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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Now that you have completed your supermarket shopping, are you back home and ready to fill the fridge? Amazing! Start filling using different objects, groceries, beverages and many more items in fridge shelves and try to fit them all. Empty your shopping baskets one by one, find perfect spots to sort and fridge restock to play however you like! Fill The Fridge! is a real life sorting game and a puzzle game with a fun kitchen team for you to play! Fridge organizing is a tricky business but extremely fun! This is ◉ Brain teasing fridge organization ◉ Unlock delicious foods and more items ◉ Satisfying Refill Feeling ◉ Amazing ASMR Experience ◉ FILL IT ALL THE WAY UP! This is one of the coolest organization games and after playing this game, you will love to restock, sort and boost up your refrigerator game!

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Pretty good. Some flaws.
rose9463 on 2022-07-02
This game is good. It shows you a sense of organization and I think it’s really good for people to relax and entertain themselves. But as I’ve gotten further in the game, there have been more and more ads. This really annoys me, every time I try to organize, it moves me to an ad. It’s also frustrating when the ad does not let me out and back to the game. Overall it’s a good game. It’s addicting because it’s good. Again I think it shows a sense of organization. There is also a very small amount of drawers to put and organize everything you are given. More drawers would be helpful in some levels. I’m only in the beginning of the game, but most of the things that are given are things that mostly girls use, again I’m only in the beginning of the game, but I wish that some levels could be associated with things that boys use as well. Right now, it is makeup and girl’s products. Overall a good game, but like anything in life, there is room for improvement. If you like this game, I encourage you to download it, but keep these things in mind. Thank you for reading!
It’s okay but could use less ads;/
Tsukii<3 on 2022-07-02
The game is super fun,relaxing,and entertaining!it’s just I really get ads every minute..which I don’t mind the ads but it does bother me at times which I hate.but either way,the game is great,it’s very fun and it’s not a bad game at all.BUT ALSO! Could use some updates on the ads,less ads,I love the organization and it helps me take my mind off of things,for ex sole if I’m somewhere where I don’t want to be I start playing helps me take my mind off of things and just think about me and the game.however when I go shopping with my mom🚗🚗I don’t have to use my parents Personal hotspot that’s one thing I love about the don’t have to use Data/WI-FI for this game,where ever you go this game you won’t have to be using WiFi or hotspot.this game is great and very entertaining when I slip my AirPods In and start listening to musing and get into this’s very well!! ⠀ ︵ Bye~ (''\(●-●) \ / 0\ \ ( )'' \__T__/
What am I paying for
Lizaroche on 2022-07-02
This game has potential to be great. When I got to the game it understandably had a lot of ads. I didn’t mind splurging and getting the ad free edition which was $2.99. However if I knew the game developers were going to rip me off I wouldn’t have wasted my time. After each level there is still an ad, to play any bonus level you have to watch an ad and guess what…. to fully finish a level YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD. Why did I pay $2.99 for no ads only to still have to watch ads. Yes, they no longer interrupt my game 5 times before finishing a level but I still have to waste so much time being forced to watch an ad. This game is such a disappointment and a total rip off. Don’t waste your time or money. If the developers change their ad rip off and actually make it so paying customers don’t have to watch a single ad, then I’d change my rating for sure.
Great game!!
Potter_fan03 on 2022-07-02
I have been playing this game for a day or so, it is the perfect game for car trips. While my mom drives I can just play this game and listen to music. A few things to fix would definitely be the add problem. I am getting so many adds and I get angry very easily at this. There is an add or two every round!! They are also long and some are not skipable. Also, some adds are very inappropriate and I am 12 so I should not be seeing things like that. I’m getting adds for that on episode game and it’s not age appropriate. But you could always turn off your wifi and don’t get any adds. Anyways great game! 8 out of 10.
Fun game but wayyyy too many ads
Heebs317 on 2022-07-02
After about 10 minutes of playing, I had to delete this app. There are just way too many ads. I've never been annoyed with ads on other games before this one. It seems like every other drawer you open, an ad pops up. Some drawers are even inaccessible unless you watch a 30 second long ad. I feel like I watched more ads than playing the actual game, and it's a shame because the game is actually really fun. It just got way too annoying to play with how many times you have to stop what you're doing every 10 seconds to watch an ad. Ads in moderation are fine, but this is just way too much.
ridiculous amount of ads
zoe_ishot on 2022-07-02
this game had so much potential because it is a fun, creative idea. however the ads are infuriating. nearly everytime you finish a section of the fridge, there will be another ad. this means you cant even play for 30 seconds without having a 45 second long UNSKIPPABLE ad. they put fake Xs too, so theres really no way to speed up the process. if you try to exit out of the game, it will delete the process on your fridge as well. if youre looking to spend your time watching inappropriate ads, then this is the game for you.
Crashes constantly
Girly339 on 2022-07-02
Fun when you can play. The frequent crashing makes it bad. I have had to restart a level 10+ times because one of the 500 ads glitches and makes the game crash and resets the level I was on. I gave it 30 minutes but I can’t complete the current level before it crashes. I have it updated but it still crashes. Perhaps if the only had ads in between levels it would fix the issues. As it is now I think their server is being overwhelmed because it can’t always load the ad and when that happens the game resets itself.
game hack
Alexissisiisiis on 2022-07-02
so i’ve become obsessed with this game and i’m currently on level 127. i usually don’t write game reviews but i love this one bc it’s easy and honestly soothes me. if you hate ads like i do i literally just turn the cellular data off on the game via settings and play without wifi. no ads!! only down side is videos give you more time and cool prizes but if you’re using it just to relax this hack is nice. i hope i don’t run out of levels bc i need this game to keep me sane 10/10 recommend
Too many ads
SparkRev on 2022-07-02
I have been playing this game for about a day and it is relaxing. The one issue I have are the adds. I keep getting this one add were you tap on a woman’s but and she farts while cuddling. This game is not made for kids. Most times I’ll be playing the game and my phone which is and XR starts to heat up way faster than any other game. What gets on my nerves the most is when I tap on a drawer it makes me watch an add. This game is fun sometimes, but it NEEDS work.
Paying for ad-free doesn’t get rid of ads
Hannah Beavers on 2022-07-02
I really enjoy the game but at first the ads made it really unplayable because it kept interrupting the rounds with ads. I decided to pay the 3.00$ to get rid of the ads thinking it would be worth it. It was not, while the round is no longer interrupted with ads, before and after each round there is still an ad. I feel like it’s false advertising to have a customer pay 3 dollars for ad free and then it not actually be ad free. Wish I could get a refund.

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