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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Enjoy the freedom to be your own boss and earn money on your schedule. Plus, get 100% of your tips, always. * CASH AFTER EVERY DASH * Get paid right after every dash, automatically, with no deposit fees — ever. * EARN WITH NUMBER ONE * Make money delivering with the #1 Food & Drink Delivery app, available in 7,000+ cities in the US. * START RIGHT NOW * Sign up to deliver in minutes. You only need your smartphone and transportation (bike, car, scooter, or motorcycle) to start. * BE SUPPORTED * Your app will show you where you’re going and when to get there. Plus 24/7 help is available if you need it. * SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE * Choose your own hours and enjoy flexibility over hourly, seasonal, or full-time work. Start and stop whenever you want. * FIND WORK NEAR YOU * Work wherever you want. DoorDash is available in 7,000+ cities across the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany. In select markets, you’ll be able to accept orders from Caviar, too! * RESTAURANTS AND MORE * Make money by completing deliveries from restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pet stores, too. DoorDash is available in over 7,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon. Find out if we’re in your area and learn more here: Caviar Couriers can sign up using the DoorDash - Driver app

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Dasher support hacking accounts
JayJay346 on 2023-03-26
NOTICE HOW DOORDASH NEVER RESPONDS TO ANY OF THE CUSTOMER RATINGS ON HERE. The app was fine in the beginning. Orders used to payout more and tips were better. But for the past month the app has not shown any tips on any of the orders I’ve accepted and the orders I have to reject have been extremely lower than normal. I had a few customers tell me the app isn’t allowing them to tip drivers. I contacted dasher support a few times and kept getting the same few people. All of them told me the app is working fine and the issue can’t be fixed. I’ve also had duplicate orders sent back to me after rejecting them for prices lower than they were originally sent. Which means doordash has a way of altering peoples tips. I’ve also had several dasher support people tell me that it’s not possible for them to change your schedule. The other day I had a dasher support agent end my shift while on the phone talking with them. There has also been times where I was not receiving orders and then you contact dasher support. Then they “REFRESH” the app and somehow you’re receiving orders again. I’ve even had dasher support agents tell me “you should be receiving now” and then boom I start back getting orders. Doordash does not care about their drivers. There’s no way possible for you to get in contact with anyone at the company besides going through dasher support and it’s usually the same few ppl who never do anything to help anyway. DOORDASH NEEDS TO DO A BETTER JOB OF MAKING SURE DRIVERS ARE PAID CORRECTLY. AND THEY NEED TO DO BETTER WITH HIRING “SUPPORT AGENTS”. I ALSO THINK SUPPORT AGENTS SHOULD HAVE SOMEONE RATING AND WATCHING THEM BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS FIGURED OUT A WAY TO GET AROUND THE “AUTOMATED SYSTEM”
App is Great, Chat Support is Subpar
LaurenLouna on 2023-03-26
I think the Dasher app has a great layout. It’s user friendly and provides me the information I want to know before accepting a dash & while completing one. I especially love the recently added gas prices near me & I’ve always loved the in-app navigation feature. Unfortunately in-app navigation has been down for a month for me. I’ve seen online that this is actually a widespread issue. This would be less frustrating if Chat Support seemed to be aware of it at all. In fact Chat Support is the main frustrating part of the app. They are always in a hurry to end the chat whether your issue is resolved or not. There is no intention to follow up with you later when they say they’re making a note of your issue because they can’t solve it immediately. They send you the same “quick fix” email for troubleshooting no matter the issue which is basically update app, logout & back in, relaunch app, reinstall app, restart device. This has never fixed a single issue for me but is all I’ve been given every time but one. They also seem to be trained to mainly look at key words of your messages which leads to misinterpreting the request. Ex: I said I no longer saw the option for Dash by Time and support answered about my issue of being “unable to dash.” I said I couldn’t use in-app navigation and they treated my issue as though I couldn’t use any navigation. I hope there are many improvements made to the protocols for Chat Support in the near future.
coraliscool on 2023-03-26
I started dashing a little over 2 weeks ago. It started seeming like a good idea but now it’s seeming more trouble then it’s worth. They give you top dasher status right away BUT they strip from you even if you’ve met the requirements to keep it. I completed over 100 orders also the 200 requirement. Then they tell you to schedule more times to get it back when there are absolutely no time slots available. Every other dasher is out for themselves, I say that because everyone fills up the time slots. Even struggle with out of town dashers hogging all the time slots, Example, I love a small city in Wisconsin with not very many door dash opportunities and I see someone from out of state door dashing and taking up time slots for local people trying to door dash. At this point I’m very on the edge about quitting. After being disconnected I don’t know how many times from chat support they finally tried to tel me to go to a different area and I said I couldn’t because they wouldn’t pay me the 20+ miles it would take one way to get to the next area, to which again, no time slots available. If I could I would give this lower than a 1 star rating.
