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Apr, 2022


Apr, 2022



Create beautiful artwork using the power of AI! Enter a prompt, pick an art style and watch WOMBO Dream turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds. So how does WOMBO Dream work? Type in whatever you want to create! — “Alien Space Station”, “City Sunset”, “Rainbow Forest” or anything else you can imagine are just a few of the billions of potential paintings that could be made. Let your creativity take over! Pick an art style! — Whether you’re looking for a vibrant colorful painting or something darker and more dystopian, WOMBO Dream has you covered with an array of selected styles. Generate your painting! — Watch WOMBO Dream use the power of AI to transform your idea and art style into a beautiful painting right before your eyes in seconds. WOMBO Dream is expanding art to the masses. You don’t need a paint brush, pencil, or any art supplies to make beautiful artwork, all you need is an idea. Take a back seat and let WOMBO Dream be the paintbrush to your artwork. Share your art to your friends and family and save your artwork to your profile so that you can view it for later, it’s that simple! Who is WOMBO? WOMBO AI is a Canadian artificial intelligence company transforming the ways that entertainment and AI work together. Our goal is to provide the world with AI-powered tools to immerse themselves in entertainment. With over 65 Million app installs to date, we’re just getting started.

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The addiction is real.
Superjuden on 2022-05-17
This app is a gem. I just hope nothing changes too drastically in terms of the image sources, themes, and generally how it puts things together and listens to the prompt as it will eventually be updated. Just keep adding to it and let this ai learn! I’ve managed to create incredible images not found anywhere else on the internet. Allow us more options in the future for further iterations to be generated and more themes to influence said work of art. Perhaps a follow and like system for other works of art we find pleasant. Keeping it this free is amazing but i wouldn’t mind purchasing a pro version just to have it all (no subscription model or currency model please!!!) Thank you!
i’ve never been so pleased with an app
nori2004 on 2022-05-17
i found this app through tiktok and much like other viral apps on there i wasn’t expecting it to be that great, but oh my god did this app blow my mind. the fact that it’s free, has so many designs, lets you put in any prompt you want AND let’s you save it without a watermark is A M A Z I N G. i never write app reviews but i just had to cause this one’s so so good. every picture i put in, with whatever prompt, results in a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing picture. i personally am in love with abstract paintings so this is right up my ally. gotta give it to the developers of this app you guys did amazing!
Breathtaking and fun
colossus301 on 2022-05-17
I heard about this on TikTok so I decided to check it out. Let me tell you, everything this AI generates is beautiful. If you generate from a chosen picture, it’s a hit or miss. You can generate again or change the art style to your satisfaction. A few things I’d like is the ability to change prompt and artwork names. I’d like to be able to sort my artwork alphabetically, by date, or preference. I also want to be able to like and share other people’s artwork, and to have an album where you can put your favorites in.
10/10 would recommend!
Tilisa:D on 2022-05-17
This app is amazing! I did use this app in the beginning and it was having some issues but I’m very glad that they were fixed. I was having trouble with trying to create it but then realized I had to choose a theme if that’s the word. Once I’ve figured that out, I just started having fun with it since it made all the good memories I had into a wonderful painting. This app is amazing I appreciate how the issues were taken care of and Keep Up The Good Work!
Amazing app!
Whydyouonlycallmewhenyourehigh on 2022-05-17
I’ve never written a review on the App Store before, but this app deserves it. Genuinely awe inspiring technology here and it’s free. At least 99% of the subject matter I’ve put in here, it has correctly produced in a very aesthetically pleasing way. It is a bit abstract but that honestly makes for some very cool imagery. The possibilities for what you can create are nearly endless. Would recommend this app to anyone!
Landscape Mode Please
Tsetsoh on 2022-05-17
I enjoy this app very much and like the artwork produced. However, it is not usable in my workflow. I only use 16 x 9 (landscape) art for the things I do. Rotating and/or cropping the art ruins it. This artwork would be very useful for backgrounds and Sci Fi environments in movies if it could be used in horizontal instead of vertical (9 x 16) mode. Please add landscape mode (16 x 9)for the iPad.
Holy Crap
PUPPYCAT:):):):) on 2022-05-17
I just got this today because my friend recommended it and holy crap I’m so glad they did. This app is so much fun to use, it’s so creative and I love looking at what I can create. I guess my only critique is I wish there was a way you can search and follow people, so my friend and I can see each other’s stuff, but other then that I really like this app!
Doesn’t work
sjd ruwis on 2022-05-17
The app gets stuck in two places. First after selecting an image I am asked to determine how much input I will have into the finished product. That choice lacks an accept button so I am caught in an endless loop. Then if the. Voice is accepted the image is slow To generate or just doesn’t create at all
La mejor app💖
Comprador Oregon on 2022-05-17
Al principio era difícil pero aprendí a a utilizarla y es divertido puedes poner fotos de tus ídolos tuyas o tu familia me encanta la mejor app del mundo no tenia ideas para fondos de pantalla pero esta app me salió por tiktok y me encanta ahora tengo ideas para fondos de pantalla amo la app💖💖💖💖💖
It won’t let me create
lushkadasharamary on 2022-05-17
I don’t know why but it let me create one image and when I went to create an image I actually really wanted to try it wouldn’t let me create. I chose everything and still nothing I uninstalled the app FOUR TIMES yet nothing and restarted MULTIPLE TIMES but nothing. Tbh it’s trash for me.

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