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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Welcome to DOP 2: Delete One Part - a new tricky game, which bring you new experience in solving puzzles. Combine your imagination and brain skills to solve the riddles. Each level is a brain teaser, where you decide what to erase to pass the level. Come experience the fun! Game Features: - New, simple and interesting mechanic! Touch the screen and start to erase. Delete the extra parts, find out what the characters hid and change the plots. - Satystifying process Tired? Just Enjoy of the process. This game will give you a supersatisfying experience of erasing. - А lot of different puzzles! Each level is a mini brain puzzle. If you like to test your brain, the game is just what you are looking for - Tightening and fascinating gameplay! Once you start playing, you will no chance to stop. - Beautiful graphics The familiar and famous stories are depicted in cartoon unique style, which will like both children and adults. Download now and have fun with funny tricky puzzles!

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My sister is 8 I’m 12 warnings for 8 year olds
Amazingsomuch!! on 2021-03-08
I play this game she found out while I was in school so she downloaded it to her ipad she played when I came back she was still and smiling n she looked nervous at the side of a couch she was suspicious so I went there n she quickly pressed the home screen button so i went in my room to change n had lunch then I played my phone there was slime on my phone one thing I noticed is she was playing slime when I was in school it was pandemic so she did not go to school I went because I was in upper grades so yeah I wondered she took my phone without washing her hand I cleaned my phone quickly your wondering how does my 8 year old greedy sister know my phones password she knows it because when mom grounded me in my room she also took my phone from my secret girl room yeah I have 2 rooms my secret pink terquish purple room n my gold rose unique room my mom told my sister my phone password I was sooooo mad when I knew I did not change it because they would not give my phone back for 8 years .after dinner it was 11:00 so obviously my sister would have to go to sleep I didn’t sleep I went in her room when it was 1:00 because she was making anoyying sounds she was playing the game she got busted because I told mom and daddy so they spanked her on her butt I was grossed out they did it for 90 days btw do not make these silly ads kids will want to play them n thank you for your time of reading this .
Gross and sexist.
WolfLover309 on 2021-03-08
This app is literally making it look like it’s okay to treat women like their body is a toy, on one of the levels I was trying to erase part of the vacuum and I noticed you can erase her pants, and it looked weird so I did it out of curiosity. She was wearing literal pantyhose with bows. And another level, you had to scare a girl by erasing the fog and her clothes, and there was a guy spying on her. And it’s not just women they’re doing this to, you have to erase the shower curtain to reveal a duck, but also a naked man trying to cover up. What do you think this app is teaching children. This is absolutely disgusting, if you’re reading this and you’re not okay with sexism (like it should be, if you’re okay with it I literally despise you .) don’t even think about downloading this app, especially if you have a child that goes on your phone. It might make them think sexism is okay and people (mostly women) are just cheaters and are supposed to be treating like a sex toy.
Sexist nothing but sexist
Likelivelife08 on 2021-03-08
This app has a bunch of ride sexist things to women they are making levels what makes me fell like they are making it look like it’s right treating the woman’s body like it is a token that anyone can have but that’s not true this level I just played has a mermaid sitting on a rock with a black line covering her breast and a bunch of people in a submarine looking at her through the spy glass as the thing you needed to do and she ends up covering her breast with her arms but for them in the game that black line was not there and another level was you has to erase the shirt to find her breast was two basket balls and she was covering her chest as the final product and one of the Levels was about modernizing a vacuum and if you erased her pants you saw latch up pantyhose with bows attached to underwear this app is a bad ride mean app to me and hopefully you reading it have a good day now
Feels exploitative
uttriplets on 2021-03-08
I feel like this game is very exploitative in the ads. I am purely writing a review based on ads. But I get this ad every time I get an ad on anything. I don’t like the ads. The ads show people getting their clothes getting erased off. The question will ask them to do one thing and they will begin erasing people’s clothes. What I really hated about this ad was that it was all females. They were all females getting there clothes wiped off. I do not think this game has a great ad. I understand that it is to appeal to an audience. However, I feel like they can find other ways to appeal to the audience. I downloaded the game and played a few rounds. It was in about the second question I started getting things that felt uncomfortable to do. Honestly. This game is very exploitative, and I do not recommend.
