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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



DOP: Draw One Part- fun and tricky game, which refresh your mind and put a smile on your face! It will make you feel both like genius and talented artist.Take you'r time to think the puzzle over, then draw the solution. Vast range of riddles to draw: from common daily things to famous cultural reference. Features: - Unique gameplay brings you a cunning combination of logical puzzles and drawing. - Fun and education for all ages- expand your general outlook with different riddles. - Smooth and addictive gameplay - Your finger is the pencil- draw the solution - Unexpected and humorous pictures will make your day! - Sketchy-looking game style will push you imagination and creativity Challenge your attentiveness and develop drawing skills now!

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AVE NOE PER on 2020-05-26
I got this game today, from an ad. It seemed pretty fun. Now being on level 300, in one day, you can say I like this game a lot. Some people will argue that some levels are the same but not really. The levels aren’t the same they have different parts to draw. Some of the levels are hard but if it was easy it would be boring. It’s addicting but sometimes frustrating, if you don’t know what to draw or where. For a hint you have to watch an ad but there really is to many allready. I’d say about an ad every 3 levels. With these types of games I turn off my WiFi but for hints I have to turn it Back On. So being this game doesn’t have any problems even though people will find something to pick at, some levels are pretty funny. I’d say to the age group 11-15 (mostly maturity) I recommend this app during quarantine it’s great!
How was I supposed to know?!
HawaiiGOAT on 2020-05-26
I want to make this short because we have better things to do than read an hour long review. I like this game and all, but I’ve used too many hints! Like, how was I supposed to know?! It’s supposed to be challenging but like, I’m probably just really stupid but it’s SO hard for me!! There are also like, way to many adds! Every time I get an add when I need a little help, another add comes, then I have to redo it again and again! It’s just, ugh .
It’s ok.
ASCAPBMISONY on 2020-05-26
So I love to draw and I found this game. I saw the review and it looked fun. So I downloaded it but then at level 4 it asked me to rate. Come on!!! I’m on level 4 how am I supposed to know how I like the game?!?! And every time I go to a next level it does a ad. I finish that level and go to next level...... ANOTHER AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you can handle that stuff, it’s a really fun game and you should get it if you don’t mind that stuff.
Just a way to get your data and make money
ReviewNickname0 on 2020-05-26
This game is just so the developers can get ad money for such a low effort game. Turn off your WiFi and data, no ads. If you need a hint turn it on and off again. Levels repeat after 200 which you can do it 15 minutes. Might be fun for children but as an adult it’s a shame a company’s making money off of so many people trying to actually solve a “puzzle.” Finished the game to see if it would get any better or more in depth.
Ok But......
cougarificsiempre on 2020-05-26
It’s a nice game to play but, levels aren’t enough I finished the levels and nothing else I used to be able to do the draw challenge but when the game was updated that feature was taken away. I also agree with the WiFi problem it makes you get a hint then you can’t get it at all because supposedly you are not connected to WiFi which I am, that only happens with this game. Hope they fix these bugs and add more levels
Decent for time passing
Dancer Girl 92999 on 2020-05-26
There is an add after every single level, so I use it in airplane mode exclusively. The sad part is that as soon as you hit 300 levels (which took me a day to do because it’s a simple app) the level repeat themselves in the exact same order from level one. It did keep me busy but it was frustrating to have that many ads and then repeat itself on top of it. All in all an easy and fun app without those issues.
not_good_enough_for_me on 2020-05-26
this game is great and fun an all, but it has WAY too many adds. Like I’m talking about ad by ad. I finish playing one game and I have an ad. I can only go to about maximum 3 levels WITHOUT ads and that’s not even all the time. Also sometimes the arrow button didn’t work so i had to exit out of the full game and reentering the game is pretty long. I would not like to have this game no more!
Repetitive and Easy
Morg1998 on 2020-05-26
I’ve had the app for maybe 3 days and I’m on level 360. I’d say there’s about 40 different levels overall, and after that it’s the same levels over and over, just with different details missing. I’ve needed to watch an ad for help on 2 levels total, the rest take 1 second to figure out. It’s quite a disappointing “puzzle” game. Not very puzzling at all, if you ask me.
I wouldn’t
JamesonAtkinson on 2020-05-26
Like I like this game and it’s really easy and fun but every single time I even care three right right past three levels (which for most people happens in like seconds) it makes another ad and it’s the same exact ad over and over and over and to be honest it’s kind of pointless to play if you keep Halfing to click off ads and stuff
Best game ever!
klopee on 2020-05-26
I love this app I love the stuff I don’t want you guys stuff stuff and I have stuff to do I have to go to do a job and get to stuff to go to do a lot of money and get money to get money back to get money and I have to come get you guys to go to get your stuff done and get you guys to come back and stuff I have to go get to stuff .

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