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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Swipe your finger to guide your character and break the boxes. Eat all foods and collect coins to make the fattest pusher ever! Collect all coins and upgrade skills. Very easy to play and fun! Game Features: - Free to play - Simple swipe control - Challenge your friends

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Listen up
ZlangeGamer on 2021-03-04
Ok, so the only reason I downloaded this app is to write a review. This is my first ever review and it is so frustrating to keep seeing this dumb app show up on ads. There are so many problems with this idea. #1 - This app is literally telling you to become fat to win. #2 - there are multiple apps that have the same concept as this and I’m getting the feeling that all games that have this art style are made by the same people/company. #3 - I’ve seen reviews on this game and most of the complaints are because of the ads. I’ve checked the game out for myself and there are ads every minute. I know to make money on your game, you have to get ads and all that, but come on man. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
Halo on 2021-03-04
Ok so overall it’s an okay game, just a few things. So first: I get that it’s just a game and all but there are little kids playing this and I don’t think it’s a good idea to put the idea that “you need to not be fat” and just how it says “fattest” “fat” “normal” “skinny” “super skinny” like it’s not a good thing to be putting that in a child’s head. 2: I’ve seen a lot of people say this but it’s true-WAY TO MANY GLITCHES! It doesn’t matter that much, but it’s annoying. 3: Wayyyyyyyy to many ads. Like I get that you need them to make money and get people to play your other games but seriously it’s annoying.
Makes my insecurities go up
drhogigjrkrfijr on 2021-03-04
Im at a normal weight right now and seeing this game of losing and gaining weight and using the words skinny,skinniest,fat,fastest makes my self esteem go low and hate my body and struggle with self love and that I get body shamed every day the title is very offense and fatphobic the “fat pusher” I can’t imagine people with weight issues or problems seeing this the game app should be 20+ that’s why we have body posit itch it’s to support people like men and women to be happy about their body and appreciate it extremely triggering to people with eating disorders like anorexia,bulimia,and orthoxia
This is extremely harmful.
StyleS_40 on 2021-03-04
As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder I’ve got to say this game is toxic. Advertising cake and waffles etc as “fat foods” is rude and untrue. Everything is okay in moderation, with this being said it is important to know that it is this kind of stuff that leads young (and adult) minds into the eating disorder mentality. People may not recognize it, but this app can put thoughts of “fat phobia” into people’s minds. Eating disorders are one of the deadliest disorders a person can have, so I urge app developers to reconsider this app.
FancyFoxy on 2021-03-04
Fun yeah sure. Does anyone else think that this game is kinda offensive to fat people?? Just me? ... Everyone’s saying too many adds. I never get adds. The game is fun I guess but I think it’s offensive. “Fat, Fattest, skinny??” Cmon people humans are better than this. ”Normal???!!” No such thing. Everyone has a different body shape and it doesn’t matter what it is. I don’t think this game is good it’s one star I added a star because the actual game is fun but I HATE the concept
hdjfirot on 2021-03-04
This game kept on popping up while I was playing some games so I decided to get it at first it had barely any ads but then the dumb ads kept in coming every freaking second I played one round then an ad came up then I played the next round then another freaking ad came up. If y’all are the people who hate ads in your games then don’t get this game it is so bad cause of the ads and even if you do t care that much about ads popping up on your games still don’t get this game it sucks.
Offensive game.
Fire Qween on 2021-03-04
First look at the title of the game. “Fat pusher” that in itself is offensive. I understand that concept and understand the game is not meant to be offensive, but it is. In the ad, it had a scale above the persons head. It said “110lbs” and it showed them as quite big. This is not only a rude thing for people struggling with weight issues and getting body shamed, but it is also an inaccurate depiction of weight and how it is described. I won’t play this game every again.
It’s ok
Lupitary on 2021-03-04
Hello, i’m here to tell you my pros and my cons on this mobile game. 1. The game is all good itself. But I feel like kids will start body shaming older people. 2. This game can hurt older/Kids/teens that are a little bit on the plus size. 3. Overall this game is wonderful! I would really recommend. I gave it 4 stars because there is multiple ad’s which gets annoying. I love this game and I think everybody should!
Stupid game.
fcjfjcnsksj on 2021-03-04
This game upsets me so much to see how it’s being rude about people’s weights. You may think I’m a Karen for being like “omg this game is rude” but no it’s actually very disrespectful to those trying to lose weight! The ads are incredibly rude and can make people feel bad about themselves. I don’t know why this person made this game and probably wont respond but this game is rude.
MsTrin12 on 2021-03-04
I thought from the ads this game would be really good but turns out this game glitches a lot and there is also so many ads like every time I finish a round it takes me to a ad like every single would think this is the right game for you but it’s not this game just makes other people feel self-centered about their body.NOW JUST PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!

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