I will NEVER
marc_1983 on 2023-03-26
Ok, I have been working on the doordash platform for over 2 years now and have NEVER had an issue until now. I started my dash as I always do around 10am and for some reason I found my orders that I accept to be taken immediately after I have accepted them, then 2 mins later after experiencing this issue I immediately get logged out. I put in my credentials and received a message stating that my account was deactivated! Wait, excuse me? Why was my account deactivated when I ALWAYS delivered the customers food and always made sure they had everything they needed before leaving! So after spending darn near 30 mins trying to figure this out, they then tell me that an email will be sent on why my account was deactivated! Well, I NEVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL ON WHY MY ACCOUNT WAS DEACTIVATED! So to me my account was deactivated for no reason because I still did not RECEIVE the reason why! Door dash is full of it and I will not be recommending anyone that I know to drive for them because they will deactivate you for no reason at all while others are out here stealing customers food but yet I’m doing what I’m suppose to do! Do better for dash!!!!!
I’m tired of Doordash screwing me over
done with instagrams bull on 2023-03-26
I’ve been a doordasher for about 6 months now and they have screwed me over time and time again. I just got randomly deactivated with no warning, no email, no explanation. They just said to contact them about it to repeal it without giving me any link or way to contact them. They make it as hard as possible to contact them. I ran into a situation back in December where my account got compromised and it was near impossible to get in contact with doordash to get my funds restored and it took them two weeks of lots of emails and calls to get my over $400 transferred to me. The whole time they were telling me that there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to get my money back which should be illegal!! Now I still have money in my doordash account but I have no idea if I’ll be able to receive any of it because of the deactivation and I’ve seen a lot of other dashers complaining about getting deactivated and never receiving their funds. Doordash is a joke of a company and they don’t care about their “employees” at all.
blaisebh on 2023-03-26
1:02  Safari Back Ratings & Reviews I strongly agree with a previous comment; There are safety concerns that could be addressed by giving specific pick up and delivery locations BEFORE an order is accepted by the Dasher. As a female dasher, this can be a major concern. When the app gives you an offer to pick up an order, the map is often misleading & l'II find out it's in an unsafe area. It would be really helpful if the offers could detail the towns that the restaurants AND the homes are in, even if you have to click for more details. If a dashers were able to blacklist certain areas that could be very helpful. Also I feel that declining orders should NOT affects acceptance percentage - the driver may have valid reasons they cannot accept, like safety, or the fact that the pay is too little for the distance needed to travel to make the delivery. Thank you for taking the time to make a better experience for drivers!
Inequitable Pay, Unfair Delivery Priority
RobSurfingDog on 2023-03-26
I’ve been dashing for well over two years and have maintained a near perfect driver score. My acceptance rate is below 50%, and the trip requests I usually get won’t cover the cost of gas, wear and tear on my vehicle, and cost for insurance given the time it takes to do that trip. DoorDash underpays its drivers compared to all other apps, and I feel if you have a high enough rating, that would be a fairer metric for getting higher paying deliveries. This is because you know that those drivers are going to do their job and are creating happy repeat customers. I cannot make a living doing DoorDash alone. On average, I make three times as much on Uber Eats and Grubhub. I know for a fact those delivery services are doing just fine and are able to pay their drivers are living wage which DoorDash does not do.
Read Below!
Jarneezy20 on 2023-03-26
DOORDASH PLEASE FIX YOUR POLICIES OR DO SOMETHING! As a doordash driver, it breaks my heart that people can be dishonest about not receiving their order knowing that they did. Doordash doesn't give its drivers a hearsay and automatically put it as a contract violation. Please if you are ordering from doordash, be honest about your orders, some of us use this as a main source of income and can get fired because of foolish dishonesty. Secondly, why should we get penalized for denying a order? I accept orders based on the mileage and pay, your base pay is so low to drivers and you expect us to have an ETA with orders? Seriously this is draining and selfish especially since we as drivers are using money from OUR pockets to put gas in the tanks. Im not accepting a $3.50 order and its over 7 miles
Glitches and terrible support
utfoodie13 on 2023-03-26
For those who are new, don’t let the first two weeks fool you. It might seem great, but then it turns to garbage right after. I have been unable to schedule anything or have access to the new schedule for a while now. When I reach out to support they tell me that because I’m not receiving an error code that the app is working good and the time slots are just full. However other dashers are able to see time shots that are available. Support just tells me not to compare my schedule availability to other dashers and ends the chat support with no explanation as to why I’m unable to schedule anything. Any time you ask to speak to a supervisor they just disconnect the chat and there is not a way to call anyone.
Thinking of not doing it anymore
piquinina2g on 2023-03-26
Last year I did dasher service for 3 days. This time I decided to give it another try. The first day 1 got a violation for a delivery that was reported as not delivered. Which is not true. The second day DoorDash gave me a violation because I was late 20 minutes because of an accident. Between yesterday and today I literally drove more than 200 miles and got a miserable $55. Il really questioning my decision to do door dash. My car is a Lincoln MKZ. I feel so bad I’m putting miles on it for such a little pay. I really feel disappointed. Not to mention I drove more than five hours today and made $29. With my 9 year old in the car. Too much work for not enough pay. You probably lost me as a driver

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