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May, 2020


May, 2020



Dunking, ankle breakers, crossovers, and all the cool stuff you enjoy at your fingertip! Dribble hoops is the first person basketball experience you were waiting for. HOW TO PLAY: + Drag your finger to move. + Release to jump, Tap to shoot. + Tap inside the dunking zone to dunk. + Tap in the right spot to Power Dunk! + Score high and level up your skills. Dribble hoops starts easy so anyone can play, and master all the skills. The AI evolves overtime so be ready for a challenge. Check out all the bonus levels for even more fun: + Long shots + Trick shots + Shots in a row ... and cool new features are added all the time! Get it now and have fun !!!

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I love this game one issue
Evan0909090909090909 on 2020-06-01
I played this game really early so my guy is fully upgraded so I am unable to get those balls that you make you do challenges because some of the challenges say upgrade your guy but my guy is already fully upgraded so I can’t do it. Can you please fix this because I really want to get all the balls
foreskarn on 2020-06-01
Great game, and it would be waaay better if it just had even a few little less ads. There’s LITERALY an ad every 3 plays. And each play lasts at the most 20 seconds. You WILL face a lot of ads. Deleting the app. It’s fun to play but the ads are waaay too annoying.
Worst hame
garcatcher on 2020-06-01
The computer that you programmed when I shoot they always goal tend would never play again
This is the best
Dj(Darryl john) on 2020-06-01
I just started to play and already said this is AMAZING!!!
To many
fh gf on 2020-06-01
To many adds you don’t need a add after every game
So much potential
ricekang on 2020-06-01
First person basketball game? Genius. Nice game
papa dusty on 2020-06-01
Low effort game. The upgrades do nothing.
iancero on 2020-06-01
The game keeps kicking me out

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