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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



■ America’s Favorite Rewards App - ■ #1 Best Cash Back App for 2022 - Motley Fool ■ Must-Have Shopping App - App Store Fetch turns your receipts into free gift cards and cash back from your favorite retailers. Scan receipts or e-receipts from any store or restaurant, then redeem your points to earn gift cards, make charitable donations, enter sweepstakes, and more! There’s no coupon clipping or chasing down deals. With our cash back app, you’ll earn rewards and unlock savings on every purchase you make. ■ How Fetch Works 1. Make purchases anywhere - grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, gas stations, and more 2. Snap pics of your receipts to earn points 3. Redeem your points for gift cards, cash, and more 4. Earn extra points with featured brands, Special Offers, and friend referrals ■ Seriously, Every Receipt Counts Scan receipts for money. If it’s a receipt, it’ll earn you points. You’ll get 25+ points for every receipt you snap! Get receipt rewards points at any grocery store, hardware store, restaurant, or retailer. Gas stations, liquor stores, and drug stores count, too. More points = more rewards = more cash back. Everyday savings, here we come! Redeem rewards for hundreds of popular stores and brands, including: ~ CVS ~ Chipotle ~ Sam’s Club ~ Home Depot ~ Starbucks ■ Online Purchases Also Earn Points For You Earn gift cards online. Submit your eReceipts with just a tap, right in the app. It’s that easy! Earn points and save money every time you make purchases from popular online retailers like: ~ Amazon ~ Walmart ~ UberEats ~ Target ~ Best Buy ~ And dozens more! ■ Get Extra Points on 500+ Popular Brands Fetch partners with tons of popular brands to help you earn more eRewards on your favorite stuff. You’ll earn points no matter what you buy, but you’ll get extra points when you buy from popular brands like Colgate, Ben & Jerry’s, Pepsi, and more! ■ Earn Points Fast, with Special Offers Special Offers reward you with tons of points for buying specific items, shopping at certain stores, and eating at popular restaurants. Discover new products and score more rewards. ■ Earn Free Gift Cards with Fetch Easily redeem points for your favorite rewards. Earn Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, eBay gift cards, PSN gift cards, and more! Turn your receipts into cash, coffee, Uber rides, flights: whatever you’d like! ■ Get Your Favorites from the App Store Use points to get free iTunes and Apple gift cards that can be used to purchase movies, music, apps, and in-game currency like Robux, PokéCoins, and more! ■ Use Your Points for Good By Donating Them to a Charity Want to use your points to help others in need? Redeem points for donations to a charity of your choice. Choose from organizations like the American Red Cross, Girls Who Code, NAACP, and dozens more. ■ Unlock More Savings with Fetch Clubs With Fetch, you’ll have access to Clubs like General Mills Good Rewards, Huggies Rewards+ and Pepsi Tasty Rewards. Clubs help you earn more points and give you access to exclusive content and giveaways. New, exciting clubs are right around the corner! ~ General Mills Good Rewards Treat yourself to offers and content from your favorite General Mills brands ~ Huggies Rewards+ Earn extra rewards on every Huggies purchase, like diapers and baby wipes! ~ Pepsi Tasty Rewards Unlock exclusive recipes, giveaways & more! ■ Earn a Ton of Points | Refer Friends, Enter Sweepstakes & More You can earn thousands of points by referring friends to Fetch. You’ll get at least 2,000 points when someone signs up using your referral code, and snaps their first receipt. Fetch sweepstakes, giveaways, and in-app experiences give you even more ways to earn points that you can use for free gift cards. ■ Connect with Friends & Family Now, you can Fetch with all of your friends! Compete in our monthly Leaderboard challenges, keep up with your friends’ points activity, and more.

