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Real issues
truth 0326 on 2021-09-20
We’ll see what the last three day update does for the glitching (freezing) not being able to except orders * have seen multiple times the text message appear about an order coming and it never making it to the app or seeing the text message we tried to send you an order but something went wrong… now over the last two months I have use this iOS app on an iPhone X running with fully updated ISO and a 12 pro* HOWEVER Believe it or not my old iPhone 7 runs the app better than either one of my two newer phones!!! biggest issue in app navigation on multiple occasions I know for a fact especially just yesterday the system gave me on a stacked order the longest possible route there were no traffic issues on the alternate Shorter route (how do I know this ?.., i’m not the only person out here dashing and believe it or not some of us do actually speak on a regular basis ) anyone at DoorDash technical support wants the details and order specifics just please contact me.. this navigational issue ultimately results in late deliveries*) Second issue I video if anyone would like to see it (at DoorDash technical support) when trying to open doorDash help to either chat or call DoorDash support.. the app automatically closes completely out!! Also why is contacting customer support chat different from contacting the customer in chat if you manage to get it to actually work.. you’re no longer in your order screen and and cannot navigate back to the Dasher screen in the dasher app to verify things in the order screen with customer support The system will close the chat. However from the second We accept the order until It’s deliver. We canCommunicate with the customer continuously. Now shouldn’t it be the same level of communication accessibility with DoorDash customer support?
After more than a year break I return to pleasant surprises!
Ticklenutts on 2021-09-20
Having worked with Doordash full-time for some time and then taking more than a year not Dashing, I was blown away by the improvements awaiting my return. The apps functionality, experience and dash routing all show improvement but what inspired this review is what follows: The dasher support is on a level of excellence which I’ve not seen in a large corporation in twenty years or more. (Second day into back into dashing my cars fuel pump gave out while en route to a customer with their food. Contacting dasher support, hoping to not ruin the customer’s experience or have my rating affected, the support agents immediate and sole concern was if I was my health & safety, swiftly followed by assurance the customer would be immediately refunded and not to worry about the order as everything would be taken care of. Next she offered assistance filing an insurance claim through Doordash if an accident had been involved.. WOW! I was absolutely blown away by the humanity and genuine concern from the agent. As is the case with systemically poor service, outstanding service is a company-wide culture originating from the top in how the leaders treat their employees and then following their lead how those employees represent that culture every day. I realize this is a long-winded and almost corny review, but a honest one at that. I am not one who writes reviews, this was in response to an extraordinary experience. Way to go Doordash -Peter in Salt Lake City, Utah
Distance issues:
Unstatisfied Rick on 2021-09-20
I get that this is mainly a little side gig, but around my area the distances start turning a little farther than I’m comfortable with. I have to accept orders that only pay $2 max or else my overall ratings decrease let alone with a driving distance of up to 30mins to even an hour. With gas prices raising I lose more money paying for gas trying to reach that area only for me to receive another far order with a $5 payout. It would be convenient if we get incentives. If I choose to not accept an order because it’s in Illinois and I live in indiana my ratings shouldn’t decrease, that just means I won’t have time to get there especially with the time frames that are given to me. The way the delivery is set up I’m required to drive over the speed limit on every dash to actually reach the client with the given time or else my ratings drop which means I’ll receive less orders. Not only that if I choose to go to a restaurant around my neighborhood it ends up sending me about 30mins away to Illinois. Limit the distances the very least, if the app is made to at least make the dasher earn some money limit the distance, I’m losing more money than gaining at this point. Nobody wants to drive all the way to Chicago for a few dollars especially if you’re not even close to that area..
App is getting worse
sis review on 2021-09-20
So I actually never had any issues with Doordash in the beginning or middle but the last few months my Doordash app thinks I am delivering my very first delivery for the very first time every single time I open the app and constantly restarts itself and takes me back to the “start your first delivery” window. Who even does it when I am in the middle of an order. Last night I was delivering alcohol and right before I had to scan the ID it did it and never let me back in past that window. So that was fun. I gave a low score cause this app is going crazy on me. I’m scared to even dash in case it messes up during another delivery. I was lucky I was already at the customers house. Also y’all are a little greedy on payments. And the fact that u do not allow customers to tip past 20 percent makes me scratch my head. Why? U don’t want your dashers to makes descent money? Cause the here’s 10 bucks for 15 miles is laughable.
