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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Want to sneak into your boyfriend's phone? You get angry if you do it in reality, right? But ok, this is a game! This game is an application that unlocks the smartphone that was hung in various ways without barre to the boyfriend. Can you release it without your boyfriend?

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Wow. Just wow.
Happy657 on 2020-07-15
I originally got an ad for this and was immediately intrigued. Couldn't help it though because it was the ad for a solid 3 of my games that would not stop popping up. Then i saw the reviews. Then I thought i would just see how awful this game actually is. I massively overestimated. First off the graphics kept glitching, they weren't even high quality yet somehow they took way too long to load. Second of all i couldn't even get passed episode one. The mini games were easy but every time i got an ad during it the entire game crashed and i would have to start over again from the beginning of the episode. And finally, just from looking at the other reviews, I'm kinda afraid to even look at a full play though of this thing. The violence is really off, and considering this game seems more like a game show set up, which is creative, it would make sense to not have violence be published as the key way to punish a cheater. Its a very toxic message that is being thrown at people even if not intentional. Overall ill probably never touch this app again unless its 2am on a Saturday and I'm bored as hell.
Bruh Momento
Bekboss6590 on 2020-07-15
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The “peak” of terrible mobile games in 2020.
AdeptUTZ on 2020-07-15
Ah yes, I’d love to see a Voodoo-like company making terrible mobile games in 2020, and having to repeat the same levels after 0.00001 hours of play time. When I played this game for a while now, most of the ads literally gave me brain cancer. The game deliberately drowns you in ads after EVERY—SINGLE—LEVEL. Seriously. Whoever actually likes these games don’t even realize that the “gameplay” is watching ads for almost over half of the time. Voodoo should be held accountable for their actions, instead of leaving a fat line of inspiration for greedy mobile game developers to make cash-grab games. I honestly have given up hope for the future of mobile games. I’m struggling every single day to find an actual good mobile game, thanks to you. Congratulations! NOW GET LOST.
Wish I could give it 0 stars!(please read if downloading)
Fortnite wont let me play!!! on 2020-07-15
So I saw it and I thought it was gonna be fun I first looked at the reviews and I took a chance.1.i was thinking it would maybe take a min to load 2 I WAITED FOR 20MINS AND IT STILL DIDNT LET ME PLAY UGH! 3 I want to play but I can’t and idk why!if I got to play I would have gave a better one but this game NEEDS to be fixed(the bug)It’s really stupid that I have to wait and it still won’t let me play it kinda crashes and it’s so annoying I might just delete it...I recommend u not to download this cheaters game or whatever cause I’m not really a person to wait for a long time .Please fix this I might delete it!!I just wanted to play it and I’m sorry for saying it again but fix it!Maybe some others want to play and there’s is like this!!!thank u for ur time!
Potentially a Great Game
on 2020-07-15
Yes, most mobile games are ad heavy, but this game actually had potential. The developer(s), of course, ruins the gameplay with said ads. It forces you to either buy the .99 removal or delete the app. Who seriously buys no ads for a game they will delete a week later? No one, so stick to “coins” and “gems”. It would, actually, boost sales if you remove most ads. -There I go rambling again- Nobody wants to continue to play a game if you always have ads in your face. The game, as said before, had potential, but wasn’t used. (Can’t do anything about it though, so if you enjoy it, great! If not, great!)
I wish I could give NO stars
Mrs.NGS on 2020-07-15
Omg! This game is sooo bad where do I start?! First off, this game makes all men seem like no good cheaters but that’s not true. The violence at the end of each level doesn’t help either. I mean why do you have to slap the guy?! It doesn’t make sense. There is also very bad designing. All the people look like they weren’t Venn checked to make sure they looked good! This game isn’t even that fun! I mean it’s just the same stuff over and over again! I mean cheating is bad but going through everyone’s way to ‘catch’ someone is worse. Delete this game if you have it and don’t get it if you don’t.
bleh .
rhfushgwvfjejwb on 2020-07-15
honestly .. the game wouldn’t let me go to the next level , i think it glitched ? when i got out of the app thinking that it was going to fix the problem it didn’t . it wouldn’t go to the levels & i only played ONE level . only ONE . the rest wouldn’t load . DON’T GET THIS GAME . it’s a waste of time & energy getting it . i’m not saying it won’t work for others but it didn’t work for me & for the other people who’s reviews on this game was a 1 star . if the game isn’t going to act right what’s the point in still having it on the app store ? take it off . pls & thanks .
Find proof is terrible
Bob3217 on 2020-07-15
I should have listen to all the bad reviews. It had so much ads you barely got to play it at all. It paused for no reason and burned up my phone . It is also sexist telling woman that all MEN are cheaters. It is not like woman do not cheat too. My girlfriend cheated on me so that is proof that woman do cheat. You also get bored of it after a while especially with all the ads. You can not go without ten seconds before an ad starts. Almost all the ads are of popping pimples off of people’s feet.
The level 2 Key
Pepiqua on 2020-07-15
I’m giving it two stars since I have a problem.Yeah sure, the game was fun and all for the first level.Since that is the only level I could play, for some reason the key wouldn’t work on level two.It said to “swipe” but I didn’t know In which direction so I tried all directions yet it still didn’t work.Im not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m doing it wrong.The key wouldn’t move.So that means I couldn’t get to the other levels.And that’s bummer because the game looked pretty entertaining.
bdfyhddhej on 2020-07-15
This game is so bad I got caught once and it bring up an ad I mean really I don’t wanna see a ad it just kicked me out as soon as I got to the 2 checkpoint like come on I will rather watch my little pony then play this and am only in my teens I teachers kids wrong they should not be following people unless they’re playing a game with her friends and they have to follow their friends come on if my daughter plays this I wish ground her not really but you get it

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