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May, 2021


May, 2021



Get fit to win! Avoid those tasty but BAD burgers, feed on cucumbers and get through the obstacles. Sprint to victory with your new found fitness.

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Amazing game!!!!
__G79__ on 2021-06-17
This is such a great, great game on so many levels! First, the gameplay is fantastic and implemented flawlessly. The graphics are awesome, and the animations reach Pixar levels. I feel blessed to be able to cast my eyes on that beautiful lady (no matter what her shape is she stays gorgeous, sexy and fun!) move athletically through those amazing environments. The levels are designed in a way which always feels fresh and rewarding - the variety in obstacles is incredible. Give those developers an Oscar or whatever the video games industry equivalent is!!! I particularly love the trampolines and how my beauty’s love handles shake (not to mention her J.Lo level booty) when jumping high and reaching the upper echelons of a level - yes, you can choose different paths depending on your body mass index!!!! Super exciting and rewarding, and the eating takes a whole new strategic dimension! There is so much content I think this game must have been in the works for a few years: loads of characters to collect, each with their own animations and special moves. Look out of the robot and the shark man, they are awesome and would give the Avengers a run for their money!!!!!! You can even collect different types of food depending on what you fancy eating today!!!!! Absolutely fantasmabulous!!!!! And then there is the message. So deep it is almost philosophical. If the Dalai Lama made a game it would not come close to this level of wisdom. Don’t listen to the haters out there saying it is a body shaming game. It’s not at all. It’s an educational game. In the famous word of famous French philosopher Albert Boltaire Camus, “don’t eat too rich food if you want to run far, like the tortoise in order to beat the hare”. These we’re different times, but it still rings true: it simply teaches you to pay attention to your diet, especially if you are put in a combat situation. When I fought in the French Korean War, I too had to make sure my weight was low enough as otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to jump across the river Kwai. You just do what this game says and eat cucumbers, you’ll feel better for it and your gut and intestines will thank you!!!!
this isn’t it.
pxtheticxx on 2021-06-17
looking past the lazy presets these types of games LOVE using (which is a clear marketing tactic, as dumb as it seems), this is an incredibly harmful game. i find it hilarious people in these reviews are actually trying to defend this. let’s break this down on why this is CLEARLY wrong. “eating one burger=not fit?” do people realize how harmful this is to spread? not only will this affect people who struggle with their weight in general, this can affect YOUNG CHILDREN AND THEIR EATING HABITS. yes, it is not healthy to be overweight, i think that’s been established, but how is this game going to slide by with “3 burgers=overweight”. it is so incredibly triggering to people who struggle with eating disorders, and can put these people back into the same mindset they were in. also, are we just going to gloss over the fact this game is, intentionally or not, shaming fat people. with the same toxic “skinny is equal to healthy” message. listen, i am aware that in MOST cases it’s unhealthy to be overweight. however, i feel like people don’t realize bigger people can have amazing eating habits and diets. which is a healthier eating habit? a skinny person who eats fast food every single day, or a fat person who eats veggies and fruit every day? weight isn’t always equal to how healthy a person is, and i’m tired of that being the mindset of some people. i think the main concern with this game in general is putting people into bad mindsets with how they look, and even making YOUNG CHILDREN feel like if they eat a few burgers that they are “fat”. looking past that? this is a poorly made game lol, it’s clearly just a “game” that only exists for the profit made from it.
aWaRmb0wLOf_SoUp on 2021-06-17
Whoever made this game is a horrible person. I know many people that are minors and have suffered from ED and are still recovering as well. This game is unrealistic and could show little kids that you’ll die from eating a single hamburger and get extremely healthy from a cucumber/ pickle? I and many other people find this absolutely disgusting. Things like this promote ED and could eventually lead to suicide. the creator of this is game is probably a Cisgender heterosexual man that wants his women to be extremely skinny and believes everyone that doesn’t look like a living bratz doll isn’t cute. you are an absolutely horrible person and should remove this game from the app store. it isn’t fun being shamed for your weight. as an individual that has suffered from an ED multiple times and is currently recovering from one, this is unacceptable.