Absolutely Disgusting
dkskkxkdks on 2021-03-08
Some of y’all might say the game is so fun. Which it probably is, I mean I believe you. But have y’all seen the add for this game? It is so inappropriate, I mean are y’all trying to get grown men or children to get it? Like what the heck. It shows a lady in a robe blushing and a guy on my couch smiling at her on the add. I am just saying please make the add more clean. I even had to get the app just to even say this. Don’t make your adds like that if you want kids to get your game. I just can’t believe someone would do this. I would even play the game if it wasn’t for the add. Some of y’all are reading this saying, “Karen” but hey, women aren’t objects to use for your adds people. If I could rate this a game -10000, trust me, I would. So this add is Absolutely Disgusting
Snapchat reviewer 123 on 2021-03-08
If you value women’s rights, don’t download this app. I saw an advertisement for this game while I was playing another game. The ad featured a bunch of scenarios where you could erase a girl’s clothes. For example, a man was under a blanket and it was telling me to erase the woman’s shirt. Next, it said “What is she hiding?” and told me to erase a woman’s bra. When I didn’t do it, the ad did. It even got to the point where you could see some of the woman’s skin. This is wrong on so many levels. Women aren’t objects. We are so much more. It’s extremely downgrading when apps try to get players by removing a woman’s clothing and making things sexual. All in all, don’t download this game because women don’t deserve this treatment.
Inappropriate! sexual implications!
to be quite honest. on 2021-03-08
Wow, I hate that I have to download the game to write a review which sounds counterintuitive, but my reasoning is fair. THE ADS FOR THIS GAME ARE SO INAPPROPRIATE ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. To be a game for 12+ this is sad. Apple needs to get rid of this game, or they need to change their advertisements. I never played the game, and I won’t be. I just needed to write this review so people would know that they are not the only ones seeing this foolishness. We know what the ads are implying and it’s absolutely grotesque to be directed at little children. The developers of this game should be ashamed of themselves, but they most likely aren’t because they are perverted creeps who know exactly what they are doing.
So inappropriate
puppy rose love on 2021-03-08
Well very inappropriate you can get rid of girls clothings etc just saying bye now lol thats short p.s. there was a mermaid level where she didnt have a bra so she had a black line and a bunch of men staring out a window you had to clean the windows then she covers with her arms and a bit window comes out the top to stare at her like- bruh chill it makes me uncomfortable and more feelings.... yeah another level has a man in the shower and you get rid of the curtain and only soap is covering his back side like... at least soap was there am i right or right and one had a girl in a drawer with a bra off and naked it said find da lover like wut bye anyway have a good day
Inappropriate! Nothing but inappropriate
X._.sunflower on 2021-03-08
It’s just girls like one level “to hot” then a eraser and the adds are so inappropriate! I downloaded it and fiveminutesin it was horrible! It’s to inappropriate and boys could download it just to erase all the clothes and hod who mows if their could be no underwater or no bra! This is just inappropriate and I hope the creator fixes the game so it’s more appropriate! Thank you for reading this! Also one of the levels is a boy and it says “what is he hiding” and their is a dang lump under the blanket! THATS VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!! I wish I could give 0 stars
Do better for 12+ games
Lydster71914 on 2021-03-08
I question the moral fiber of this game developer to create such an inappropriate game for 12+. We do not need another outlet perpetuating the over sexuality and aggressive sexual behavior in our youth. We as a society should be creating positive content to teach our young people to treat each other with respect not creating traumatic events or unrealistic expectations of romance. Please stop advertising this to me!!! By the way, I I my downloaded this so I could give it one star for being so inappropriate and disturbing, while advertising for age 12+.

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