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Apr, 2020



Flick your chess stones! Bump out opponent's stones! Tip: Guard the KING!

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Fun, until stall out
Vrednii on 2020-05-26
Originally, I was going to give this 4 stars. It is fun and laid back: full contact chess, if you will. There are two issues that prevent me giving 5 stars: 1) the opponent AI seems to be random in its attack strategy. It doesn’t improve with subsequent levels. And, 2) the battlefields become a bit monotonous. The issue that prevents me from giving 4 stars is that, after level 99, it no longer permits me to earn coins/gems. At the end of a three round fight, all the pieces throw up how many points I’m supposed to have earned, but then the game sums those points to 0. It doesn’t even let me gain points from voluntarily watching ads. I don’t know if this is a glitch, but it it stopped all the fun that I had in progressing, as I can no longer afford upgrading my pieces. I regret purchasing the game, at this point.
Too many ads and difficulty spikes
hewwo:3 on 2020-05-26
You get an ad after you die, you get an ad after you win, and you get an ad after you complete a round. It’s so annoying! And also the game is pretty much impossible to win unless you get gems, and guess how you can get gems. By watching ads! You can get them by winning and losing, but they give you 1-3 gems! That’s so little! For reference, the first upgrade is 10 gems, and they go up by 10 gems, which racks up really quickly! Once you get to a certain point (map 2), you can’t win without watching ads for gems! There is a bonus level after every map, but they don’t give you as many gems as the counter says! It said I got 290, but I only got 90! Why even lie about that?!? The concept of the game is cool, but it’s ruined by greedy losers in their mom’s basement who made this as an easy cash grab.
Gets worse as it goes. Buggy.
MSU.Dawg.01 on 2020-05-26
I don’t think this game is meant to be played beyond level 75. Not only is every round and challenge virtually the same (the AI does get a *little* smarter as the game goes) the economics of the game make it nearly impossible to level-up any pieces. It’s also not clear when you can merge pieces to level up. And, literally, above level 90 the game constantly crashes! Every other ad and level. You get to advance levels, but you don’t get the rubies. At level 99, IT STOPS giving you rubies! I kid you not! 99,100 and 101 it crashed every time I was “crowned” and said “+0” rubies. Enjoy it in the early rounds, it is kind of fun and a good way to pass time. But eventually it’s like even the game itself wants you to quit playing it.
Good mini game while you wait
Menacex750 on 2020-05-26
I play this whenever I have a good 5 minutes to kill. Simple concept, and the game physics are what you would expect. Despite all the ads, the biggest annoyance is that once I got to level 100 and beyond, I have not been able to collect gems unless I lose the match. Any match win, no matter how many pieces I have left will always result in a “+ 0 gems” and the game essentially freezes because there is no option to collect double gems with an ad or say no thank you. I literally have to force kill the app at this point and when I restart, I’ll see that I have advanced to the next level. Having to do this, while also not being able to earn gems, makes me question how long this app will stay on my phone.
Great!...Until level 99
Blackburn0125 on 2020-05-26
This game is a fantastic, mindless, semi-strategy game! I’ve had a blast playing it and leveling up my pieces. The only issue, and a big issue at that, is the fact the game is not rewarding me with diamonds (in-game currency) once I passed level 99. I still have more pieces I would like to upgrade and purchase, but how is this to be done with no diamonds? I’m just going through the motions now, and I’m on level 103, getting rewarded with nothing upon each level’s completion. If the developers could fix this bug, that would keep me flicking another day! Until then, this game resides in the boring folder...
Could improve
whbsbskqksvbd on 2020-05-26
This is an overall great game. Aside from the ads after every round and game, there are some problems. How do you judge who goes first? Sometimes I go first, sometimes it’s my opponent. The person who goes first is usually at an advantage. Also, it has happened more than once where I make it to the last round then die. We should be given an option to try the ROUND again, not skip the whole level. I do not like having to restart the whole level when I lost in the very last round. I would be more than willing to watch an ad or even spend my gems to try to beat the round.
Initially fun but filled with bugs
JPfowl2 on 2020-05-26
The initial premise is interesting and fun but the game is broken. Sometimes you’ll destroy a opposing piece and yours won’t level up. Other times your pieces won’t slide as hard as the opposing pieces. But what really breaks the game is after a certain number of levels YOU CANNOT GAIN ANY COOINS WITHOUT WATCHING ADS. You’re supposed to gain coins from completing the level based on how many surviving pieces you have. Somehow despite having pieces and seeing the coin animation, your total score won’t go up. Terrible cash grab.
3 star
Bearely on 2020-05-26
First of all, too many ads. I just turned my phone on airplane mode to avoid those, though.. so that’s not too bad. A couple things that are good about this game is that it’s sorta fun, simple, and has decent physics. However, the AI is pretty terrible (disregards its own pieces and oftentimes makes itself lose), the levels are repetitive with little to no increase in difficulty, occasional bugs, and once I beat level 99 it stopped giving me gems, therefore I’m now unable to upgrade my pieces at all.
Justin Hofferman on 2020-05-26
The game starts off easy but then does a couple weird things. For instance I will loose a level and it completely changes, which makes no sense for it to be a level if you cant make strats to beat it. Another thing is that it just sometimes completely skips your first turn causing you to loose. One last thing is it give no where near enough rewards by completing a level so you can be at the same amount of pieces and level of pieces as the enemies. Plus as usual you can guess it too many adds.
Awful Angles
Violinchick1915 on 2020-05-26
I would give the game more stars but I can’t stand how it is constantly auto changing the angles, and then when you try to adjust it to where you want it, you can’t quite do it. You need to be able to go all the way around a board to see all of it, and it needs to stop automatically moving the camera after every shot. It often changes it all the way around so I’m looking at my own pieces as if I were the opponent! Leave the camera angle alone and let us be the ones to move it!

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