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May, 2020



Test your IQ and have tons of fun with these tricky brain games! Think outside the box and you’ll be a champion! Try this brain twister, challenge your mind, and prove that you’re the smartest! Think you're clever enough to solve all the tricky puzzles? Install to find out now! · Enjoy a variety of levels! · Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges. · Try different mechanics, think bigger! · Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills. · Focus on the details and boost your brain power! · Use hints if you need a clue. · Find solutions to the riddles! What's your IQ? Put your mind to the test and train your brain now!

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Gets less fun as game progresses
Aktjkw on 2020-06-04
I saw an ad for this game and decided to check it out. It started out super fun. It was, in fact, easy. It started out as a great way to ease boredom. THEN, once you get into the higher levels, things aren’t easy or obvious anymore. I understand that games naturally get harder as they progress, but the game is called EASY GAME. The fact that EVERY level I was having to waste time watching an ad to get a hint because the game no longer made any sense was very annoying. Seems like you people just wanted to make a bunch of extra money on people forced to watch ads for hints. Anyways, it is NOT FUN to have to watch minutes worth of ads to progress. I will be deleting this app.
dk the title
alisyn marie . on 2020-06-04
yes umm ... ok ... so , i was plying your game for the first time ever and the first problem was “ which one is the lightest” and the picture was a watermelon and a cup but there was also balloons and stick to the watermelon so i chose the cup bc it’s the lightest right and it was wrong ! so i chose the watermelon bc what happens if it was the opposite and it was wrong so i chose the balloons and it was RIGHT ! sis , no ... it should have been the cup bc that is the lightest not no balloons so fix that and we will be good (:! but overall , it’s hard not no easy honey bun
I don’t think this game is that smart...
hshfhjgoyufd cywxofditq coiuh on 2020-06-04
Ok! So this game is pretty easy, and it is fun. So the problem with this is that I was on a lvl with apples, and there was 3. It said how many apples there were, and I typed in 3 and it rong. So I tried doing it again and it was rong. So I don’t think this game is that smart but I do like it as a game. If the creator sees this can you please try and fix this ARE if the problem I was having was just sepoust to be in the game. still I do like this game and I would download it if I were you. Again in the creator sees this pls try and fix this THANK YOU! :D
Easy game
bbmnmbbv on 2020-06-04
I love this game because solve questions and it is very fun and easy and I passed almost every level in the game but it is a little hard but it is way too easy and fun and you should play this game because it would surprise you and me because it is to awesome. everyone should play this game because solve questions and and anybody should play this game to get really smart and in class you will be the best smart kid and you’ll be smarter than 5th grade bye everyone l hope you like the game
Rarely do I ever write reviews .
Matsworld on 2020-06-04
In my 19 years of life this is quite easily the worst game I’ve ever played , it’s truly terrible . It isn’t fun, like a game should be but that can be dealt with everything isn’t supposed to be fun . The only thing Is , this game is not consistent at ALL , one level you can do some foolishness another level the same foolishness doesn’t work but other foolishness does . I have no idea why I downloaded it , or why I got to level 100 but this game is terrible do not buy .
To many adds >:(
Blendy is cool on 2020-06-04
This game is easy if you are smart (er) and hard if you're not as smart. This game is fun... But If you were to compare the number of puzzles to the number of adds. There are more adds. But anyways... If you end up downloading this then keep in mind that it can be tough (cuz I’m not smart). But if you download it then have fun with it and try to finish everything in there! You might com across something tricky but you can eventually figure it out :3.
This game is one of the top three at least ever played!
Basketballpanther on 2020-06-04
When I saw the ad for this game I was like what that looks awesome and now that I’m playing it it is. It helped me fall asleep at night wake up in the morning and even sharpen my brain for school. I have played it so much in fact that I have run out of levels to play! I played them all and I’m sad about it. If and when you ever update the game please add a lot more levels because I did them all in like two weeks and there are like 250 levels so yeah...
Too Many adds
tweak.shook on 2020-06-04
There’s to many ads that take way to long to finish and they usually try to have the x button hidden and sized down. It’s annoying and just ruins the whole app. I get you guys need money, but there is way to many ads. It’s also very basic. The puzzles are very easy and sometimes just straight up stupid. As if a high school student made this with very little effort hoping for a passing c at least. That’s why im uninstalling and leaving one star. And
Fun, but way to much ads.
sunfox unit on 2020-06-04
Look, you’d be crazy to say this game is not that good, but there are just so many ads! Want a clue? Ad. Completed a level? Ad. There are some ads that are a bit scary for a game that is 4 and up!? the ad I’m talking about is the vaping ad. That really should not be in a game for toddlers. What I am trying to say is that you can barely click on anything without having to watch something! Hope you consider my suggestion.
Way to much adds
maddog9078 on 2020-06-04
I got this game a while ago and I’ve been putting it off a lot because it gets boring after a while and after every two levels there is an add. It is a fine car ride game but would not recommend to play this game if you are bored. There are way more funner games out there I would recommend that do not have a lot of adds like this game. It can be fun sometimes but not all of the time.

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