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Apr, 2022


Apr, 2022



Enjoy your wedding taking shape as you walk down the aisle! Choose how your wedding will be. Style everything from the glamorous outfit of the bride and groom to the theme of the wedding. Band or DJ? seafood or white meat? Many more questions are waiting for you on this pleasant runner journey. All you have to do is plan the most beautiful wedding by making the right choices!

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Thank ya for the game lol
bailey rumeraz on 2022-05-17
If I could give it 10/10 I woooooooood!!!!!!!!!Thank you so much for letting this out I would give it a 10 out of 10 but it’s only a five star rating but I love this game just by the way it looks and I literally am obsessed with the game and I think I will be enjoying weekends because I have school and stuff so yeah I think every weekend I might play this game so thank you for letting us out it’s like a game I used to have on my tablet but yeah now I have a iPhone and I can use it so yeah thank you so much I love this game more than anything well not more than I love my family but the reason I love this game is because the tide all the way in the front looks literally thank you so much for letting us out it probably took a little bit of time but thank you thank you thank you
Bad game don’t download
Idle pet shop tycoon lover on 2022-05-17
Hi so the reason you shouldn’t download this game is because the levels just keep repeating and it’s no fun after that. Also there’s way to many adds so it just gets boring. Thanks for reading this bye!
Oh no !!😡
memeudr on 2022-05-17
This game had so many ads and just was not very fun I do not recommend this…everytime you do some opps and ad come up and I’m like no I do not care about SOME OTHER CRAP GAME I want to play!!!
My own wedding
The greens 317 on 2022-05-17
This game is a wonderful game and is so much fun to play you can design your own house and go through different levels to get through the stages
sparkly DT on 2022-05-17
This game is very disappointing the game crashes a lot and there are way to many ads do better. I only did a five star to let you know.
Good but kinda bad game
Leah adan on 2022-05-17
i was trying to open the game but its just loading and its getting a bit boring cause of the levels repeating over again but its fun!?
Too many adds
@N0n0m3Ss on 2022-05-17
SO many adds!! And game crashes ALL the time! It was fun but waiting for adds and your game crashing is not fun at all.
56 year old alone women here
Hotice Kurt on 2022-05-17
This game finally made me feel something other than my cats i finally do have a husband
aggieamy00 on 2022-05-17
10 outof10 y’all this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
user294657392 on 2022-05-17
WAY TO MANY ADS . Please remove so many ads

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