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From Everfrost to Bellsong, many a peaceful year has passed in Everdell — but the time has come for new territories to be settled and new cities to be established... Adapted from the award-winning board game from Tabletop Tycoon, Everdell is a fantastical city building game combining worker placement and strategic card play to create a new civilization. Gather resources to build fanciful Constructions and recruit colorful Critters to make your city thrive. Each card in your city scores points, and after four seasons have passed the highest-scoring city wins! Face off against other founders in cross-platform multiplayer games, or test your civic wits with AI play and Solo Challenges! On each turn, you'll take one of three actions: 1.) Place a Worker. Send one of your helpful workers out into the valley to gather resources! Berries, Twigs, Resin, Pebbles...and of course Cards! You'll need them all to help your new civilization grow. 2.) Play a Card. Your city can hold up to 15 Construction and Critter cards. Cards generate resources, open up new abilities, and score points to win the game! Discover combos and synergies to race past your opponents. 3.) Prepare for the Next Season. When the seasons change, your workers come home and get ready for the next round. But plan your city carefully! After four seasons, the Winter Moon returns and the game will end. There are buildings to construct, lively characters to meet, events to host— you will have a busy year ahead of you! Will the sun shine brightest on your city before the winter moon rises? Welcome to Everdell!

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PLEASE add a confirmation button!!!
Lil Siddy Bear on 2022-08-09
So there is a lot to love about Everdell, and I truly appreciate all of the effort that has been put into this digital version. It’s beautiful and has so much potential. In true fan style I have been playing tons of games and am LOVING the automated opponents as well as the challenge variants. The bake-off is one of my favorites so far. However, and this is a big however, I have almost quit playing several times in the middle of a game due to game play issues that urgently need to be addressed and fixed. 1. Please add a confirm button after placement of your worker for the love of everything holy. I can’t tell you how many times I have swiped to look at something and instead moved a worker to a one berry spot. It just happened to me today and I lost my king in the meadow which I was about to play after looking around. 2. I achieved an event “Ancient scrolls discovered” with historian and ruins. The event says once achieved REVEAL 5 cards, it gives me the option of drawing any of these into my hand if desired. Instead I placed my worker on the event and it only showed me 4 cards (3 on one screen and 1 more on a swipe screen) it took me a moment to figure out why and it was because I could only draw 4 cards into my hand. However that is not correct game play and this needs to be fixed. In addition I selected to take one of the 5 cards into my hand as the event allows and I ended up only receiving 3 points. The 5th card just wasn’t even acknowledged as existing. So I lost a point and a card option. 3. The game does not allow “Ruins” to be played into a full city even though the creator of the game has explained online at a Q & A that ruins is able to be played into a full city as it replaces an existing construction and occupies that spot. Please fix this. 4. Occupied tokens are another concern. Please please please add a confirmation button. Yesterday I accidentally used my newly acquired Evertree to play a shopkeeper. I was playing the shopkeeper as a preemptive move for playing my queen so I would get a berry back. Instead when I played the shopkeeper I wasn’t paying attention and suddenly it was all over and my Evertree was occupied. My queen promptly went into mourning. 5. Where are the extra cards? Jugglers, scurrbles,etc. I miss them so much! 6. Being able to see at a glance on the Home Screen how many of each color card everyone has would be really helpful. 7. Is there really not an option to choose what worker I want to be. The game randomly changes what I am each game and it is super confusing. Please allow me to choose a worker I prefer at the beginning of each game. 8. When playing a card, on the resources screen if you have an option like when using a crane, dungeon, judge, etc. please show the card that is being played with the full recourse cost listed. The card itself disappears from the main screen and is unable to be viewed during this purchase screen. I have at times totally forgotten what card I am playing and had to guess blindly at my resource options. Once these issues are addressed I will gladly change my review to 5 stars! Thank you again for making this digital option available and I look forward to the improvements and updates with the various expansions!
A work in progress
Johnny Vasquez on 2022-08-09
This is my favorite table top game and the port here is overall great. It looks beautiful, the animations are well done, and it’s nice to have music and sound effects to give life to this world. I LOVE the challenges. They provide some much needed variety of game play to the base game and are genuinely challenging. However I do have two small gripes and one HUGE one. 1. In order to place a worker you have to pick them up and move them. It’s fun the first couple times but it can slow down things a lot trying to line things up. An option to toggle this off would be nice. 2. You can’t pick your critter and they only have four options. These are assigned randomly. It’s not a big deal and I assume more options will come in time. 3. I was so happy to be able to play other people online using this app. However, the game crashes 3 out of 5 times. Usually we get to the last season and then the app hangs during someone’s turn. Then no one can do anything. It’s extremely frustrating. If you’re buying this to play online I’d say give it 3 months for the developers to work out the bugs, otherwise you’re going to waste A LOT of time on unfinished games. I’m so glad to have an Everdell app and I can’t wait for the expansion to be added. I’m also looking forward to the bug fixes that will allow me to play other fans without interruption.
