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Mar, 2023


Mar, 2023



Dunk n Beat includes a lot of free songs, amazing music and beautiful ball skins awaiting you to take. Come on! Let’s test your basketball skills! Ioo hard? Scroll down for more tips to be a pro. Dunk n Beat is a one-finger-control gameplay with SUPER COOL hip-hop, electro, EDM music that brings you the most satisfying basketball match you have ever played in your life! With various difficulty levels and challenge, you are sure to be captivated from start to end, and will be rewarded with tons of hot new popular songs and beautiful balls. Catch the balls and enjoy the awesome beat drops. Listen to the beat and the melody, you will soon find yourself in the zone! GAME RULES Swipe and hold the basket to get the ball dunk into the zone. Keep calm! Do not drop the ball out! Dunk the ball as much as you can. The more you keep the ball fall exactly the more extra lives you get! The key is not only to let your ball drop out of the basket zone but also play to the music. Listen to the beat and the melody, and afterward, you will find yourself into the "zone". GAME FEATURES 1. Numerous popular song and amazing ball stars on fire 2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty ball game 3. Very simple idle basketball game with only one finger swipe HOW TO BE A DUNK MASTER 1. Hold the basket like hold your partner and move the basket like a dancing queen 2. Follow the movement of the ball stars, especially the fireball. Do not miss it! 3. Challenge your friends to see who is the Dunk Master in this ball game Free songs and amazing music are waiting for you to enjoy. SUPPORT Are you having problems? Send email to [email protected] ABOUT US Dunk n Beat is the official game of Amanotes, a fast-growing app publisher from Vietnam with global reach. With more than 10.000.000+ downloads all over the world, all players around the globe can enjoy this basketball game with the same thrill of the competition and sharing an enjoyable moment. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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