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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS * Audio recording, track-length stem/wav import * Browse sample and presets with preview * Effects modules (see Included Content) * Full-screen MacBook and iMac Trackpad and Mouse support. * High quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits & sliced-loop beats * Instrument modules (see Included Content) * Load projects in the FL STUDIO** FREE Plugin version of this App * MIDI controller support (class compliant). Automation support. * MIDI file import and Export (Single-track or Multi-track) * Mixer: Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment * Piano roll. Edit notes or capture recorded performances. * Save and load WAV, MP3, AAC*, FLAC, MIDI * Share your songs via Wi-Fi or Cloud to other Mobile 3 installations * Step sequencer * User interface configurable with all screen resolutions and sizes. * Virtual piano-keyboard & Drumpads# * IAA App support (In/Out), Audiobus support (In/Out) * Audio recording (external and internal sources) * Share your songs via Sync to other Mobile 3 devices / installations * Load your projects in the FL STUDIO* FREE 'Plugin' Version of this App# IN APP PURCHASES & INCLUDED CONTENT FL Studio Mobile includes in-app purchases for the DirectWave sample player. You can install your own samples and don’t need to buy content. All Instrument modules are included: Drum Sampler, DirectWave Sample Player, GMS (Groove Machine Synth), Transistor Bass, MiniSynth & SuperSaw. All Effect modules are included: Analyzer (visual), Auto Ducker, Auto-Pitch (pitch correction), Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, Tuner (Guitar/Vocal/Inst), High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer. Included Drum Samples: Cymbals, Hats, Kicks, Snares, Toms, Percussion, Risers, SFX Included DirectWave Instruments: Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestral, Synth, Bass, Synth Keyboards, Synth Leads, Synth Pads, Sliced, Drums, Drum Kits and Effects. Included MiniSynth Presets: Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, SFX, Synths Included SuperSaw Presets: Arps, Bass, Bells, SFX, Leads, Pads, Sequences, Synths PERMISSIONS * In app purchases - There is an in-App shop (content and additional synths). * We use Firebase, with your permission, to receive information about how you use FL Studio Mobile to help us improve the user experience - WANT TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY? Install FL STUDIO 20 for macOS / Windows and you can use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is identical to the App, as a plugin inside FL Studio. Get it here: MANUAL / TRAINING / VIDEOS SUPPORT Please help us to help you! In the App, tap 'Help > Users & Support Forums' to register FL Studio Mobile to your Image-Line account and gain access to the forum. You can then report bugs, make feature requests and access free downloadable content:

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Pretty Decent.
Foxy gacha on 2021-10-21
This app is good but it could be better, let’s start with the good, pretty much the entire app is good I have nothing to say but good app 👏 but it could be better tho, 1. I don’t understand why you need to pay money just for a simple 808 bass it’s not like it’s gonna give you powers or some crap. 2. When ever I make a automation track and delete the channel it delete the other channel and it’s very buggy and annoying. 3. You should add a button to go further to the start I think it will be easier for people.
MP3 Problem
beanything on 2021-10-21
ive had this app for like over 9 months and the mp3 files have been running smoothly. i just fixed one of my tracks and thought about reuploading it to my yt but when i put it into mp3 and played it the whole entire track sounded like i put fx distortion on it which i did not. the first mp3 file from a month ago had none of these problems and was not loud. is there something i did wrong?
Audio recording ruined again
Mars Savage on 2021-10-21
As soon as I convert my file audio recordings to MP3 there’s a distorted noises. Also Can’t mute microphone it just plays either way, then playback makes audio sound like static. Update: instead of snarky comments how about fix the app no I’m signing up for your forum how about you fix the app, same issue was reported by others for weeks.
When I export and I listen to it and I hear statics in the audio
gaggicenix3 on 2021-10-21
I been working so hard on this music on fl studio mobile, And then I export it, I listen to the music that I made and I hear statics in the music I hear clicking sounds and some watery noise statics, it had the same problem on fl studio 20, It’s not the filters and it’s not the CPU and it’s not the volume, can you fix that problem
This is by far the best mobile DAW I have ever used.
LukeM0ncla on 2021-10-21
This is by far the best mobile DAW I have ever used. I don’t know why the ratings are so low though… I haven’t had ANY issues so far (besides operator errors😉) The sound quality is amazing, and I have made two songs so far. Check me out on SoundCloud @TKK
Need help
timothy chartier on 2021-10-21
I like it but when I try to do voice recording when I have headphones Bluetooth it does not take any thing and I look in settings and couldn’t find any thing that asked where the recording was coming from and my headphones are beats so it should record.
Unlocked in iPhone store but can’t download on iPad.
Troutsmack on 2021-10-21
No option to download on my iPad, only repurchase. This is crazy, the App Store literally states it’s compatible with both the phone and the iPad but it forces a repurchase on the iPad if you bought it on the phone. ripoff.
Can’t find folder
rapgod313 on 2021-10-21
I no longer can add files to record on because I can’t find the fl studios mobile folder on my galaxy A32 5 g when I try to add it another way the audio comes back muffled … plz fix
Audio recording ruined again
Mars Savage on 2021-10-21
As soon as I convert my file audio recordings to MP3 there’s a distorted noises. Also Can’t mute microphone it just plays either way, then playback makes audio sound like static.
Audio Clip Bugs
Ro$é Beats on 2021-10-21
So no when I try to load a mp3 sample in to the app it’s doesn’t play. Actually, it freezes my entire screen. I have to close out and try again but the same things happens.

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