 miles $2.50 and so on. You only get $2.50 base pay for each order. You only make any money if the customers tip. It’s funny because if you order from Door Dash you are charged more if the mileage is higher, however Door Dash is not passing that onto their drivers. They also have horrible customer service. The only good thing they have is their DasherDirect card, it does give cash back on purchases. However if you want to use your own bank it will cost you.

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