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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



Delivery anywhere you are. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores -- more than 310,000 menus across 4,000+ cities in the U.S.,Canada and Australia. Spend more time doing the things you love — we'll take care of the rest. First month, $0 delivery fees. Restrictions apply: SIGN UP FOR DASHPASS Get unlimited $0 delivery fees on the best of your neighborhood from restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more. Plus, DashPass members get access to exclusive items and offers, 10% off eligible orders thanks to reduced service fees, and 5% back on eligible Pickup orders. Your first 30 days on DashPass are free, then $9.99/month. Cancel anytime. RESTAURANTS, GROCERIES, AND MORE, JUST A FEW TAPS AWAY Get on-demand delivery or pickup from restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. Get what you need faster with quick and easy ordering. NO-CONTACT DELIVERY Deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select “Hand it to me” if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it’s ready for pickup. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it's most convenient for you. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want. PAYMENT Conveniently pay via Apple Pay or credit card. ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started this by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility -- easy evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. Growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. National partners include: Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Panera, Chili's, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Moe's Southwest Grill, P.F. Chang’s, Denny’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John's, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Boston Market, Red Robin, TGI Friday’s, Red Lobster, Qdoba Mexican Eats, El Pollo Loco, Noodles & Company, Buca di Beppo, White Castle, SmashBurger, Schlotzsky’s, Albertsons, Meijer, HyVee, Southeastern Grocers, Grocery Outlet and many more. Notice at Collection (California Residents): Visit to learn more.

