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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



■ ■ ■ Appstore BEST of 2012 (PAID/GROSSING) ■ ■ ■ Flick your finger and make a homerun. You can experience a real baseball batting through the physical pendulum. This is a game in which you can experience various throws based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further if you can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a “real-life like” batting simulation. ■ Easy Control--------------------------- You only use flick to control the batting for this game. The more accurate you flick your finger to hit the ball; it is more likely that you will be a home-run hitter. The rule is simple. Flick your finger with the same feeling in which you would swing a bat in real life. Think of your finger as a bat, and flick it with speed and accuracy. That’s all. ■ Movement of the ball------------------ Various kinds of throws are materialized into “real-life like” feelings. Different pitches pull out different various kinds of movements. Thus, the batter may miss the timing and would be hard to hit. ■ 10 GAME mode------------------------ You can enjoy this game through 5 kinds of mode. Minor & Major Mode- Hit as many home-runs as you can; as far as you can. Multiplayer Mode- You can compete with other players via Game Center. Moon-Star Mode- Try for a record with the given 9 balls. Training Mode- You can practice with different kinds of pitches. *Bunt mode ( need minor 15step): Drop the ball on the target of the floor correctly. *Total mode ( need bunt 10000 point ) : You’ll meet many different types of the balls from the beginning of the game. *Faster & faster ( need total 25000 point ) : Head-to-head with only fastballs. *Jiant mode ( need F&F 10000 point ) : Match with a Giant pitcher *Cutter mode ( need Jiant 12000 point ) : Match with cutterballs which can cut the baseball bat. ■ add 28 Achievement Bonus-------------- 1 Achievement = 1 level up bonus!!! ■ Level Up System----------------------- You can choose and upgrade 1 of 3 skills every time the exp becomes full.- Power: You can increase the power of the bat Accuracy: You can increase the accuracy of the batting Batting Eye: You can know ahead of the next ball’s pattern ■ Home-Run Tip!--------------------------- 1.Make a full swing with a fast batting-speed! 2.Hit the ball followed from the various thrown pattern with an accurate swing! 3.Let’s keep an eye on the ball until the end and predict the change of the pattern! 4.Let’s be confident and make a full swing! ■ FAQ ------------------------------------- Q : How does STEP UP SYSTEM? A : STEP UP = More balls ex) Minor 1 step = 3 balls Minor 2 step = 6 balls

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App crashes frequently
gooddeed26 on 2022-08-08
I used to have fun with this game. It’d be extremely fun if it didn’t crash so often. This isn’t a here and there glitch that I could work with, no, it crashes so many times that you can’t even progress to the major leagues. This app isn’t updated anymore, so it seems that it’ll always be plagued by these crashes. I’m amending this review to say that I did get past the minor leagues and thus will be upping it to two stars. I’m giving this game such a low score considering how frustrating it was to get to this point with the crashes.
Love the game but it’s broke.
Bootsycollins1344 on 2022-08-08
I know this game is old as can be at this point but it’s totally broken. I bought the paid version years ago and now I’ll be playing and it just crashes losing all progress. Almost feels like the phone is over heating and causing it to shut down. It’s a shame otherwise it’s one of those great mindlessly fun games.
logan4943 on 2022-08-08
I love the game and all but it keeps glitching out kicking me out of the game then resets my progress in that round which would be no big deal but when u play for twenty straight minutes just to get reset and lose everything randomly every other time u try to play it ruins it
godlylobster on 2022-08-08
Love this game, have played it on and off for years. Having trouble currently with a bug that crashes the game randomly and gets rid of all progress in the current game. Need to have it auto save the game or something so if that happens I don’t keep getting screwed with no xp
kolotndksn on 2022-08-08
So I used to love this game on my iPod touch 3rd gen, so i figured i would download it again on my iPhone 12 Pro, but this game is completely broken on these newer gens, i swipe completely through the hall and it just keeps going and i get a game over… not even worth playing
App crashes
christina_00001 on 2022-08-08
App keeps crashing and it’s super frustrating when my score is at 450,000 and then I have to start over. It happens often
Crashes still….
Tigs212 on 2022-08-08
Bought the game. Get far in the game, then crashes and I lose all progress….

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