New built in chat archive? Where?
JosephAW on 2021-09-20
How do I review chat history with a customer? Can’t find the chat archive when there is a dispute with dd on what I’ve said the previous delivery or day. Normally it’s in my chat history but last night I was waiting for a customer to get back to me and they said they will in about 15 minutes but the chat window went away in like 12 minutes! Before I could keep talking up to 20+ minutes. If you don’t provide an archive I will have to take even more screen snaps of potential customer problems resulting in a contract violation. Just now a customer was trying to communicate with me after delivery and there was no way to tap the chat button because you put a yellow box over the chat icon saying I was outside the delivery zone. Hello? You sent me outside the zone. I had to stop dashing just so I could communicate with the customer. Do you programmers actually test your code and interface firsthand? Apparently not.
DoorDash doesn’t care about its drivers
therealrachel17 on 2021-09-20
Customers are encouraged to rate the drivers, but why aren’t drivers allowed to report issues with customers? I had a customer sexually harass me when I dropped off his order and continue to harass me through the in app messaging. When I didn’t reciprocate, he took away my tip. I felt incredibly unsafe and undervalued. I scoured the app and website to see if there was some way to report it. I called dasher support when I couldn’t find it, and they blew me off and told me I should have reported it sooner and there was nothing they can do. Keep in mind they have evidence with his messages to me! God forbid a customer make a complaint, though. They’ll kick you off the app if a customer says their meal wasn’t delivered, even if you took a picture to prove it was. It’s no wonder there’s so many assaults, robberies, and murders of DoorDash drivers. We’re their last priority.
A Driver’s Experience
Dasherspeaking on 2021-09-20
I worked for DoorDash for about 3 years as a full time driver. Summer, winter, heatwaves and snowstorms were all experienced with DoorDash. Yet, none appreciates the #1 income generators: the drivers. Drivers not only spend their tome and effort on this job, but they add also use their OWN cars and GAS. A small visit to the mechanic costs at least half of what a driver makes in a week. How ever, drivers should be paid for the following: 1- The time wasted on waiting on orders. 2- Maintenance compensation. This is a percentage that has to be added to the order’s fee. 3- Time wasted waiting for a customer to pick up the delivery in case of opting out “meeting at door”. When you get an order for $10 and a broad smile is drawn on your face, remember that this $10 is not all yours. This $10 is for your time, effort, mechanic and gas station. Good luck!
Terrible tech support people & app malfunctions
Annaconda284 on 2021-09-20
Every time I call the DoorDash support number, it seems like the people I talked to there are improperly trained, incompetent & pathetic excuses for workers. The last time I called, i said there are 2 screens prompting me to re-activate my Red Card. I requested that they make that go away, but instead they replaced it with a new problem: now there are 4 screens/buttons to click to make it disappear! 😖 What’s worse is it now thinks I am a brand-new Dasher, when I have been delivering for DoorDash close to 2 months or more now 😩 TBH, it’s super annoying, offensive and inconvenient to have to see this implication every single day I start Dashing!!!! 😡 Also, the app seems to be constantly freezing or stuck loading….I seriously had to use 2 other devices to get around these issues, when I was first starting out.
Keeps pausing dash
Sierra Alt on 2021-09-20
It keaps pausing my dashes, I think it's okay to let the app run in the background because even if it's slow then it's like it wants you to sit there and keep tapping on the screen to show your "active" but in reality you can still be active and go on other apps, you'll just go by the notifications. I mean it was even doing that while I was driving, that's unsafe to have to tell Doordash ur still active when ur legit driving it should know u r. It's really quite annoying to have it pause your dash every 5 min when it's busy but not giving you orders at the same time. I also tapped my phone for the 5 minuts and it still said I was inactive, I don't really like this feature at all. It makes being able to dash less efficient.
Option for Other to describe
travel restrictions on 2021-09-20
Dashers should be allowed to describe problems they encounter during Deliveries in detail. There are many times when we can’t find out the location of the customer and they don’t reach out to the dasher who tries after several attempts and we waste several and sometimes 20 mins looking for the customers door. Also, why isn’t there an option when the delivery is outside the dashers area then the dashers have to drive 30 mins back into the areas to start dashing again is not fair and we don’t make money this because we spend extra 30 to 15 miles driving back to the pick up location

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