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Micho Mo on 2022-10-07
If I could rate them 0 stars I would .. So basically I am a loyal customer to DoorDash I even have there dash pass. When I first got the app it was great and convenient because sometimes I don’t have time to go out of my way or time to step out and get food myself. Everything was great with this app up until this year. Door Dash says they encourage you to let them know of any issues you encounter so they can do there best to help you . However when I notify them of my issue they don’t give me a solution. It has happened MULTIPLE times that I have a bad experience with DoorDash where items are missing, my order is wrong, food arrives cold, or not cooked properly. When I notify them they will sometimes give me a solution and refund me for the missing item for example $1,$2 or 3$. Which to me seems reasonable because there is no need to refund me for a full meal as long as I receive a solution for the portion of the meal I didn’t receive. Well it has happened a couple times now that my meals are incomplete and they choose to tell me “We are sorry that you had a disappointing experience using our service. We review requests on a case-by-case basis and for this particular order we are unable to provide compensation due to DoorDash’s policy” When I didn’t receive my full meal I asked if it was possible for me to get the items I was missing dropped off that I didn’t want a refund. Since they assumed I wanted money back. They told me no they aren’t able to do that or give me any type of refund. When I asked why they weren’t able to give me a answer. I asked again why I wasn’t able to receive a refund to which they basically told me that I report to many times. This of which isn’t true. However even if that was the case I still feel it wasn’t fair. Why encourage us to report restaurants and let you know when something is wrong or if items are missing just for you to tell us that. I pay FULL PRICE+ more so of course I expect to receive my COMPLETE order and ofc I’m going to report it and be upset when I don’t receiver my FULL order. Especially when you guys can’t give me a simple solutions like bringing my full order. This meal was to feed 3 kids which means those 3 kids didn’t receive there full meal. You guys tell me I’ll receive a email saying why I can’t receive a refund just to tell me it’s “door dash policy” . I order food multiple times a month either for work so I’m not rushing during break or while I’m at home and unable to go out. I use this app multiple times and am a loyal client so it is sad how poorly you guys handle situations. And this is just one of many times . Either have restaurants complete orders correctly or find a better solution to problems like these otherwise you will lose valuable and loyal clients like myself I will now stick to Uber eats I never have a issue with them.
App stuck on review store page
Lovely22154 on 2022-10-07
I usually order from the web page for Doordash but decided to use the app. I don’t know what is going on, but now my orders are always missing something or the dasher just doesn’t show up. I waited 45 min for an order that was supposedly taken to the wrong address. Dasher did not follow the instructions to text when arrive, it seems she wanted to keep the food. I spoke to her over the phone 1x and she still supposedly ended up at the wrong address again and left my food there. Now I have to wait another 45 mins. For a redelivery, I will not be using this app again. Oh and when I called customer service the rep could barely speak English and was speaking some words in Chinese. Will only order from a browser from now on too many problems using this app! Stuck on review store page and will not let me exit out to review my new order
Dashers Picking Up Multiple Orders
MommyWoolsey on 2022-10-07
DoorDash is awesome, especially for parents who both work and sometimes just don’t have the time or energy to make dinner. My biggest complaint is that lately Dashers have been picking up multiple peoples orders at a time. When this happens, our food gets to us cold because the Dasher has driven around to other houses dropping off the other orders. I understand the concept of efficiency, and that they are trying to make the most of their trips. But it becomes problematic for the food temperature, and because the food ordered from DoorDash is more expensive than ordering pick-up from the restaurant app directly, it’s expected that the orders will come correctly, in a timely manner, and warm. Other than that, we’ve had pretty good experiences with DoorDash, which is why we did the 4 stars!
No cancellation option within seconds of ordering
MO1253 on 2022-10-07
Worked a 12 hour shift, was very tired so I decided to order from door dash so I wouldn’t have to drive, ordered to only find out it was for pick up after I double clicked to pay for order using Apple Pay. Within a second it said the restaurant was preparing my order. I hit the help button to cancel my order and the app stated that I could cancel my order but I could not get a refund due to the store “already preparing my order”. Within seconds of trying to cancel my order the door dash producers did not allow me to refund my order. I had to drive there because I would lose 29$ and wouldn’t get any food either. It’s sad that this app allows this, very greedy on behalf of door dash 👎🏼👎🏼
Good but pricy
Ema020020 on 2022-10-07
The app is pretty good, great even at times, but it’s getting ridiculous with the delivery fees. Before it was just $5 for the extra fees on your meal but now it can range anywhere from $10 to $15 bucks with every order. The delivery drivers are great but if you at least want to give them a tip of $5, it’s nearly $15 to $20 on top of your order that’s already expensive depending on how much you’re ordering and I usually go for the cheap stuff Imagine ordering from McDonald’s for a $6 meal and end up spending $20 to $25 bucks just for one person. It can definitely be pricy if you’re trying to budget and have no car to do pickups. The app is great but it definitely needs work
Latest update completely ruined this app.
KV355353 on 2022-10-07
Do not download. All app does is load. Only way I’ve been able to get an order through is adding one item and restarting and repeating over and over again, and even if you’re lucky enough to get an order through the dasher won’t have access to see your substitutions so you’ll need to have your phone on you for majority of the order to make sure something you need doesn't refunded, normally you’d easily be able to get substitutes but you can’t message the dasher anymore because once you go into messages in the app the app freezes. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled app. This app used to be decent but now it’s completely unusable, very unfortunate.
Recent order
Rishthekid on 2022-10-07
The order arrived 2.5 hours late, had to cancel all our plans, then when I finally got the food a portion of it was burnt and obviously the entire thing was as cold as New York City. I spoke to 3 different agents and 2 supervisors and they’re claiming that the “policy” will not allow them to initiate a refund. Horrible application, horrible customer service and I’m going to ensure this goes out there, will make an Instagram post about this so all my followers can understand how badly they manage their long-standing customers ( been a member for over a year now ) frankly would’ve given them 0 stars if I could after this experience.
Check Description
treyeal on 2022-10-07
DoorDash as an app is great but when it comes to certain things in customer service they are of no help. I had an issue where I need to fix some things on my dasher application, I was on hold for 20 minutes before I was told there’s not much they can do. I asked if they could just delete in all and they couldn’t do that either. My number is stuck on that account and there’s no other way for me to do anything since I don’t even have access to that account. Its a headache because doordash would be a perfect way for me to live my life while also making money it’s a good balance. None of that matters if I can’t even do the job at all.
Terrible business
Hypr darkness92 on 2022-10-07
It was good for awhile. I have ordered close to 1000$ on DoorDash. I liked it and gave them my business. Almost never had problems besides a couple times delivered to wrong house. But then they decided to start canceling my order and making me wait 3-5 business days for my money often. Just now, I did a order with the last 20$ I have on my card, and not to my surprise it’s canceled. They didn’t ask do I want credit or refund. I try to contact support to see if I can just get credit but of course that’s not a option. So I went from 20$ and now I got no money, no food. Thanks DoorDash smh. Switching to a competitor
Ehhh Uber eats is better
Zimo13 on 2022-10-07
I went to order some Maccas one night while I was lvl grinding my undead mage in WoW and I noticed my address was wrong.. I had to comletely cancel my order get credits applied and re order. Then it decides to take me through a two factor to which I did not have the phone number.. so I used my email. The code took 5 min to send to my email and then when I went to try and use the code they locked my account for 1400 min… needless to say I did not get my Maccas that night and I was down 18 dollars. Do better get better be better fools

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