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Buy, sell and discover amazing deals now on the brands you love wherever you are. Simply download the eBay app and sign in to get started. New to eBay? Register now and discover the joys of buying and selling with eBay. MAKE THE EBAY APP WORK FOR YOU: • List items to sell in just a few minutes. • Easily message buyers. • Get app-exclusive offers. • Quickly and safely speed through checkout. • Track your orders in real-time. • Your eBay, your way - personalize your settings with features like Dark Mode settings, custom notifications, and much more. MAKE $$$ FAST BY SELLING ON THE EBAY APP List your items quickly with handy features to help you make money. → Barcode Scanner: Simply scan the barcode of the item you want to sell, and instantly get the details (description, shipping) for your listing. → Image Clean-up: Snap a picture (or use one you already have) and use the background-remover to make your listing stand out. → Up and Running: eBay proudly supports small businesses - join a community of sellers and access powerful selling tools and insights. YOUR EBAY. YOUR WAY. Discover a range of useful features on eBay's app where you can find exactly what you want, at a price you'll love. →Dark Mode: Enhance your experience with our award-winning Dark Mode feature. Simply go to My eBay > Settings > Appearance > Dark Mode to turn on or off. →Seamless payments: Use Apple Pay, PayPal, credit card and debit card for a quick and easy checkout. →Barcode Scanner: Scan the item to instantly find what you're looking for. →Image search: Snap a photo with your phone or upload an image - we'll find it for you! →Great Price Badge: we'll help you know a great deal if you see one. Just keep an eye out for our Great Price Badge. →Buy Again or Buy Similar: Our Buy Again feature makes repurchasing an item from the same seller. No longer available? We'll help you find similar items. →Watch items: not quite ready to buy? Add items to your watchlist and stay up to date on price changes or low stock. →Save your favorite sellers: like a store or seller? Save them so you can see what they're selling in your feed. →Make an offer: you can negotiate your way to a great deal by making an offer. It's super easy in the app! →Make a bid: Make an auction-style bid, or select automatic bidding. We'll take care of the rest. →Contact sellers: Want to know a little more about an item? Tap Contact seller on the item page. BUY NEW & SECOND HAND ITEMS FROM BRANDS YOU LOVE • Sneakers - discover authentic models from top brands like Nike and Adidas, including Jordans & Yeezys • Watches - browse designs from Omega and Breitling. • Tech - find deals for computers, smartwatches, game consoles, TVs and more. • Fashion - shop the best of today and yesterday from the brands you love. SHOP CERTIFIED REFURBISHED • Shop smart and get amazing deals on premium brands backed with a two-year warranty. • Browse laptops, headphones, kitchen appliances and more. • All items are inspected and approved by the manufacturer to operate like-new PLUS all items include eBay’s Money Back Guarantee and hassle-free 30 day returns. EBAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Get the item you ordered or your money back — it's that simple. Our eBay Money-Back Guarantee applies to virtually everything on our site, and there's no extra fee for coverage. It's automatic and covers your purchase price plus original shipping on eligible purchases. AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE Our independent authentication gives you peace of mind from start to finish. From watches to sneakers, you can safely buy or sell with our Authenticity Guarantee - at no cost to you. Download now to enjoy the best shopping and selling experience with the eBay app. KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at

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xTenzenx on 2021-03-08
eBay’s website and app are broken. I’ve never experienced so many glitches on any platform. I’ve reached out multiple times and never had my issue resolved. Just today, on the home page of my app it states that I have 2 items to ship, so I click on the notification and it brings me to a page that states: “You have no items to ship.” That’s eBay folks! If it wasn’t so infuriating it would be hilarious. Their IT department and developers are embarrassingly incompetent and fail to create the most basic user friendly functionality. The glitches are endless, even after closing the app, delete/reinstall they remain. If you’re a seller like me, you know the excessive waste of time this platform has always been. I get notifications in one section of the app and get the same notification in my messages box, sometimes once again on the page. Three notifications, a great opportunity to time sink your productivity. Nope, already got that notification you brain dead invalid. The message box is for yup you guessed it MESSAGES. It’s littered with more trash, including advertisements from eBay lol, it’s shameless on eBays part. It gives me notifications for items completely unrelated to my interests let alone actually watching. I could write a book on the glitches but I think you get the point. Reading an app update about bug fixes always cracks me up because they never actually fix them and even when you tell them, they just placate you and say “we’re so sorry”, but they’re not. Probably don’t even remotely care because if they did they would actually fix it. Selling items and creating postings consistently crash and burn wasting even more time. An innumerable amount of fake sellers and scammers and eBay does nothing even after I report them. Let’s face it if we didn’t get so much traffic none of us would even use it lol. That being said, today was my last straw, I’m over it and doing business elsewhere, with someone that’s actually competent and doesn’t treat it’s sellers second rate and expendable. eBay doesn’t protect you from anything regardless of their guaranteed policies either so keep that in mind. It’s all trash, all they care about is their bottom line like the rest of the soulless corporate machines ruining the world. eBay is like a dog that barks all the time, never listens, and takes a dump on your bed but still gives you puppy dog eyes hoping it will make it all ok...but it doesn’t and the smell never fully goes away.
