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Delivery anywhere you are. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants -- more than 310,000 menus across 4,000+ cities in the U.S.,Canada and Australia. Spend more time doing the things you love -- we'll take care of the rest. YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS JUST A FEW TAPS AWAY Choose from a huge variety of cuisines, from your local sushi spot to the comfort food you crave. Get your favorite meals faster with quick and easy ordering. SUBSCRIBE TO DASHPASS DashPass offers lower service fees and $0 delivery fees, with thousands of local restaurants recently added. NO-CONTACT DELIVERY Deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select “Hand it to me” if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it’s ready for pickup. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it's most convenient for you. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want. PAYMENT Conveniently pay via Apple Pay or credit card. ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started this by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility -- easy evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. Growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. Visit to learn more.

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If u want cold food, 2 hours after u order this is perfect.
cjef josh on 2020-04-10
Honestly, I understand it isn’t economical to only hire intelligent, thoughtful people. But it seems they scan through the applications for the people who are the least. I’ve ordered food probably a dozen times, not once has it ever showed up in the “estimated time”. That’s the least of my complaints. I work at a restaurant that offers door dash as a means of receiving your food, on several occasions, often multiple times a day, the dasher will come in, pick up part of an order and take the incomplete order to a customer, who then calls us and complains. Not only can we do nothing about it because we made the order in full already, but the customer complaint number they give us to pass on to angry people only makes them even more infuriated with endless hold times. A dasher should never leave a restaurant without everything in hand, but they have no incentive to be correct, just an incentive to be as fast as possible. This incentive doesn’t even benefit us as consumers though, as often times one dasher will be carrying 2-3 food orders so saved moments don’t turn into you getting warmer food quicker, but so that they can fit 2 extra deliveries in without u noticing enough to get upset. Maybe I’m just a hater, but I’ve yet to be proven wrong by door dash as a company in any situation.
Awful Customer Service
Hotpeppaz on 2020-04-10
Placed an order for delivery with a 17-30 minute ETA. 1 hour goes by, checked the app, which says the driver is at the restaurant. Ok... I wait another 20 minutes and check again... still there. Called the driver and was told someone else took my order and that he had been chatting with DoorDash customer service for an hour but they wouldn’t do anything about it. I was told to call customer service myself. I called customer service and explained the situation and that it had now been over an hour and forty five minutes since I placed the order, and that I had to reach out to the driver to find out what was taking so long. No one reached out to me to tell me anything. An insincere apology was given by an outsourced customer service agent and the only resolution offered was canceling my order and requesting a refund from them. I was that DoorDash cannot give me a credit for a future purchase. Bad customer service, no accountability, and no communication. Safe to say I won’t be using this service again. Worst experience from a delivery service yet.
Horrible Service
Jess-5377 on 2020-04-10
The past few orders that I have gotten from them have been missing items. Usually it’s like a side or something and they will automatically give you a refund for missing items without having to talk to anyone (presumably because it happens so often). Today I ordered 5 items and only two came. When trying to mark the items as missing, I was unable to because of “previous account activity”. So it’s MY fault that my orders aren’t getting delivered correctly? When reaching out to the restaurant about it, they claimed to have told him to wait for the remaining items and he just left while they went back to get them. DoorDash was then supposed to send a new driver to deliver the items. They didn’t. According to DoorDash, the restaurant was “unable to fulfill my order”, even though its sitting at the restaurant remade and ready to go. Then they try to refund me for $13 instead of the $31 that wasn’t delivered. Now I’m on my way to get my “delivery” myself. Where’s my tip and delivery fee? This will be the last time I ordered from DoorDash.
Customer service is trash
hdieoandnei9 on 2020-04-10
I ordered from a restaurant, and everything went wrong. I ordered 3 tacos, a burrito, and nachos. There was 0 uniformity to the meal. Each taco was different. One was huge, the other 2 were small. One had mozzarella cheese on it for some reason, while the other 2 did not. 2 had onions and cilantro, while the last one did not. Someone other than the driver brought me my food. She and the driver STOLE the burrito. I watched/heard the driver tell her not to give me all my food. There is no way to call DoorDash for support unless you’re a driver, so you have to do it online. All they do is give you an account credit for the missing or unsatisfactory item to put towards your next order. They don’t send new food or give you your money back. So you have to order with doordash again just to “get your moneys worth”. I also only get a credit for the unsatisfactory items. I don’t get a full refund on the whole order. I don’t get my tip back from people who STOLE my food. What a joke.
Don’t support this company
ZUBI1980 on 2020-04-10
I no longer going to support a company that treat its customers and employees like garbage. I made an order they made me wait over an hour just to cancel my order , had me on hold with customer service close to an hour . This company has rip off their drivers out their tips before , with low pay and no benefits , the customer services are hard to understand ( they have a strong Indian accent) which tells me the guy who started this company it’s probably Indian since they are known to only hire their own people. It’s ridiculous the way they handled my situation, it was unnecessary to made me wait over an hour when they could simply just send me a refund . I already cancel my membership and would never used them again or recommend them to anyone .
Just not for me
TechBushido on 2020-04-10
I love having food delivery, especially in these times, but it seems DoorDash is just not for me. My husband and I have had 90% of our orders either missing half the order or getting someone else’s. Austin and San Antonio are the only two cities where we used this app. I suppose it just has something to do with our location? Even after a year break, I decided to reinstall and use the app again only to receive an order with 2/3 of it different than what I ordered. Sorry DoorDash you have failed me and my husband way too many times to be worth it, app credit or not, you are just not worth the hassle.
Menu options are slim
tabventurer on 2020-04-10
Unfortunately door dash does not offer the same menu items that the restaurants menus offer. The other huge problem is they can not customize anything. Not even a note to please add syrup for pancakes that don’t have it as an option or add utensils, or condiments. This would be a huge help with ordering. They also cut you off if you do have an opportunity to add something. But that is rare. Take it how it is type service . Ordering from the original store is much better, but then you have to pick it up yourself.
Do not use this unless you have money to waste
Synchro____ on 2020-04-10
This app SEVERELY upcharges literally every. Single. Thing. For example, the $5 biggie bag from my local Wendy’s comes up to $10.99 after taxes and up charges. It is NOT worth it in the slightest. Then they always automatically tack on a $3 tip for the driver, which I always remove because the driver gets some pay per delivery either way. Granted, the convenience is nice. You don’t have to leave home, but that’s the only upside to this. Developers, get your act together. You’re ripping people off.
COVID19 Fraud
medright on 2020-04-10
DoorDash is stealing from consumers during this time. Have had multiple orders in the last week where they have not made their delivery window and delivered cold food and expected me to pay full price. The app won’t allow you to contact DoorDash when they move your delivery time over and over trapping you into an order and keeping your money for delivering food that is hours old. It’s insane. I deleted the app and will no longer be using their service as they are committing fraud.
Great app
Kaylie.C on 2020-04-10
So far, I have used this app about 3-4 times and each time I used it I wasn’t disappointed. The delivery aspect of service is great, each person was on time and super respectful. My most recent time using this app, I ordered for Papa Johns who got my order incorrect. I paid extra money for something that wasn’t on the pizza, as soon as I left a complaint on the app, I was issued store credit to go towards my next order and an apology. So far so good in my opinion.

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