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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Expenses OK - the fastest way to track your expenses. The features of the app: - expenses - the handy widget - subcategories - pie diagram - synchronisation - password - Face ID and Touch ID - export to CSV - backups

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Learning to budget young? GET THIS APP
trinjef on 2021-01-21
I’ve been budgeting since about 16 years old. I’ve tried writing out expenses and several other apps but I’ve stuck with this one since I was about 17- now. It is so easy to use and you can edit your categories and add side notes. Income OK pairs well with this app as well. I can keep track of my expenses and figure out what I need to spend less and how much wiggle room I have. Every single purchase I make I immediately log it into this app. You’ll create a good habit.
app is awesome.
zooskSucksAss91836 on 2021-01-21
love this thing. it has trained me to be conscious of every dollar i spend and be able to track it. Life changer as far as expense tracking. Extremely simple and easy to use as well.

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