People Need To Wake Up To Reality
Harmony Rosetta on 2021-06-17
I like this game I really do, my cousin and I saw the ad for it and I decided to download it. Ever since it’s been fun and stuff. But here is the thing, people need to wake up to reality. This game isn’t offensive it’s facts. It’s not the most realistic I admit but you people need to wake up to the truth. Being fat can cause you to not be able to do the things skinny people can do, and that’s not rude it facts. Everyone knows that if a skinny person walked on glass it wouldn’t break as easily and if a fat person walked on glass it would break a lot easier. People need to see the truth. Your weight hinders what you can physically do and I’m not saying skinny people are better then fat people but you people are not saying correct things. Fat people are still wonderful people and beautiful and God loves them the same no matter what.
Offensive and Misinformative
The_Ender_PigHD on 2021-06-17
This Game is most likely going to be played by kids who dont know fantasy from reality, so the theme of the game is already really bad for a kids understanding on health. If you really want to teach people to eat healthy youd explain it in a friendlier and a way that kids can understand, not just eating “bad food” = fat and “good food” = skinny. Also, many people cant control their weight or their natural comfy weight is more than average, so again this game is very mis-informative. Even if the intent of making the game wasn’t bad, that doesnt mean the affects of the game should just be ignored. Intent does not save you from being held accountable for things, and the best action would be for the maker of the game to either change the game to use accurate examples or simply, delete the game.
Adjustments ideas
Dereon Kymira on 2021-06-17
I think you shouldn’t have the glass walking level because when you get the burger, you break the glass and I find that offensive that you/ y’all mail it like that. I find that as body shaming and that’s just wrong. Many people in this world get fat/ body shamed just of the way they are made. They can control that, but that is still offensive. I would just say to remove that ending when you have to jump over the counter and break the glass because (not being a Karen) I find that very sad because many people can break glass and not just (not tryna be rude) fat people can break glass. Just be fair to others and think about what you did to this game and how other people feel when you play it. Figure out what goes around in your head.
Clearly paying for reviews…
randomnamecuzeverythingistaken on 2021-06-17
No seriously. Why? Who thought this was a good idea? In a day and age where diet culture influences the eating habits of so many people (including me, who is already underweight and unfortunately lost another 5 pounds this month) a game like this is the last thing that we need. I don’t care how exaggerated the game appears to be, the message is the same. The subconscious, unavoidable message that sticks in your brain, is the same: fat is bad, skinny is good. Motivating people to eat healthy is a good thing (for example using cucumbers to make you faster and burgers to make you slower) but a game like this affects how people see themselves.
|Body shaming|
Naomee/ on 2021-06-17
This game is beyond unbelievable there is no necessary reason why this game should have been made. This game includes body shaming which could offend others such as when u eat junk u get fat and when eaten vegetables u get skinny. It also shows that when you eat to much junk and u get “ Fat “ u are unable to get across obstacles but when skinny u are able to get over the obstacles perfectly fine all body’s are perfect no matter what shape or size this game needs to be taken down immediately this is no way shape or form funny or interesting this game is actually intriguing.
the game is cute but the idea of it..
Azariyah.B❤️ on 2021-06-17
I think this game is cute but in my own personal opinion it does promote body shaming. Especially since the app is 12+. 12-13 year olds tend to get very insecure about their weight and this app is based on shaming fat bodies. As you can see if you play the game and eat a burger you get very large and chubby. If you have children I don't recommend this game to them because children shouldn't have to worry about their bodies at such a young age! The idea from this game is to not eat burgers, its not promoting fat shaming at all.
Absolutely Disgusting
Xinnoe on 2021-06-17
This app is very fat phobic. And whoever made this game should be ashamed. "Your diet your choice". People can have eating disorders yknow. Plus eating 1 burger will gain weight and eating 1 pickle will loose weight? And plus it's hard for some people to get to the beauty standards. I'm 10 years old myself and these types of apps makes me feel more awful about my body then I'm already am. So whoever made this app, your disgusting. And whoever made this app go take a shower for once an think about the app you made.

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