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Love eBay but something is going on with watched items…
Dugbuynjmede on 2023-03-28
I love this app and love eBay. But I have noticed lately that it will put items in my watch list or if I watch an item and take it off it will appear and disappear off and on. For example I looked up Lancer skin care. A little while later a seller offered a discount on a Mitsubishi Lancer bumper which popped up on my iPad. This item appeared on my watch list. Why??? I have no use for this and was not watching this item and didn’t click on this item. I feel bad for the seller that is wanting to sell this item so bad that with in 30 min of me typing in Lancer skin care I was offered a discount on a car bumper. Something is not right and not sure how this even happened. This has happened with other items. Items that I deleted weeks ago suddenly appearing again. Or getting offers on items I don’t want. And also when I place a bid for an item it doesn’t let me know that the sale ended, or that I won etc… Please fix this!!
Leaving eBay after 20 years
You yours new app on 2023-03-28
eBay used to be solid to buy and sell goods with some exceptions. But since they cut ties with PayPal, the fees to sell goods has skyrocketed. eBay now takes 20-25% of each sale including sales tax. It’s absurd. There’s almost no way to make money selling on eBay anymore. Better off selling on Craigslist or just donating the items to good will. The tax break is more profitable then dealing with hassle of listing, communicating with a buyer, packing and shipping an item, and hoping usps doesn’t lose your package, all for pennies. Update: and now eBay reports your sales to the IRS.
Scam site
Zackadamianut on 2023-03-28
I sold 2 items for $80 each which they automatically paid out to an account I never confirmed ( wasn’t me ) and I discovered this while the items were already in transit. I later sold an expensive item, which the buyer decided to claim was broken, and I ended up refunding them due to their policies. That return cost me $175. The items was never broken to begin with. $80 + $80 + $175 , this is what eBay has cost me during my attempts to sell items on its storefront. It’s a scam and a poorly run business. Don’t use it.
Over eBay’s lies
Pat998376? on 2023-03-28
Don’t expect the shiping date that they say, cause it will definitely be days later… happens almost every order yet they make it easier to make a sale by lying and saying packages has free 3 day shipping over a week later still waiting. I’ve been using this app for a while now and usually I can assume weather or something delayed my package but everytime? This time it’s been 20 mins away from my house for 2 days now the weather is definitely not an issue this time!! Think it’s bout time to make a Amazon account.
Shipping costs
Chuckie1bosco2 on 2023-03-28
The shipping costs often are more than the items purchased. I do not bid on many items because of this. Now we have the government with their hands in our pockets by charging the buyer sales tax?! As an eBay customer for many years I am ready to say goodbye to “no good buys”. You allow a seller to cancel a bid even though buyer has already paid. All they have to say is that it “broke” if they think it didn’t sell for enough. There should be a penalty to the seller for this.
I got scammed by EBAY themselves!!!!
seirentokitsune on 2023-03-28
Do not download or use this app or their services. I was scammed by a seller and after 3 months was finally able to get assistance with receiving my refund….. Just for eBay to lie on the phone and then deny my refund later. The parts I ordered were broken and was wrong year, I asked for return labels and got ignored till the warranty time expired…. Motosupersport was the company. I have the evidence and sadly will have to sue both the seller and eBay for my money back.
New and improve eBay
Zippiwatches on 2023-03-28
With eBay’s new auto fitment program. I’ve been able to find tons of parts that actual fit my vehicles With any new program you still have a chance of getting the wrong part but their new system keep the chances very low. They stand behind the buyer and work with sellers to avoid any problems and resolve problems quickly if they arise. I’ve been happily impressed by the new system and continue to use eBay as my go to parts place.
eBay’s prices are beating Amazon
saintsfantilidie on 2023-03-28
My wife needed quite a few things done on her car. So I went and looked and found everything on Amazon and was about to purchase then thought let me see if a certain part was cheaper on eBay. Turns out that part was 50 dollars cheaper … so I went and looked for the entire basket and everything was 20-70 dollars cheaper on eBay…. Highly recommended will most likely come to eBay first next time.
Selling on Ebay
pleasedobetterlmfak on 2023-03-28
Do not attempt to sell on ebay if your new or at all, your inbox will be consumed of bots/scammers trying to get money out of you and if you end a bid early you will be charged an extreme amount. For example I was charged 43$ for taking a product off. The only types of buyers will be scammers trying to get you to do deals outside of ebay. It’s not worth it. ebay 2023 is a wrap.
“special open your ebay store offer”
austinuts on 2023-03-28
WARNING: 15% SELLING FEES. plus If you are sent a free ebay store trial, Do not even think about signing up for the any of it. If you are below seller standard, you are not able to use the ebay store module but you still need to pay for the subscription fee. Just ignore eBay’s offer all together. The UI design is also bad, it looks like you’re looking at a 90s webpage.

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