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May, 2020


May, 2020



Dive into water from platforms of different height. Aim for: - a perfect entry into the water - backflips - depth and more...

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Fun & engaging!
maritimeseven on 2020-06-03
I truly enjoy this game. This different obstacles and the levels progress and entertaining. I can understand some people are not being thrilled with how easy it can be to master. For me, that makes it the perfect way to pass the time (waiting in line, listening to the boss drone on and on in WebEx meetings, etc). I really hope this game hasn’t been abandoned. It’s been 6 months since the last update. I’d love to see some tweaks in the future. Things like: • new characters • new pool designs • environment weather changing with user’s local weather • indoor pools • nighttime view • monochromatic dark mode You know, the basics. (Ha ha. I don’t ask for much, right?)
Fun game but ....
Chicky2000 on 2020-06-03
Although this is a fun game to play, there are two bugs that make it unbearable. First, the red rings that float across the pool are supposed to stop when you initiate a dive. Randomly they keep going. I thought it was just part of the game then I realized that sometimes they stop and sometimes they keep going on different attempts of the same dive. Second, if you want to skip a level, you can watch a video ad. Sometimes this works; sometimes you have to watch videos over and over. I have had to watch up to five videos for it to skip a level. These issues have made the game unplayable for me. My advice .... do t waste your time.
Abr gamer on 2020-06-03
So the game is good. It's a great game idea. But the ADDS! They are so often the game isn't even enjoyable and becomes annoying. I play this quite often and find myself putting the app down because of the horrible adds. Every turn there's an add. The skip level adds don't work either. I've tried them when I wanted to skip a level, and it didn't work! It didn't let me skip, and I had to watch another add for nothing . Way too many adds. However, the game itself is so much fun. I love the game. It's very addictive. So, if you can get the adds under control, IG would be much better.
Fun and annoying
lilskiandjetski on 2020-06-03
The game is really fun until you finish the levels. You never do new things you just keep doing the the same thing Over and over again. The two things that annoy me the most is the amount of ads that pop up. The ads really ruin the game because the are always popping up every minute. The second thing that ruins the game is that if you exit the game and you color your character you lose it the next time you get back on. It is also very expensive to buy the color just for you to lose it when you exit the app.
Fun game but waaaaaay to many ads
kristen052400 on 2020-06-03
This is a really fun game. I will play it in my free time but the downside is that there is so many ads after about 3 times of playing a level up there would be an ad and it’s kind of annoying an ad every minute. Literally a minute. So ya fun game but too many ads.
Pls fix it
addiegirl on 2020-06-03
So I just want to start off saying that I love ur games but I just need one bug so when u do the bonus levels u can’t see where your going and that the problem I have so if u could would u pls fix it! Thank u for reading this stay safe and have a wonderful day!
Great Game Just One Thing
Lily Shuey on 2020-06-03
I love this game. I’m addicted to this game, but there are to many ads. It’s hard to play the game when an ad pops up every time you level up or have to try again because you have to wait so long for the ad to be over.
woofing_woof on 2020-06-03
I am about to delete it because it stresses me out with all the ads I find every time I try to play, some of the ads I find should not be on an app because the are so inappropriate for the age group this is aimed at.
Great game- too many ads
Flizocker on 2020-06-03
It’s a fun game to play if you aren’t using internet or data. But if you are hooked to the internet, you get ads every time you fail or succeed. It gets annoying. Less ads for it would make it more enjoyable.
So many ads!!!
livia112608 on 2020-06-03
I love playing this game but every time I finish one on the flips it plays an ad. So I’m like I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m so over the game because of them that I just deleted the game

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