Great so far!
mrlincoln on 2022-08-09
The animations are great. Gameplay is great. This is one of my favorite board games and it works really well. Little worker critters are really cute. Music is great. The challenges are a great idea and excellent so far that I have tried. A nice way to give digital only content to keep it fresh for people play the physical board game a lot. Two areas for improvement i would suggest and plead for: 1) The meadow cards are too small for me to see. I’m on the biggest iPad and the zoom options don’t go in tight enough for me to see. Nice to be able to tap on the cards and enlarge, but the meadow just does not zoom in close enough for me. 2) Also need an undo button for mistakes. 2x in my first game, my navigating around the interface to look for things either played a card or placed a worker I did not intend just by moving around. Needs to be an undo button for that.
Amazing graphics!
Everdell Fan on 2022-08-09
Love this games! Great graphics. I agree with other reviews about placing a card by mistake. There needs to be a confirm button. Also when you use one of the forest locations for trading cards to play the meadow card it isn’t let me play the meadow card. It also is controlling which production cards you play when copying a production from an opponent. It doesn’t see me to activate all production cards when you go into the autumn season. Small glitches but annoying. I don’t see how you can choose your character either as it seems to be assigned randomly. I’d rather be able to choose. I love Everdell and this is a great way to play when you can’t get together for the actual board game. Can’t wait for the extensions to get added!
Dire Wolf *Mostly* Back to Form
FEB777 on 2022-08-09
I’m really thrilled to see Dire Wolf back to form, the form of Raiders of the North Sea, Root, and Yellow and Yangtze. Everdell is a fantastic board game translation to digital. Has a lot of the hallmarks of the classic dire wolf digital board games. Great game, really like this app. Only gripe I have is that they apparently just reused music they had done original for Root and Raiders of the North Sea. Sounds like a mash up of those two. It’s rather jarring, and unfortunate since those original scores from those other games I thought were so wonderful and really added to the experience, would be nice if this had its own nice new score to complete the experience. But otherwise fantastic app.
Succeeds Expectations
kalunamatata on 2022-08-09
I love that the app is just like the tabletop game (with the exception of a few minor changes mentioned in other reviews). I love the additions of the challenges- makes it a lot more interesting for someone who plays solo a lot. More challenges in the future would be nice. The only reason for the one star loss is the zoom capabilities. It’s definitely hard on the eyes after a while, even for someone who has the cards memorized. One workaround that I found is turning the zoom accessibility feature on from my phone settings. It’s not perfect, but its a help until zoom features are added to the app.
Nice Adaptations But Needs Some Fixes
opiechi on 2022-08-09
Graphics, animation and tutorial are terrific. However: 1. Difficult to see where my critters is being placed because my finger is in the way. 2. This would be manageable if there was a confirmation or undo button. I have had so many games ruined due to errant placement. 3. I don’t understand why I can’t choose my critter 4. I play on an iPhone and things can still be very difficult to see or read even zoomed in. I have mistaken the “card” icon for “wood” icon on occasion, also struggles to read text
It’s getting there
tiagojimmy on 2022-08-09
The board game apps I play have all been well made. This game is no exception and Direwolf has done a great job transforming a tabletop game into a wonderful digital experience. There are still some bugs regarding game play and cards that trigger other cards (i.e. the Dungeon has given me some issues). But I expect these bugs to be worked out with some updates. I’ve really enjoyed playing through some of the Challenges. They take the game to the next level. 5 stars when the bugs get fixed.
Good but difficult to see on phones
dustink on 2022-08-09
The text on some cards is impossible to read on iPhones. I’m playing on a 12pro and cards with more than two lines of text are impossibly small. On my iPad it’s much more legible, but a better zoom function would be appreciated. Additionally, when navigating around the play area it’s too easy to accidentally place a worker or play a card. Apart from those two issues, it plays well and is a very good digital port of a beautiful board game.
Great start
gposter on 2022-08-09
I want to give this five stars, because it’s a great game with a creative implementation, but there’s enough small glitches that I’m holding off. It has crashed a few times, it got into a state with no move possible (but state was saved and restarting the app fixed it), and the account login doesn’t allow you to paste a password from your password manager. Forgivable, for an early release, in my book! And it’s a lot of fun in general.

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