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Jul, 2021


Jul, 2021



NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly. Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see! The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and his two friends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowds! The robots' behavior has become somewhat unpredictable at night however, and it was much cheaper to hire you as a security guard than to find a repairman. From your small office you must watch the security cameras carefully. You have a very limited amount of electricity that you're allowed to use per night (corporate budget cuts, you know). That means when you run out of power for the night- no more security doors and no more lights! If something isn't right- namely if Freddybear or his friends aren't in their proper places, you must find them on the monitors and protect yourself if needed! Can you survive five nights at Freddy's? "For all the simplicity of the game’s controls and premise, Five Nights at Freddy‘s is frightening. It’s a fantastic example of how cleverness in design and subtlety can be used to make an experience terrifying. Simple still images and proper character design steal the show in this game, and show that Scott Cawthon knows quite a lot about the secret fears people feel when looking at creepy dolls and toys. It’s elegant in how it sows fear, and is a must-own for anyone who likes scary games." -Joel Couture NOTE: Game entirely in English. #MadeWithFusion

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Best horror game ever!
Models74 on 2021-08-05
Ok. I have been watching videos on FNaF since for a long time. But I never decided to play the games. Then, I found out it was on the App Store so I got it. It’s awesome! The way the game works, the animatronics, the office and overall everything is so good! It’s a good game if your looking for anything scary. Also note for some other reviews. Some reviews say it’s “super scary”. I’m just wondering what they expected from a horror game. It’s stupid to play a horror game and give it a bad review because it’s scary. Although, I have had one minor bug. It doesn’t really affect my gameplay though. I can’t hear the sound of the lights or the door shutting or stuff like that sometimes. It doesn’t affect the game play at all, I just thought I would note it. P.S. I know Scott is retiring, so goodbye Scott! You should know you made the best game ever! <3
Why fnaf is challenging but fun
Mischeviousgirl on 2021-08-05
Five nights at Freddy’s is puzzle game but very fun. People should appreciate Scott Cawthons hard work. He tries so hard especially doing it all by himself!!! I don’t think he should quit because he has done such wonderful jobs on creating five nights at Freddy’s 1 through 9. I made it to the very 5th night and got jumpscared by Freddy when I lost all my power. Same with fnaf 3 it was very hard because I got jumpscared by phantom mangle and phantom Chica. I love Scott’s work in fnaf 6 pizza sim tho Molten Freddy jumpscared me on the 2nd night because I was checking the vents to slow. I really appreciated all Scott’s hard work. That’s why I give it a 5 star review.
It’s the best app! Just listen tho
kindlyrachel on 2021-08-05
Okay I love FNAF so much and I listen to there songs too. But every time I see Foxy run! I’m dead! I really want sister location too but idk why I am not getting it. Also every time I get jump-scared I jump like a crazy person or something! I’m something else Ik. But don’t blame me I’m only 8. If they owner is reading this… I LOVE YOUR APP MORE THAN ANYTHING! It would be fun if you add in some kind off hiring job thingy maybe like some stuff like “Oh circus baby is fallen asleep”. Or something… “Give her a little shock!” Like sister location. (I don’t own sister location but I have seen people play it though)
Its absolutely great!!!
Lana Ariana on 2021-08-05
I love this game Fnaf I’m thinking about getting another game but I can’t get past night three so it makes me think I probably can’t get past any other nights on the other games :/ . I only made it past two nights my cousin got me to night three. I asked him if he can help on night four too. We were both scared and nervous because mostly foxy. Soon he just gave up .-. . Either way thank you Scott for making these amazing Five nights at Freddy’s games. :)
Thrilling gaming experience
Isaidwhattt on 2021-08-05
I could not ask for more from an indie mobile game it is above everyone’s expectations, saying Cawthon went above and beyond is a massive understatement! The graphics are so smooth I forgot I was playing a video game, and don’t get me started on the character models, I almost jumped off my bed because of how realistic they are. I would give it 10 stars if I could.
BMJ_2155 on 2021-08-05
I love five nights at Freddy’s so much I have been playing this game for years and have every single fnaf I love this game a lot!!! But one problem is that on Xbox you get unlimited power, faster nights and radar map for free but on mobile and pc it costs money that is the one thing I would like to change in five nights at Freddy’s
My sound doesn’t fricken work
f yooo n c drhnb on 2021-08-05
so like it was going great for the first couple nights and then just out of no where the sound would not work, i always had my volume all the way up. i looked literally everywhere for a settings button but there is NONE and the options button doesn’t have a sound button or anything i'm so incredibly annoyed right now 🙄
What’s up with the power?
I was revisiting my child hood game series and bought all the FNAF games, but for some reason on nights 5 and 6, the power went out at like 20-30% and then when I got to 11% power, it jumped straight to 1% and then shut down. No other numbers, just straight from 11%, to 1%, and then it shut off not even hitting 0%
twisjd on 2021-08-05
Will the Fnaf movie be ready to watch I’m 6years old have to bros jude and Rory jude is 9 years old Rory is 5months old hope you like FnAF like me and win will the movie be out thanks for playing it and hope you enjoy the game hope you like me byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Freddy fazbears
Robot1236 on 2021-08-05
Hi guys if u are new to Freddy u might think this game is cute but it’s not it has jump scares gets harder every night Yes this is scary ( guys if u are new the red butten is shut door blue is light). And what the heck where is the thing where it says cheats the robots Do that plz

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