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Flipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience used by millions of PreK to PhD learners, educators and families around the world. Flipgrid amplifies student voice and empowers learners of all ages to engage and share using the power of video. Educators create and share discussion Topics with their learning communities. Learners simply download the app, enter their unique Join Code, and record short videos to share.

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It worked ONCE, if you have an iphone don't bother
Furtwixt on 2021-02-26
I dislike leaving negative reviews. I was able to log in successfully ONE TIME and record a video using the phone app. The following week the program crashed. I waited a few days and it continued to crash. I researched the help section, forums and posts of issues. I contacted flipgrid support and they asked about my phone (iphone 6s); was it up to date? Yes. Did it have the most recent version? Yes. Have you reloaded it? SEVERAL TIMES. I can put in the assignment code, my name, and it crashes--then it never opens again. Instead of trying to figure out the issue, they suggested newer technology or a computer. That is not a fix. Did I try it on a computer? YES. Not everyone can afford a recent computer and it has not worked so far on my laptop (2013). So I updated my technology in a way I can afford and got an iphone 11 a few days ago (a phone that is a few months old). It still crashes EVERY TIME. I recommend apple remove it from the store. This is I am sure great for some students and teachers but until they can fix the bug or get a tech support team that can ask questions beyond what I could read for myself, this program is not meant for app use. I am waiting on another response for their tech support.
Love it
Addy 1233 on 2021-02-26
My true thoughts about slippers are very good I really love editing and taking videos I like that I can pause the video and resume the video. The only thing that I don’t really like about it is that flip grid emails me say saying stuff but anyways it’s so good and you should definitely download it and the emails are just saying very positive stuff about your video like wow you’re so good at making this video wow wow wow so I think you should definitely download it it’s very positive and you can share it with your friends so if I were you I would download it
The app is good all around on 2021-02-26
probably one of the worst creations of mankind second to google classroom i can’t believe you guys who even thought it was a good idea to have our teachers make us record voices of ourselves or take videos and stuff shame on all of you i’m glad it’s my last year and won’t have to deal with this anymore sick and tired of you guys i never even do these assignments that how much i despise this app and the company behind it.
Flipgrid 9.3.0
yeifndiwjd on 2021-02-26
I love the new update! It is very good because the buttons and actions are more transparent. The only thing is that when you are finished sharing you screen and if you don’t push stop recording and push pause recording then it will not let you post it. PLEASE FIX THIS!! Anyway... this is a good app! It is a more safe and kid friendly version of YouTube.
Can not delete reviews and replies don’t show up!
jaslavie on 2021-02-26
The layout is really complicated through canvas and the app. You are required to switch back and forth and responding with a video sometimes doesn’t upload and cannot be deleted either when the upload fails. Really frustrating and the need to switch back and forth from safari to the app makes h the e experience more difficult than it should be
First grade teacher
rockonteachers on 2021-02-26
I have been using Flipgrid for a few years and have always loved the app. It has become even more important during virtual and hybrid learning. I have used it to read to kids, to have kids read to me, to share messages of joy with people, and to assess skills. It’s fun to see shy kids come out of their shell! Highly recommend!
wamuusblackgf on 2021-02-26
okay, so, i have this app on another device and i thought that recording it on my phone would be way easier. nah nah, literally i open the app to join a class, and there’s not even a join button, i can’t get past the description of the class. but when i go on safari, it works fine. y’all gotta fix your app cause.... that’s stupid
No IOS Screen Share
YukiiClearsky on 2021-02-26
Remote learning ~ I’m a senior in high school and I don’t use the school chrome books because they run slow. I’ve been using my iPad for almost everything. I had to do a project using Flipgrid and tried screen recording on my iPad. NOPE! It’s a great app buuuuut, not including stuff on different devices is counterproductive tbh.
Love Love Love
Newsrookie on 2021-02-26
As a teaching artist, I love that this gives students a way to share what they are working on! It’s easy— very rarely do students have issues and it is simple to share and password protect videos. I wish that edit tools would re-size larger once you select a tool and perhaps hovering over would give an instruction bubble.
Extreme crashing
frisk287 on 2021-02-26
It’s not a terrible app overall, when it doesn’t crash, but right now, it just keeps crashing whenever I try to open it. I tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it, but to no avail. It’s really annoying considering I have a Flipgrid due and I cannot do it because the app crashes before I can even start.

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