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May, 2020


May, 2020



NOTE: A device with at least 3 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly. Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! With cutting-edge animatronic entertainers that will knock your kids' socks off, as well as customized pizza catering, no party is complete without Circus Baby and the gang! Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment. NOTE: Game entirely in English. #MadeWithFusion

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The Remastered is Excellent! But...
I play random games on 2020-06-05
Overall, I really liked the remastered 2020 version compared to the one I played last year. Mobile players really get to feel the same ascetic the PC players get to enjoy. However, there are some problems though. The Circus Baby minigame is a little difficult. The controls are pretty hard to get a hold of. Same with night 4. Now, I personally don’t think night 4 was really hard, I beat it on my second try, but moving the camera to get to the next lock could be much more easier with more sensitive controls. Also, during night 5 when Circus Baby guides you to the scooping room, you could make it more clear how to go forward and left when she tells you to. I literally had to look it up on how to go forward and left on that part. Other than that, the remastered is pretty good, and most of what I said are just little nit picks.
Please fix night 5
GamerMoment#5 on 2020-06-05
Literally every time I play through night 5 the same thing happens. I go through the room, enter the code, collect the key, and leave the room. Then the animatronic girl tells me to go forward then stop. Then she tells me to go forward and left. I’ve tried at least 30 possible combinations to how I’m supposed to go forward and left and none of them work. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if every single time I retry I have to go to the room, type in a completely randomized code with perfect timing, and watch the whole 45 second cutscene. I have tried so many times to go forward and left and literally every single time I die to a jump scare. Walking through a room should not be this difficult in a video game.
Good game, but night 4 has a few...issues
VincentPalmiero on 2020-06-05
I love the entire FNaF series. It’s a major classic, and the entire series is brilliant. But this game’s new update has some...issues. On Night 3, the Bonnie puppet didn’t show up. And I died af least a few hundred times before beating it. If that was on purpose, then you did a good job, Scott. However, Night 4 is...odd. A lot of the puppets coming in don’t show up. And it’s a little too dark to see anything. I did like the premise of the update, though, to make it more like the computer version. But this game has a few problems. Like the five star rating another person posted, take your time but please-make those issues go away. But aside from that, I loved the game!
Great! But....
Dam1an Ortiz on 2020-06-05
This game is amazing I love the new update except for two things which is night 4 and 5 in night 4 keeping the spring locks wound up is literally impossible! The old mobile version was very easy but the new one is hard! Plz nerf it. Also on night 5 going forward and left is very annoying and confusing. It’s not like the old edition where you hold left. Also Ennard is literally impossible! I’ve been stuck on him for like 2 years! And now I can’t get back to him because I’m stuck on night 4 because it’s hard plz fix this. Other than that this game is really good now night 2 and 3 are fun and amazing I love the new update! (Except for what i said)
Night four
~Luna~:) on 2020-06-05
I love the game to be honest but I can’t pass night four I thought I could get past the level in two hours but It’s been two days and I still can’t pass it so I just wanted to write this so maybe you could make it a bit easier but this is a review so here is my review so far. This game is amazing my family thinks it’s a waste of money but I don’t think that I think that this game is worth the money because I’ve been trying to get this game for years now and since my sister bought me an Apple gift card I got it and I love it I’m still trying to pass night four but after that I think it gets easier :)
Corn cake5 on 2020-06-05
Look with staying in quarantine it gets boring and I really want you guys to make a new fanaf that fits the story line not like how it felt like you skipped ahead to sister location but fit The storyline sister location at that last Second of the ending The animaTronic was in the room so you should leave off with that and make it like the kid is in it like for real won’t kill you so she is her just not in her body and then they all find there body’s and go back to them and Freddy faz bears pizzeria is back open but then the story line happens again but with new animalTronics
The Funtime Freddy is dumb
AKingNinja on 2020-06-05
Funtime Freddy part is impossible I don’t like this part because when you die you have to do baloras gallery ever time and you have to restart all of the rooms and I was on the last one my danger level was so low and when I got off the tablet thing I died at least make a checkpoint when you finish one row of rooms and put a checkpoint after you are done with bolloras room plz fix I would appreciate it I payed like 4 dollars and it was a waste of many plz fix and I will get this back
Great Game!
345821340 on 2020-06-05
Now this might not matter for most people, But Scott, night four is just a little to hard. I honestly think that I would’ve had the custom night by now if it wasn’t for night 4. So Scott maybe you should make night three end with no Funtime foxy jumpscare. And make night 4 a reagular night. Then make night 5 the same. This would be a big update however. Oh and I beat night 4 ONCE. But then I deleted it cause I got into new hobby’s. If you make the update it will be LIFE.
Don’t waste your money
Ballergaming on 2020-06-05
Ok please read this before you waste your money. I had to rate it 5 stars for you guys to hopefully see this but this app is full of bugs from the start.. you will get so frustrated with the amount of bugs there are in the game it prevents you from being able to beat it and enjoying yourself playing it. Clickteam in my personal opinion has no regard for any of our complaints so please do not buy this or any other fnaf games..they are the same or worse with bugs
Night 4
Awawawaw16 on 2020-06-05
I am stuck on this night. It’s at the point where all fear is lost. If you wiggle your greeted with a jump scare, but if you don’t wiggle you get a jump scare. There is NO way to beat it! I am open to suggestions, but until it’s fixed or I get an explanation for this night! My review will stay at one star. If you’re considering getting this game be mindful that night 4 makes no sense. I love FNaF, but this isn’t scary it’s just annoying.

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