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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



EpocCam HD takes webcam video quality to next level. Upgrade from 640x480 resolution 1080p FullHD video capturing all the details. Choose suitable bitrate for your network and computer. With EpocCam HD you can also manually choose USB-connection for stable streaming. Ideal for broadcasting. EpocCam HD supports green screen or chroma key effect on device with TrueDepth camera. It detects your face and removes object further from camera. You can choose to replace background with green, blue or magenta colour. Perfect for video broadcasting. EpocCam HD now also supports pinch-to-zoom and telephoto-camera on devices with dual cameras. Perfect for zooming if subject is bit further away. With over 5 million users EpocCam is the most popular webcam app. EpocCam transforms your iOS device into wireless High Definition PC webcam for Windows and macOS. Replace your USB-webcam and integrated webcams now with wireless high-definition webcam. It's also a perfect baby monitor and pet cam. Setting up EpocCam is very simple, anyone can do it. Just download EpocCam drivers for free to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Connection is fully automatic, no need for manual setup. Features: • High quality realtime video streaming to computer - quality comparable to most expensive USB-webcams • Audio support, use your phone as a wireless microphone • New! Automatically remove background on devices with TrueDepth camera - perfect for streamers • New! Pinch-to-zoom - lossless zoom feature • Support both cameras - use device back camera for best quality and front-facing camera for easy self-portraits • Connect wirelessly or using USB for best video quality • EpocCam supports Newtek NDI streaming • Use telephoto camera to zoom • Fully replaces USB webcam or integrated webcam, works with all webcam-enabled applications • Full Windows 10 support including Skype, StreamLabs OBS, XSplit Studio and more • Supports macOS applications Skype, Ecamm Live and more • Automatic connectivity • HDR video capture for richer colours • Over 20 feet wireless range (depending on signal strength) • All data is secured with strong encryption to keep your videos private • Use the flashlight in dark environment • Tap to focus and autofocus modes • Publish video to Syphon framework on macOS - use EpocCam as source to Isadora, Modul8, GrandVJ and other applications Requirements: - iOS device running iOS 10.3 or later - Computer running Windows 7 or later or Mac running macOS 10.11 or later - WiFi network (5 GHz WiFi recommended) or USB connection to computer See for setup guide.

