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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Take a selfie, and make it dance! Animate faces and old photos with hundreds of animations to choose from. Try FaceDance today for free! Don't limit yourself with selfies! Here's how to level up the fun with FaceDance: - Say your baby's first words - Make your boss dance to a hilarious song - Let your pet speak up - Make your boyfriend sing a love song 【 MAKE YOUR PHOTOS SING 】 Just upload a photo, pick your favorite song, and make your photo sing to it! 【 ANIMATE OLD PHOTOS 】 Animate old photos with the Nostalgia mode. Bring black & white photos back to life. 【 TURN FRIENDS INTO MEMES 】 Upload a picture of a friend and make it... —> SING your favorite song —> DANCE to trending beats (and yes, TikTok challenges too!) —> ACT as your favorite movie character! 【 SHARE VIDEOS WITH ONE TAP 】 FaceDance gives you a perfectly optimized video that's ready to share & go viral on TikTok, Instagram, or your favorite chat group! 【 KEEP UP WITH TRENDS & GO VIRAL! 】 We release new dances every day; check in once a day to try new animations on your favorite selfies! ***Copyright*** Codeway attaches great importance to confidentiality, intellectual property rights including copyrights and personal data; takes care to be transparent about them. If you believe in good faith that materials transmitted or created through Facedance App infringe your copyright, your personal right or privacy; you may send us a notice requesting that we remove the Material or block access to it by filling out the Rights Policy Form. For more information, please kindly refer to the Rights Policy Form within the app. **Privacy** Your privacy is our concern. We won't save any of your pictures or animated videos. Check out our privacy policy here: **Terms of Use** Please check our terms of use here: ***Contact*** If you have any questions, or if you'd like to recommend a new song, email us at [email protected] Payment & Subscription Terms: Choose between the following subscription options for unlimited access to all features: 1. Weekly Subscription 2. Annual Subscription FREE TRIAL FOR 3 DAYS - OFFERING UNLIMITED AD-FREE PHOTO ANIMATION FOR A LIMITED TIME **You may cancel your subscription at any time** FaceDance's free trial allows you unlimited ad-free access to all features for three days. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, based on the annual subscription plan, within 24 hours before the end of the three-day free trial period. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time, given that the cancellation is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing an auto-renewing subscription. **Manage your subscription directly from your iPhone** You can cancel the auto-renewal from the Account Settings: - Open the Settings app - Tap your name - Tap Subscriptions - Tap the subscription that you want to manage Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy & EULA:

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Chef2018 on 2022-12-05
Was a little skeptical when the ad popped up. It was actually one advertisement I sat through the entire AD. It seemed like something that would be fun. So I downloaded it and I have to say, the advanced technology is pretty impressive. You can accomplish without purchasing , but it’s worth the $4.99 if you think you will use it a lot.
Demo songs don’t exist in the app
Jmac6421 on 2022-12-05
Decent app, but obvious facial distortions that make a lot of videos creepy/scary. Also, and a BIG DRAWBACK, the “songs” used in their ads do not exist in the app. You basically have access to baa baa black sheep and dongs you’ve never heard. You’ve been warned.
1 star because that’s the lowest option
Jifedq on 2022-12-05
Horrible quality app. Every second spent trying to create a quality/funny video from one of your photos will be an utter waste. You will never get that time back so save yourself now. Not to mention, that they actually charge MONEY for this app. Yikes.
Absolute trash it’s like they spent one dollar on it
karengoldengurl on 2022-12-05
The entire time I was playing this I couldn’t find one video nor photo that I could use to not make it blurry it was extremely blurry I could not even see it Also they made you watch an ad every single time you wanted to do a dance so
rgnhvfnjvfhvnfhv on 2022-12-05
this app is really funny and cool. I did a few of the, and I was laughing for hours. One thing I would recommend is more sounds like YouTube audios for roblox faces? I don’t know, just a suggestion. :)
launica978 on 2022-12-05
Fun for a minute
Ghost83187 on 2022-12-05
This is a cool and funny technology but it’s not worth the cost and I lost interest very quickly. It probably is the funniest when used with a picture of your child.
A few versions from really awesome
Bingospace on 2022-12-05
I think they are very close, but the selection is still fairly close, and the animation is a little off. I can’t wait to see where they go with it!
Face dance
roman_geiffwy on 2022-12-05
This app is so fun to use the only thing I have negative for this is that in some pictures the mouth doesn’t move. But otherwise amazing!
Amazing 🤩
[email protected]$🤑 on 2022-12-05
I am so happy with this app you can use pics you have or even pics from other people.definitely get this app now!😊☺️😆😀😄

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