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Loved it until I couldn’t log in
Ms RoJo on 2022-10-07
**UPDATE** After hearing back from customer service (only a few days after my review - how awesome is that), they were able to assist me with getting my issue resolved as it appears after my phone’s software update, my settings were off so I deleted the app and was able to load it back and then my access worked! So I was wrong and the App isn’t trash like I thought. It can take time to build points but I save my receipts anyway so why not scan and earn points! This is a WIN for me again! [OLD] I first downloaded this app after seeing it a couple of times on a blog. I figured what’s the harm since I love saving and having the ability to redeem points. I eventually had a few family & friends sign up. I was almost at 20,000 and now I can’t sign in and I’m very disappointed! It can take some time to build points and I get this far to be blocked out. Trash!
Fetch Wes
Me2/4/83 on 2022-10-07
I LOVE this app!! I’ve earned so many gift cards that I’m able to use on my family and I; and I’ve also been able to use them to make those donations to those in need. I’m not at all wealthy myself but when I see people with kids struggling to feed the lil ones it breaks me! With this app I can earn with the little money I do have to get food etc for the ppl that I can’t refuse help. Wes is a perfect cheerleader (but in a very manly way). Constant give always, ways to earn extra and did I mention Wes!? Anyway, you should DEFINITELY utilize this app while they are still able to run their business. Biden is succeeding in killing our economy so it shouldn’t be long now!
A++, even if the receipt is fading away, it still try’s getting everyone points!
LoxkedN Hennessyy on 2022-10-07
Amazing, easy, fast rewarding app that I’ve personally ever used! No fidden requirements, no hidden surveys, nothing. Even my 5year old daughter can use it, and she loves it! And she can’t even read everything, so yes it’s very easy. And they payouts don’t take a lot either! And u don’t have to shop a lot to get to a payout either. Just make sure any and every receipt u get/find/come to make sure u snap it to your rewards! And it also helps if u need to return something to a store and can’t find the receipt or can’t read it due to fading but have it on the app, a lot of stores will allow u to use it to prove the purchase in order to return something !
MrsbaC on 2022-10-07
I had started using this app several years ago. I really liked it but it was taking me a while to start racking up my points. Over the years I had finally accumulated between 70,000-80,000 points. I was unable to use my points since my phone would NOT let me update the app. Therefore...I lost ALL my points. I feel that if you’ve taken the time to scan receipts and earn your points, you should be able to keep them forever until you use them. Regardless if you’ve updated or not. This has left a very bad impression to me about using this app!!! 😡🤬😡🤬😡!!!
Please add Kroger!
Robyn19 on 2022-10-07
I’ve pretty much stopped shopping at the local Walmart because they get stuff wrong so much. We switched to Kroger because it's cheaper per year for their delivery membership (my city has no brick and mortar location, only delivery.) however, Kroger is bot on the retailers list for points/rewards. I can only get points now if I shop at the more expensive grocery stores or if I order door dash. I would have provably double the points if they accept Kroger receipts. Otherwise, this app is awesome!
Great Way to get cash back
Lizzie1950 on 2022-10-07
I like the app for its ease and never crashing. I like the idea that when you save up enough points for rewards they have a really quick turn around. Also the incentive to earn more points by trying different products is a plus! I’ve added this part to my review! I had a charge that was incorrect and the vendor said only with a copy of your receipt can we look into it! I couldn’t find it but…. My Fetch Rewards app had it…. yayyyyy and they corrected the error!!!!!
Good potential but glitchy
alixxvic on 2022-10-07
Great opportunity but this app keeps glitching. Especially everytime I try connecting my Amazon account. It connects, then immediately logs out and says it can’t connect. Really frustrating. Also whenever there’s pop ups the options (like allow or don’t allow) don’t show so I have no idea what I’m hitting. I also don’t like the little music with the cartoons when you scan a receipt. It interrupts my music and such.
So easy!
Ladylonglegs21 on 2022-10-07
Omg I wish I found this earlier in life! I used to use mypoints but it’s a pain in the butt. Love this! The only thing I don’t like is it won’t acknowledge my grocery pickup receipts bc they’re a full page of 8x11 paper. I miss out on a ton of points bc of that. It doesn’t get them from my email either. That’s why I gave it 4 stars.
A little frustrating
rachmary on 2022-10-07
I have been missing out on thousands of points because it doesn’t give me credit for any of my instacart receipts. Most time it doesn’t even pick up the receipt in my email. It’s really annoying! Some times my Walmart instacart should have 2,000 points or give credit to gm but it doesn’t just gives me 25 pts. Otherwise I love it!
harleygirl34 on 2022-10-07
We love fetch but it’s starting to get frustrating as well because we never get the point we are supposed to get. From chip to breakfast bars all way to starburst suckers. We have lost out on at least 6000 points this year. I’m sure it’s more than that. Again we love it but also about done with it all also due to points not givin out

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