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Meh... nothing to call home about.
Enrique Raphaël Page Pérez on 2020-09-26
Sorry Mates, But the green screen tech here is quite limited; considering they use the True Depth cam or whatever, I’m surprised by how avarage looking the results are. I have 3D scanning apps which use the depth cam and they do an infinitely superior job although albeit for a different purpose... anyway, I’m not convinced that the tool (depth cam) has been employed correctly on this app. This isn’t the worst to me though as I wasn’t expecting it to be much better tbh, what does really bother me is the excessive price considering how disfuncional the app is: The chroma key range CANNOT be set. It resets to whatever the F it feels like, sometimes to full range sometimes to smallest.. regardless, you can try to switch it yourself and after pressing done and going once again back into your settings you will realize the range has been reset to whatever the app feels like. The green screen could probably be substantially better if it at least allowed me to set this range to what I wanted, but you can’t, so it’s not very useful as a feature. Lame. Seriously. Especially because the results would be far better with this option actually working. Really makes me think if shouldn’t just have spent the extra 8 for the OBS app that is suggested when looking for green screen cam on the AppStore. Apparently it does the same, and since this one isn’t really doing it that well... I wouldn’t particularly recommend it, the other one has nice reviews explicitly from OBS users which does make me wonder if it’ll perform better. As is, You’re better off just using Zoom’s recognition to generate the GS, which is kinda weird as they don’t even have true depth cams, how come they get far better results? If you’re just looking for a good webcam app, this one isn’t it. It isn’t not because it’s not good enough, but because the free version by the same dev can pretty much do most of it already so it wouldn’t be ideal to recommend this one when you can essentially get most of it for free. As for the “features” one pays for when upgrading to the HD non-free version - they are kinda not worth it. As described above, UI functionality is broken, and quality of the generate Green Screen really fluctuates on a normal environment. I’ll have to use an actual green screen behind to see if perhaps that helps the algorithm to make a better overlay. Cause as is, it’s too unprofessional to actually use for anything other than a zoom call, and I don’t really care about that. I’m sure I can probably just use the free one and generate the green screen with Zoom. Then just OBS that screen instead... pretty straight forward and could have saved me 9 bucks while giving me better results from what I’ve seen online.
Best purchase of an app over 99 cents
Darryd on 2020-09-26
Usually after I’ve purchased an app that’s priced over $0.99, I’m sorely disappointed. But not this app. I have an iPhone 11 and a Mac, running Catalina OS. The setup was simple but there are something you should know. The instructions make it sound like all you have to do is download the app and a driver for your Mac or PC, but what they failed to mention is that you need to download the viewer for your Mac or PC as well. I googled and found their website, which is where I found the viewer. After downloading the needed app, viewer and driver, I connected to WiFi and it worked much better than I expected. No setup. Just turn on the cam app, startup Zoom or whatever webcam client you use; select EpocCam as your camera, and voila you’re in business. I’m able to use my iPhone wirelessly as my webcam, which I can place ianywhere that gives me the most flattering angle. I love it. I think you will too.
Does Not Quit !
Artaiirvani on 2020-09-26
As a teacher teaching from home I downloaded this app on my iPhone and my MacBook Air. It worked great the first time I used both apps. I paired my Epoc Cam app on my phone with the app on my Mac. I used my phone as an overhead projector. However, every time I use the app it will not quit!! It feels like a computer virus! I have to turn my phone off and then back on in order to make the app quit! I also have to do the same thing on my Mac. I click quit and it will not quit or shut down. It is too the point that I feel like I wasted my money buying the paid version. I just want to delete it and ask for my money back! Don’t buy this app; it’s either a virus or has bugs. I don’t know.... it’s just frustrating!
Great for videoconferencing—not as reliable as I’d like
nozzie_8 on 2020-09-26
This is hands-down the best app for streaming over USB. Nice job, developers. The picture quality looks great at 10 mbps. It has caused occasional BSODs plugging in my phone, but that might be on me and my OS. What I can recommend is implementing memory for the camera and inverse selections. Behind my desk is a wall of beer and wine bottles, and I inevitably end up showing it to my whole business call at least twice per meeting, because when the app restarts, it autoreverts to the rear camera. Also, is it possible to get orientation flip? Thanks, guys.
Video quality worse than eppocam free
kim8800 on 2020-09-26
I was so excited when I found this app. Used the free version Epoccam and because it was turning off every few minutes, I upgraded to Epoccam HD. Somehow the video quality is worse. Plus I my pc screen and my ipad has a flipped screen. On the free version if I use flip screen, only the computer screen would flip so I can actually have the same screen with me ipad. However with the HD, if I flip the screen both screens will flip so I always have to see the opposite direction screens which makes me really confusing. I don’t think I’ll be able to use it
Jumpy video
SiTeach on 2020-09-26
I got this bc the camera on my phone is much higher quality than the camera on my Macbook Air. Indeed the video quality while zooming is much better but it lags and jumps, and quite significantly if I’m screen sharing on zoom. My phone is on the old side (iphone 7) but my internet connection is good and my macbook air new and fast. I don’t know if it’s possible to connect my phone to laptop via USB instead of wifi, I imagine that would be better. Just be aware that if you plan to connect via wifi it may not be as smooth as you would like.
SadStreamer on 2020-09-26
so it works fine but you cant use the apps full potential with obs because for some reason whenever u add a video cap source to capture the webcam it downscales it to 680p which is not at all what you want since u paid $8 to use at 1080 so theres that.... unless theres a way to make it 1080 on stream its a waste of money since when using free version u can just cut out/crop out the water mark it has on obs. If there is a way idk it but for now giving it a 2 star since i cant use the full potential and probably wont use the app anymore
Not able to use with Zoom
Kag18 on 2020-09-26
A fellow teacher told me about EpocCam. Initially, I was excited about using my iPad as a document camera. I downloaded the free app EpocCam. However, the advertisements were a BIG distraction. So, I purchased the $7.99 app. Frustrating...I downloaded the software for my computer, as instructed. My computer and iPad did not communicate when I attempted to use it. For the past week I have tried to make this system work without success. Right now I need ease of use, so this app is NOT for me. Sorry I wasted about $8.00.
Incompatible with iOS 14
rybesh on 2020-09-26
This app mostly worked fine with iOS 13, occasionally losing connectivity but generally working fine. With iOS 14, even on a USB connection and with the video bitrate set as low as possible, after a minute or so of working the video image becomes very pixelated and low resolution. This makes the app pretty much useless with the current version of iOS. It’s a shame Apple hasn’t incorporated this functionality into iOS and macOS; there should be no reason to purchase a buggy app to obtain this basic functionality.
USB connection ISSUE
Ghetto Butterfly on 2020-09-26
Purchased the upgrade to this App to be able to use the mic on my iPhone - no problem there, the mic works. But to use the USB with this App - now there’s the problem. I saw that there was an update for the USB ISSUE but I guess that update has expired. I THINK IT’S TIME FOR A NEW UPDATE to fix this USB ISSUE. WiFi is okay but can be unstable at times so WE need the USB ISSUE resolved. I hope I didn’t waste $8 bucks on this App. Those of us that with this issue will wait for your prompt response.

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