You Cancelled Dr. Seuss???
SilAsPSilAs on 2021-03-08
I was really disappointed in eBay’s decision to pull some of Dr. Seuss’s children’s books from its listings. I think the culture in America, corporate or otherwise, has given in enough to these irrational demands to rewrite our history. I also think the decision to take this course of action without being given evidence of blatant racism in Seuss’s books but rather critiques of alleged overtones found by modern critical race theorists is a scapegoat move on the part of eBay to avoid taking part in a larger discussion. I have found it to be true that people who rarelysee specific prejudice in media but instead feel that certain offensive but obscure messages are being conveyed subliminally are actually projecting their own prejudiced thoughts onto someone else’s work. Seuss wrote books about environmental conservation and social responsibility. I highly doubt he was taking the time to work cheap shots at other minorities into his stories. Were some of the conventional wisdom depictions that he used then be considered stereotypes today? Maybe to some. Would anyone, including himself, have thought the same thing when these books were being published initially? No. Does he deserved to be judged and censored by today’s ludicrous standards? Absolutely not.
One bc I can’t give it 0
civilizangnat on 2021-03-08
eBay used to be one of my favorite apps but I can not support a company that enables cancel culture. The fact that eBay is removing Dr. Seuss which has been in publication for over 80 years but will continue to sell Nazi hate publications on their site as well as memorabilia shows me the double standard of trying to appease extreme leftist. Cancel culture has gone too far and has become a joke. 2/3rds of the American people do not back what is happening with censorship or publication. We are very close to losing the right to free speech in the form of published content. You will not gain a single penny more from myself and hope the majority of your customer base will boycott as well.
Only use if bidding
Priscillyrom123 on 2021-03-08
I would use EBay all the time for stuff thinking I was getting a “good deal” only use EBay if you plan on bidding on something for auction. The reason for giving it 3 stars is cause the customer service is trash. If you want to bid on something make sure you actually want it and make sure the seller seems legit because if you basically buy something and the seller say “ well I sent the package and it says delivered “ when you never received the item nor did you want a refund just the same item.. Ebay will tell you the seller is right. I would shop at amazing for daily stuff and for probably better made stuff. I would only use EBay once again .. only for bidding !
Shill bidding
jjdynomite1 on 2021-03-08
I rated Ebay only 3 stars due to your horrible job of stopping and banning shill bidders in the sports card market! Ebay doesn’t care due to the profits they make on the inflated final sale prices. Many people in the sports and non sports card market are concerned with this, and are looking to purchase cards by other means...The card market as you know has inflated prices that have skyrocketed since covid19, and buying these cards at high prices are hard as is without having to deal with rampant unregulated shill bidding that Ebay refuses to police! Please do a better job catching and banning these culprits...otherwise you will lose several honest customers!
Good app
Krustee1340 on 2021-03-08
It all seems fine except for two things. Why do you give the sellers my info because I look at one of their items? I could see saving on a watch list and giving sellers my info. I’m just getting tired of all the offers I get because of selllers knowing who looked at their items. Almost like an invasion of my privacy. Also, sellers with the ability to print shipping labels with tracking numbers. Seller shows tracking number to EBay and gets paid. Then, seller finally ships several days later. I think something should be done about that too. Amazon is looking better and better these days.
Love how trustworthy Ebay is
RtotheOtotheN on 2021-03-08
I feel very confident when ordering thru eBay so far to date every time I have ordered something thru them I have 100% satisfied. I have had a few issues with some of the products I have ordered for various reasons an eBay has always left me walking away from the situation completely satisfied in one way or another so if you are questioning ordering thru them let me assure u that they are very reliable. An I haven’t been paid or compensated for this review just FYI I’m just a very happy customer. Thanks eBay for always working with me an leaving me with no worries when ordering!!!
Couldn’t send a report about a dishonest seller
dahuktt11 on 2021-03-08
I have paid in advance for few items but didn’t receive them for # 5-6 months. I have tried to contact the seller and no good solutions at all. They blamed the COVID and didn’t want to pay for the refund. I couldn’t contact EBay for help and felt very frustrated. At a moment, I didn’t think of buying anything on EBAY because of the long delivery and also loosing money. Bye bye EBay. I’m thinking of buying things on Amazon. It’s a bit dearer but it has a fast delivery, better quality and not to worry that I’m going to lose money. Bye bye again.
If you are making an app...
MtnMania on 2021-03-08
If you are making an app that you want people to use to make purchases especially multiple purchases then make it user friendly to do so. The continued inability to “request an invoice” to get combined shipping or discounts from a seller is absolutely stupid. This shortfall has been identified by many people and yet it has not been fixed- listen to the buyers and the sellers and get this corrected or you will continue to loose customers to other resale websites that do listen!
The Web’s World Market
AlLmAnBroTheRs101 on 2021-03-08
eBay is a tried and true online selling platform. Everybody knows how safe a reliable it is to shop and sell here. Despite a small amount of scammers you may face it is a totally safe a verified way to shop online and find your most sight after items at reasonable prices. I’ve been using eBay since I was about five or six years old, I’m twenty-five now and I’ll be using eBay until I lay down for my last night of sleep! Respectfully, An eBay addict

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